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'American Idol' Front-Runner Almost Quit

4/16/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "American Idol" contestant Crystal Bowersox threw in the towel a little more than two weeks ago and was walking off the show, when Ryan Seacrest did some fast-talking and changed her mind.

cystal bowersox and ryan seacrest
It went down in a parking lot after an "A.I." show.  In front of several people, Crystal told Ryan she couldn't handle the competition.... she said she hated the attention and said to Seacrest, "What's the point?"

Crystal said she was going back to Ohio to be with her family, whom she missed terribly.

Ryan told Crystal that being on "Idol" was like starting a business, and if she won she'd get a recording contract and become a millionaire.

Seacrest sealed the deal by telling her, "The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house.  You can buy your mom a house." 

Seacrest out ... Crystal, not out.


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Sandy Dyer    

I think we all know that Crystal is far above any other on the show. If she walks out then Corey James will be the winner. It will be between Corey & Crystal. I would like to hear them do a duet before the show ends. They both are great. Quiting should not be an option of any of the players right now. Hang in there Crystal!

1615 days ago


I swear this whole thing is coming out now just because Ryan made an @$$ of himself yet again this past week. What better way to erase (from the minds of the American people) the off handed remarks and slow dancing he did with some big guy in the audience last Tuesday. It's like..."I know!! How about taking credit for keeping the most liked contestant on the show?!" Ryan and "his people" have hit a new all-time low.

1615 days ago


you should know how that whole thing goes by now... no surprises.

1615 days ago


she is getting all the hate people in TAMPA FL dont like her we Support BIG Mike 100%

1615 days ago


grbe cla noh.... pero ok din un kasi parang may side din pala c ryan na nagiisip....

1615 days ago


Do you people have anything better to do than post eveil comments like this? Go out there try something as chalenging as this and you'll see that is not as easy as you think...Crystal is great artist born with a talent that you who have time to criticise I'm shore do not have. GO CRYSTAL!!!ME AND MILIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE BELIVE IN YOU!!!YOU CAN DO IT. I'm from the other side of the world, not american and whach this show just for you girl! It's not just America who needs an artist like you, the entire world does ... anyone who love real music. GOOD LUCK!

1614 days ago


desiree I could not have said it better myself

1614 days ago


Ryan made a good point. But like with anything you can't judge how fame will affect someone. It sounds like though that she has strong family roots, and if she does become quite famous I wouldn't be surprised if she handles fame well.

1614 days ago


If Crystal doesn't want to be on the show than let her go. There are plenty of people who would love the opportunity. Yes she is good, but no one should be there that doesn't want to be. I think she should be voted off the show next. She's kind of slapping people in the face that really wanted to be there, especially the top 24, I’m sure anyone of them would gladly take her place.

1614 days ago

Sandy Dyer    

I really want Crystal to stay in, she is the only one worthy of this title. Everyone is getting nervous at this stage and you would too. Let's not be too harsh on someone where we have not walked in their shoes!

1613 days ago


Crystal dont you give up you are a talent, & a precious being dont let the pressure knock you down believe in what you have you are GIFTED & a real person dont ever loose that your rewards will bless you & your child DONT YOU GIVE UP GIRL!!!!

1612 days ago


some of these moronic comics , one day you may be under intense scrutiny,fortunate for you nationwide judgement /cruelty, an experience you most probably will never endure, what Ryan did was an act of a commendable , compassionate person , an effort he did not have to make, but did !!!! its called KINDNESS, something this world seems to be LACKING!, Crystal is an amazing talent im 40+ & she brings back talent of female rock artists of the past joplin /+,+, ,quite astounding to say the least , you goo girl ----TOUGH IT OUT GOD BLESS

1612 days ago


Amin LISA...I love Jannis Joplin, love good music, Crystal is awesome and REAL, outher great quality, a lot of people today do no even know what the term means. GOOD LOOK CRYSTAL, YOU CAN DO IT!!! As I sad befor I'm a fan of yours from the other side of the world wach this show just for u.

1612 days ago


it doesn' matter at this point, everyone has seen her and knows she is the best of the lot. She will have a record contract without a doubt. She is clearly the most talented from singing, arrangement, etc. none of the others, except for lee come close. Its actually embarassing for the others because they are so bad.

1612 days ago


I like Crystal
I hope she wins
i think she feels guilty being so much better than all the others and she sure is.
but I would love for her to get a makeover and to have
nicer hair kinda like Carrie's not all funky the way it is.
If she got a nice hairstyle and did away with the dreadlocks..she would be so beautiful..she is the best the others are jealous

1611 days ago
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