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'American Chopper' Son -- Out to Destroy Dad

4/15/2010 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The oldest son from "American Chopper" has escalated the war against his father by opening up a rival motorcycle business -- and he's making the whole thing incredibly personal.


TMZ has learned Paul Teutul Jr. is starting a competing shop to go head-to-head with his dad's Orange County Choppers shop.

But here's the catch -- Junior has recruited a bunch of disgruntled employees who left his dad's place ... including his brother Mikey Teutul and friends Vinnie DiMartino, Robert "Nub" Collard and Joe Puliafico.

We're told Senior has no idea about the mutiny ... that is, until now.


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r weiner    

Am I the only one who sees this as a "win" for both Sr and Jr? Sr isn't the big Ogre some make him out to be and Jr. - though he may have been a bit spoiled by fortuitous opportunity afforded by the American Chopper phenom - is creative and appears ready to learn the hard road of business.

Don't you see the irony? Jr is partnering up with a very small crew to build bikes in a limited way ( at least as far as volume ). That's how OCC started. Jr is walking in Sr's footprints, in some regards. Will he become just like his Dad? None of us ever do that completely but we all pick up certain traits. I hope it is Sr's business ac***en and hard work ethic.

I know Sr pretty well and nothing - absolutely nothing - stops him. He is as creative in business as Jr is in contemporary design. So the challenges fired back and forth from the two companies 8 miles apart will be great Reality TV.

I hope to get to meet Jr in the coming weeks and to wish him the very best.

And in the end, when both Father and Son have acheived success in business, then they can bridge the more difficult family relationship issues.

And Mike(y)? I hope he finds his niche.

1559 days ago


Way to go Jr., your Dad's an ass anyway.

1559 days ago


TLC should be proud, they can add another family to their wrecked column. I hope Kate's new show tanks and they sue her.

1559 days ago


BFD. They both crank out over-priced designer butt jewelry.

1559 days ago


Done deal...

1559 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

old news... TLC reporeded this days ago.
They are making it into a TV show.
You didn't think the Teutul's would let a little thing like a all out family feud get in the way of making millions.

Nice job trying to spin it TMZ, but you f... up this story.

1558 days ago


I knew the son was arrogant and only more concerned about himself while watching the show. This does not surprise me, even though I sympathize for the father, who does seem to be a good man, for the knife his son drove in his back.

1558 days ago

Matt C.    

What the hell TMZ!!! You have been caught making part of this up. Fix the story. You have to know by now the real story is they are doing a show together starting in August and have either began filming already or will begin filming within the next week. Paul Sr. knows exactly what is going on here. This isn't some blind side Paul Sr. knew nothing about.

1558 days ago


Kateman and Sr are two of a kind! Loud mouths, insecure and no one can put up with them.

KG will have 8 in rehab, Sr only had one due to having a great mom.

1558 days ago


I love Jr, his wife, Mikey, vinnie and their mother. I would love to see their other brother so have some air time about his iron works business.
I have to say with a father like Sr. they ended up being great guys. Hats off to mom!!!!!!!!! She seems wonderful.

1558 days ago


Poor Paul Jr and Mikey now that daddy cut off there allowance and threw them out on there own they now have to face the reality of acually working for a living. Stop acting like a couple of spoiled brats your dad started the business and jr. is nothing more than an average bike builder with a big head and Mikey well you be the judge. Get over it guys family is more important than money.

1557 days ago

Kent Beam    

Jr., what goes around comes around!! Hope u don't sell s@#t!!!!

1557 days ago

the grasshopper    


1556 days ago


I thought Vinnie started his own business with Cody! If Vinnie's smart, he'll stay as far away from them as possible. You walked away with your good rep intact, don't go back to that drama, you're better than that!

1555 days ago


America Choppers sucks!!!

All the discussions, arguments has been part of the show incentivated by discovery or TLC (this is only an opinium may not be true. Just to avoid beeing sued.

But the problems became from fake to real due to family problems never properly solved. This show will never get success again, is destroid.

Paul Jr. should never said (if is true) "I want to destroy my father and teaching whos the bosss and how knows how to build bikes.

After that and acting like that the future bike building bussiness is condemned to unsuccess from start.

Mass media should understand that the old formula does't work anymore, people of today hate to be decived, people is more interest in tecnical aspects chalenges and a bit of action but never a supidity rage showed by Father and son.

I wish good luck to Vinie, Cody, Rick is a modern balanced persona, Jason is positevely crazy, jamie the engineer and the gestor, the man who cleans the shop I dont remember the names I am not good remembering, allthe guys are nice but Paul senior is mad and needs help cause I am not a personne to cut the legs to nobody, everybody deserves a second chance if humble enough to recognize he got a problem.

All donkey doesn't learn knew languages but lets see, Paul Jr. is flour of the same bag, so. I dont vizualize solution to them short term.

Mikey leaves in the 60's up there in his head, he is not a handy Man, he is not a comediant not even an entertainer but I love the Guy, Mikey ask the TV guys where can you get a course of enternainement or whatever you want, because incredible but your were the best caracther of you three. I wish you the best Man but get more real and professional entertaining or hosting. whatever.

I dont beleave the TV will pass senior alone. I dont beleave they pass Junior hipotetical show and I dont beleave they pass a Vinnie show.

Vinnie helped them to make the fortune and Senior didn't want to give him a few sharers what a selfish guys some Americans of thta generations are.

Bloody hell I dont want to write nothing more at the momment.

Stay well and buy till my return.

1555 days ago
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