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Death Threats in Ben Roethlisberger Investigation

4/16/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who allegedly "dragged" Ben Roethlisberger's accuser to a nightclub hallway on the night she was allegedly raped told investigators he received "death threats" after the incident.

According to newly released documents, Anthony Barravecchio -- an off-duty DEA agent who often kicks it with Ben -- told investigators he was advised not to give a videotaped statement about the incident "due to the nature of his job which included undercover work as a police officer."

Barravecchio also told investigators that he "had already received death threats as a result of his job and his involvement in [The Roethlisberger] case."

As for the "dragging" accusations -- Barravecchio claims Ben asked him to "show [the accuser] where the bathroom is."

Barravecchio claims he watched the accuser sit down on a stool outside the bathroom -- and that's when he returned to the bar area.   He claims it was around this point in time, he "lost sight" of Big Ben.

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Annie Flyte    

All men are liars and pigs. Apologies to the four-footed porkers.

1614 days ago



1614 days ago


I have a good friend from school who is from Pitt. He goes to some of the same watering holes as Ben, and told me point blank to my my face that Ben is an obnoxious drinker. When he's wasted he says anything that comes to his head to women. A lot of the times they are so offended that they don't even care that he's a star.

After reading excerpts from the police reports - I truly believe that Ben "TAKE THE GoOdieS" Rothlisberger raped that young woman. I also believe he belongs in jail and out of the NFL totally. If we can send Michael Vick to jail for abusing dogs then certainly what Rothlisberger did is far worse. I used to have a good opinion of him even though I wasn't a Steeler's fan. Now I think he is just a P-O-S. He belongs in jail where any other rapist would be. Payoffs just seem to cement the facts that he knew what he did was wrong. The Pennsylvania State Police need to investigate the officer that was his bodyguard and bring him up on charges also if the facts indicate the he aided and abetted the rape of that young woman. This just makes my skin crawl.

This man should be in jail. There are women who try to take rich people(Like the Seagal story), but this woman has back up witness. Multiple witness confirm the first thing out of her mouth was help me, I was raped. It was not hey, I just got lucky with a football player.
What should be the deciding factor is was the "ripped". A woman who has willing sex with someone, would not have her genitals ripped. A woman forced to have sex, will be ripped and bleeding.
This is one of the reasons it is so important to have a victim checked at the hospital.

I just wonder why all these superstar types feel that they have to get a
woman drunk before trying to get theirs. The fact that a 28 yr old man needs to engage 20 yr olds is sad in itself; the fact that sexual assault is not a strong enough crime like say, dog fighting is sadder! How do we send one guy to jail for dogs and then let a rapist stay in the game because he has two rings?

1614 days ago


The words "show her where the bathroom is" sounds like an agreed special code phrase. I'll bet this has happened a few times . . .

1614 days ago

Throwback kid    

This story keeps getting worse every time more information becomes available. Off duty cops leading this drunk girl to the bathroom? It sounds like a rape did indeed take place. Ben is lucky he is not an average Joe, he would probably be standing trial.

1614 days ago


Lost sight of...bad security...no doughnut!

1614 days ago


A DEA agent was the other friend and bodyguard who, as reported by a reporter (who likely wasn't there or ever went there), supposedly dragged the accused to the bathroom?


We need to put more faith in drunk females who can't tell if they've had sex or not!

1614 days ago

debbie king    

everybody on here need to stop talking bad about BEN now!

1614 days ago


Quit acting like a ****** Ben...Grow up

1614 days ago


This is what happens when you hang out with coons. Stay away from those n.i.g.g.e.r.s. you call teammates.

1614 days ago

tom terrific    

"SHOW HER WHERE THE BATHROOM IS" and "LOST SIGHT" sounds like code words.

This man is a menace to the public and should be doing time.

This man raped this young woman (and quite possibly others) and then has attempted to use his celebrity status to avoid the consequences of his criminal action. It worked the last time he was accused of sexual assault.

Dump this guy from his professional status as an NFL star and put him in jail where he belongs.

1614 days ago


ben should be in prison. If he was black and a white woman had abrasion, lacerations, bruises, bleeding and tears and a small sample of dna. he would have been thrown under the jail. In Kobe Bryants case, their were several dna samples from different people. See, this is why crime statistics are false because no matter what white men do even with evidence they dont go to court. but stats. show that black men are criminals if whites men would at least get prosecuted for something stats would change dramatically. Ben is a rapist, with this evidence, similar to rick pitinos, there was lacerations, sounds like penetration, so how does it drop down to sexuaL ASSAUSLT. aMAZING! why is everybody covering up for this guy. 2 rapes in two years. sounds like a pattern and it sounded like the NFL was not going to do anything until people started complaining racism. Im surprised white people are allowing this to happen to a white girl without complaining and protesting in front of the stadium like mike vicks dog charges. i guess dogs are more important than white women. Two times by two different women. Wow! At least OJ did spend time in jail

1614 days ago


Ben Roethlis-BURGER


* 1 lb ground beef
* 1/2 lb bulk pork sausage
* 6 onion hamburger buns
* 18 slices cooked bacon
* 6 slices cheddar cheese
* 6 slices provolone cheese
* barbecue sauce
* ranch dressing


1. Combine beef and sausage, mix well.
2. Form six burger patties out of the meat mixture. Place in the refrigerator until chilled.
3. Grill patties to well done, 170°F.(There's pork in there!).
4. Near the end of grilling, top each patty with a slice of provolone and a slice of cheddar to melt.
5. Toast buns.
6. Assemble burgers: bottom bun, bbq sauce, burger, bacon, ranch dressing, top bun.


1614 days ago


I live in Pittsburgh and have friends that have told me about how Ben acts around girls in clubs. He's grabbed girls without consent and rubbed up against them, he's rude and says disgusting, unwarranted things to girls. He needs to grow up. He has enough money to stay at home and out of the college bars. I completely agree this girl, especially after hearing how Ben is out around Pittsburgh.

1614 days ago


No longer a Steelers fan!

1614 days ago
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