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Big Ben's Accuser -- The Bodyguard Set Me Up

4/15/2010 4:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger's accuser told police the QB's bodyguard grabbed her by the arm and sat her in a secluded hallway in the Capital City nightclub -- setting the stage for the alleged rape


The Milledgeville Police Department released a copy of the accuser's written statement to cops on March 5 -- in which she told police that Ben had been making "crude sexual remarks" to her in the hours before the alleged incident.

In her written statement, the accuser said she and some of her friends had been bar-hopping with Ben and his crew before they ended up at Ben's VIP area at Capital City nightclub.

The accuser says when she arrived to the VIP area, Ben's bodyguard grabbed her by the arm and brought her to a "side door/hallway and sat me on a stool."

The accuser continues,  "[the bodyguard] left and Ben came back with his penis out of his pants. I told him it wasn't OK."

The accuser claims she tried to leave through a nearby door, which turned out to be a restroom. The woman claims she continued to tell Ben that "It was not OK," but he had sex with her anyway.

The woman told cops Ben "then left without saying anything."

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As "General" Larry Platt says....."Pants on the Ground"!

1615 days ago



1615 days ago

Christopher Shookla    

Too bad the Motorcycle Accident did kill this POS Bastard Mother****er...

The girl should have stuck to her guns and took him and his career to the cleaners.

1615 days ago


If you read all of the stories here...its really hard to say what is true. I myself have seen girls and guys get too drunk...do things then say wait I didnt want to that...If he had raped her there should be more there to prove he did....like...semen? Check the DNA!

1615 days ago


omg; what unreal comments; Loser Steeler fans supporting him; They can't have sex without him getting naked? OMG; I've literally heard it all.

Two things; if the NFL doesn't suspend this guy for a week; or the Steelers; they are friggin racists;

Steeler fans acting like he's innocent? dont multiply.

1615 days ago


of course it was rape; the only thing saving this loser is she doesn't want her rep; whatever it is; to be destroyed for life. Is she a groupy ho? of course; does she deserve to be raped? NO; If the NFL doesn't suspend this loser then they are racist.

1615 days ago


Get over it!!!! Drop the subject, he is going to be suspended for some games. You must definiatey not Steelers fans. Must be people live in GA. If this girl is a VICTIM!!!! Then why did she DROP the CHARGES!!!! If she ws DRAGGED by the Bodyguards where were her friends, why did they not go to the police RIGHT THEN when they knew she was being dragged. As She is stating this now so she can get a civil suit and get money for this. Just like the witch in nevada. (Her problem probably was they may have gone out here and there and when he dropped her butt the suit was to get even.)
Also If they were too DRUNK, Plus Under AGE, BAR HOPPING!!!! how can they remember what went on. People are just hungry for money these day. As Mary P stated above if she did not like the comments WHY STAY>
I do not condone that if he gave them shots,if he knew they were under 21, he should have know better. How do you know if they hand their bands on their wrist to show that they were not of age, but if they were bar hopping, probably took them off. Before you condemn a person get all facts.

Plus the DA in Georgia was a jerk, luckly ben does not sue his for slander of what happen. He probably is not a fan of Ben's attorney. that is why the jerk made the statement he did.

For heaven sakes Ray Lewis was involved in a SHOOTING went to trial, and is still a member of the Ravens.

1615 days ago


To all you Steeler fans... You should be appauled. This is disgracefull and SHOULD have been prosecuted, but I understand why she didnt. Going up against millions in lawyers and pi's. Goodell, you better suspend him more than 2 games.

1615 days ago


I now see why they couldn't press charges. There is NO DNA. DUH! Go away this story.

1615 days ago


these pros are always a target for this . were was the dna .an all this could have been avoided. either if he raped her or not.if a woman goes to a hotel were they are staying to me its willing if nothing happens on not. its a privete setting any thing can happen

1615 days ago


This statement is very inconsistent, with what everyone else in the club said. Even the owner said the girl's friends approached him, asking if there was another way into the bathroom, and that they all seemed very calm.

If she was dragged into the bathroom by a bodyguard, I highly doubt her friends that she was with would be acting calm.

Somebody is lying, and I highly doubt it was the club manager, because siding against the college kids would hurt his biz. He even posted some anti-NFL signs up in the bar after. He would have no reason to lie and cover for Ben

1615 days ago

There's a problem here    

He's a pig, but she's a bit of a pig herself isn't she? I mean, she's following him all over town, flirting with him with sex talk, sucking down the booze he's paying for,then all of the sudden her friends are looking the other way she she cries rape? Maybe, maybe not, but she put herself in the situation and he was the wrong person to get into that situation with. You live and learn. He can't say he didn't, and she can't say he did. I hope the NFL kicks his ass to the curb.

1615 days ago


This is not the first time this punk has been involved in sexual mess. "Fool me once....you can't fooled again," said George Bush.

1615 days ago


She's an underaged drunk-he's a creep who slinks around with his entourage to run defense-bad combination....the whole thing is gross. Come on, Ben, grow up....

1615 days ago


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1615 days ago
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