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Larry King -- Shawn Fights Unfairly

4/16/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Larry King will fight to regain title to his Beverly Hills mansion and two other homes, on grounds Shawn Southwick and her lawyers used undue influence to make him sign his rights away.

Larry King -- Shawn Fights Unfairly
The Background:  Several years ago Shawn accused Larry of having an affair with her sister, Shannon Engemann.  Sources connected with Larry claim Shawn threatened to leak the story to the media, unless Larry signed a document, giving up his interest in their Beverly Hills estate, along with two other homes in Utah.
The Undue Influence: Sources say Larry took the document to his attorney, mega-divorce lawyer Dennis Wasser, who ordered him not to sign it.  Larry, we're told, actually went to Shawn's lawyer, who referred him to a former partner -- and that attorney eventually gave Larry the green light to sign the agreement.  We're told Wasser, who had no idea this went down, was furious.
The Plan: As we first reported, Larry will try to undo the agreement in divorce court.  The alleged undue influence -- that Shawn bullied Larry into sitting down with a former partner of her lawyer, who told him it was okay to sign the agreement.


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Maybe the Skank Sisters are running a scam on Larry!

1659 days ago


You are messing around with her SISTER!!! The level of betrayal here is the top of the heap, you and Shannon deserve each other. House? You owe her soooooooo much more than that. I hope the judge takes into consideration WHO you chose as mistress and gives Shawn every cent you have. I lost all respect for you Larry, I won't be tuning in anymore. You are right up there with Jesse James, David Letterman and Tiger woods. You are pretty hard on them and turns out you're no different. May be YOU should join them in SEX REHAB (Or what I call a long vacation)

1659 days ago


This old man should leave these young ladies alone and get his butt into a nursing home.

1659 days ago


Larry was crazy to sign over his homes! She is a gold digger for sure.

1659 days ago


Larry, you're banging her sister. What did you expect?

1659 days ago


Larry King to prove to his wife that he was a decent guy, and really wanted to be a full honest partner in the marriage, signed over houses entirely in his wife's name, years ago.
Larry King gets caught cheating, and now he wants the houses back because he said he was suckered into it????
Dude, you gave the houses up to prove you were a good strong honest husband, you were the one who proved you were not. You lose wife, two kids, and those houses were gone years ago when you gave them to her. No getting them back. I just hope her sister was a good enough lay to pay a few million out for, and lose your kids' respect and probably most of the custody.

1659 days ago


Is it just me or does LK look like a really old Billy Crystal? Sorry Billy..........

1659 days ago


BEFORE HE MARRIED HIS CURRENT WIFE, Larry King, on his show, was having a conversation with one of his guests about marriage (don't remember the person or name) and LK stated, "I'm not good at it." If they divorce, this will be the eighth time he has proven himself to be correct. I get the impression he truly wants a solid family life but he just does not know how to select women. Sorry for him.

1659 days ago


Okay he doesnt have problems buying his sister in law expensive gifts, but is planning to fight the mother of his two children and 13yrs of marriage for houses. Where does he expect his kids to live? What a piece of work he is. I hope she gets half of everything at least!

1659 days ago


A married man does not gift his sister in law hundreds of thousands of dollars qworth of gifts if he is not banging her... Go girl...

1659 days ago


If that story is true (about larry signing a do***ent after an opposition lawyer said it was OK to do) then Larry King is the dumbest son of a female dog on TV. And if the lawyer did it, he should be disbarred. But you can bet your sweet bippy, the lawyer is going to deny it! BTW, I hope the sister was one great piece of ass, because it's sure going to be expensive.

1659 days ago


If that story is true (about larry signing a do***ent after an opposition lawyer said it was OK to do) then Larry King is the dumbest son of a female dog on TV. And if the lawyer did it, he should be disbarred. But you can bet your sweet bippy, the lawyer is going to deny it!

1659 days ago



1659 days ago


First Tiger, then Jesse..., so who would have thought that Larry King would be the latest Douche-Of-The-Week? Not me.
Two questions -

question 1:
Nazi tatts aside, who's douchier? Michelle "Bombshell" or Shannon Engemann ( who you'd think might have been aware of her sister's marital status...?

question 2:
If things got really nasty, could Shawn attempt to go after her sister with an "alienation of affections" lawsuit ?

1659 days ago


Larry king, these two women played you, they just wanted to get their hands on your money. Isn't it odd that the wife is seeking a divorce over gifts to her sister. It is not like Larry went to bed with a Stripper/prostitute, he slept with her 45 yr old sister, give me a break. The wife is 50yrs old, not a spring chicken anymore and she wants a quick divorce. It sounds like the wife wants out of the marriage now, take her cut of the money before Larry becomes senile. That way the wife won't have to fight with Larry's older kids after he is dead.

1659 days ago
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