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Accuser: Big Ben Exposed Penis in Hallway

4/15/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415_ben_BN_TMZ_04Ben Roethlisberger's accuser told friends that the QB took his penis out of his pants in a Georgia nightclub before following her into a bathroom -- this according to newly released witness statements.

Milledgeville Police spoke with multiple  witnesses who claim the accuser told people she was raped -- moments after her encounter with Ben. 

According to one witness, the accuser claimed that it all started while she was in a secluded hallway in the Capital City nightclub, when Ben walked over to her "with his penis already out of his pants."

According to the witness, the accuser claimed she tried to walk out of the area -- but instead of opening an exit door, she mistakenly opened the door to a bathroom ... and walked inside.

According to the witness, the accuser claimed Ben followed her inside the bathroom, shut the door, and then raped her.

As the accuser and her friends left the club, they reported the incident to a police officer.  According to the newly released police report -- the accuser told the officer her "recollection" of her encounter with Ben was "foggy" due to her "intoxication level." This statement seems to contradict the statements given by the witnesses.

The cop claims he also spoke with Ben that night -- and according to the document, Ben told the officer that he remembered hanging around the accuser earlier in the night ... but told her "she was too drunk after observing her fall." Ben said he then walked away from her.

Last week, after a lengthy investigation, cops announced they would not be pursuing charges against Ben.

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I agree Kelly.........sounds like she wants CASH more than justice, but she gave that up with the letter her and her family wrote on 3/17 stating not to pursue the case, plus she was so smashed she couldnt find a door to the outside? The more she opens her mouth to the media now, the less she will be beleived. I smell a liar with a vendeta. Best now if she walked away and clean up her own messy drunk ass.

1597 days ago


I'm thinking Ben has an undisclosed brain injury from the motorcycle accident where he wasn't wearing a helmet. Why on Earth wouldn't he just pay for sex like every other egomaniacal overpaid athlete?

1597 days ago

Oh no!    

This is why prostitution should be legalized. All these girls could get their money up front and they would shut up, rather than hiring Gloria Allred.

1597 days ago


Big Ben is goin to the big pen. I would advise young women to travel in packs. Stay away from celebs, ball players & Larry King

1597 days ago


When a group of girls go out and one of them is too intoxicated to know what she is doing, don't the other girls go to the bathroom with her, why was she hanging out in the hallway of the bathroom area by herself?

1597 days ago


BEN is a pig, will always be a pig and wish he would leave Pittsburgh. Hopefully they trade his sorry ass out of Pittsburgh real soon.....he doesn't deserve to be here. We don't like him and never have. He should socialize with the young men from the Penguins and learn some "class" from these fine men. What's wrong with the Rooney's???? I guess they think his behavior is OK. Same on them too!

1597 days ago


I am a woman, so it bothers me when woman use it for evil. Like crying rape. Sounds to me like she was trying to get in his pants earlier in the night and when he told her, woah chick your to drunk.... she does what any pycho girl does and gets all pissy because she got denied, throws a fit, and crys rape, or assault, or something. He didnt want you honey.. thats it. Shut up and leave the guy alone.. i would just stop now before this all gets worse. How do woman like this sleep at night.

1597 days ago


Her BAC was .3 and there was SOME brusing around her privates from what I've read. Ben is a DOUCHE and he most likely did something to this girl. I agree with whoever said that the bar should be closed down for serving a minor. This girl will sue him in civil court and get some $$. The Steelers should get rid of him. He crashed the motorcycle and jacked his head up (probably can't take too many more hits anyway), and now chicks keep coming up screaming rape. Not a good image for your team.

1597 days ago


What the h*ll? Which one is it? The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has a damn story saying her friends told police she was dragged into the bathroom by one of his bodyguards!! That isn't what she is saying here! This is so much BS!!!

1597 days ago

Two Skanks Don't Make It Right    

Where were his babysitters when he was having a hard time keeping it in his pants? Where were all her friends when she was ****faced drunk and taking off alone? It sure seems like no one really cared about either of them. Therefore folks we have two whores who can't keep their respective junk in their pants (Ben and The Unnamed Skank), who truly deserved each other. No one will ever know what happened.

1597 days ago


karen sounds like she is that fat ugly girl that wishes someone would talk to her at the club...so instead she makes up stories about how she was raped to feel wanted...GET A LIFE...AND I DIET PILL!

1597 days ago

Oh Puhleeese    

I'm sure he can't keep it in his pants but come on people, this girl and her friends were groupied around him from the get-go perfectly happy to bar hop with him and his party and be in the limelight, sucking down drinks he was buying. Our little girlfriend gets drunk and has this whole scenario of taking off and somehow her friends just don't happen to notice until there's "trouble" and then they're all over it? WHERE WERE THEY BEFORE? I mean, if they knew she was ****faced and out of it why didn't even one of them stop it? He's a class jerk, but in this case it took two ... and "friends" on both sides allowing whatever happened to happen. We'll never really know.

1597 days ago


Someone said "I highly doubt this guy needs to force himself on any female" - Yeah, which just makes it all the sadder that he's running around forcing himself on women. WTF is wrong with these guys? They can be in a room with 100 women and 99 of them would gladly put out but he's got to have his way with the one who's not into it?

1597 days ago


Don't believe this girl didn't know the difference between a restroom/exit door.

1597 days ago


NEWSFLASH, BLONDIE! Guys whips out his penis in the hallway, don't walk into the ladies room with him behind you.

1597 days ago
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