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Wife: Shaq Tried Using Son for Death Threats

4/18/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shaquille O'Neal's estranged wife claims the basketball star recently ordered their son to deliver death threats to her new boyfriend ... this according to documents obtained by TMZ.

Wife: Shaq Tried Using Son for Death Threats
Shaunie O'Neal's lawyers just fired off a letter to Shaq's people, claiming the bball star "interrogated" the couple's children to tell him everything they knew about her new man ... "to the point that they felt intimidated and scared of him."

Shaunie also claims Shaq told their 6-year-old son to tell her boyfriend that Shaq "is going to kill him" -- and that Shaq even screamed at the kid and said, "Say it now! My daddy is going to kill you!"

Shaunie's lawyers are demanding Shaq halt "further inappropriate discussions" with their children -- which is an alleged violation of the non-disparagement provision of their divorce judgment.

TMZ asked Shaq's attorney for a comment, but he hasn't gotten back to us.

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Jeff Rodriguez    

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1614 days ago


I believe he did. This is a true low iife with money go by some class shaq. You are in the sense like gum stuck to my shoe your worthless. I see what dudes not men who think they got it made do. youjust like a dude from the hood. Your rules to game is i can **** up **** around until somebody gets tired then when you want to ruin somebodies life because you ****ed up your own. I hope shaunie did her in your marriage and after the marriage. This makes you look just like the other punk bitches you hang with. Your trash shaq and i hope some bitch gets to you and those pockets and **** you over. A word to the wise you need to talk to O'neal oops he dead wasn't he killed by one of his jump offs because he did his wife so wrong and thought some street trash hooker could do better. she did and blew this mother ****ers head off. you gonna **** around and lose everything. You are a sorry excuse of a black man. your a loser . who's the biggest loser this yr shaq.

1614 days ago

Mrs. D    

Shaunie - should be ashamed of herself. She is no different from all of the other women out there trying to gain fame. She needs to be a real women and stay out of the light of the media. Now she is using Shaq's kids to get at him. Poor children have a mother who is willing to rip their poor little hearts out through the media and keep them all messed up in the head with her dirty laundry. Adult business should be adult business. Shaunie had it all planned out when she was having those kids back to back. She was setting up her meal ticket.I use to like her,but now I see she is just a snake that slither's sssssssssss.

1614 days ago


Well Yall do know the Shaunie left her first hubby for Shaq. she is a Gold digger even kept Ties tom ro the ex hubby bough him a house with shaqs doe... And what make you thin k he is any better than any other powerful male.... booty is always getting thrown at him

1613 days ago


I'm so sick of Shaunie making Shaq out to be the bad guy!!!! let's face it neither of them was good at marriage. So what he cheated, she did to! Why people always blame the man and not the women, why you think she had all those kids. Black peeps now a days don't have that many kids unless they can get something out of it, and besides Shaq made her!!!!!! She was a nobody and saw a free meal ticket, just like all her ex-basketball wives friends.

1613 days ago


Hell hath no fury like a MAN scorned.

1613 days ago


Man out of all tha chicks he probably ran through he have the nerves to get mad at her and with children. Thats what happens when you think that people cant and want leave you. You become self-centered WITH YOURSELF!!

1613 days ago


@ no. 3 (that was previously no. 5 - TMZ have been shuffling the posts around) - Pete, I apologize for calling you an idiot. That's not a nice thing to say about a person. What I should have said was, I understand that you appreciated the fact that he was kind to your daughter when she had her apendix out, but some people can actually be the opposite of the image that they portray. I stand by the rest of what I said about him, but I'm sorry if I offended you. Hope you're reading this.

1613 days ago


Those poor children - sure don't need the drama of mama's sex life - what selfish pigs they both are.

1613 days ago


I can't believe Shaunie would make accusations like this and it some how got to the media. the comments on her are very harsh regarding shaq (calling him a big monkey) that's pitiful. The people on her cheering Shaunie on must not be from LA because if they were they would be cheering a different cheer. She was married got pregnant by shaq while being married, her husband thought he and Shaunie were having their second kid when in fact it was Shaq's kid. Now she wants to be upset because he was sleeping w/groupies HELL SHE WAS ONE!!! Shaunie didn't care Shaq was cheating on her so why are you guys upset with him. she filed for separation in Nov but she also met her boy toy in Nov. She's no saint when it comes to leaving a man for another look at her history. her oldest son(Not Shaq's son) has seen his mother with three men (his dad, Shaq and now boy toy) he's only 12. so later in life when her kids began dating (maybe one of team Shaunie's fans' kids) and they screw over them remember you guys were yelling "GO SHAUNIE,,GET IT GIRL,, GET THAT PAPER. The kids always have a smile on they face keep at it those frowns will be turned up side down. don't think for a minute they don't know whats going on,,they do go to school. i'm sure their friends saw them in people's magazine (JUSTIN BEIBER WAS ON THE COVER) with her boy toy talking about she's a Black Demi Moore---IITCH PLEASZ.. ONE LAST THOUGHT,,KEEP IT UP WITH THE KIDS AND YOU WILL HAVE CHILDREN'S SERVICES AT YOUR DOOR. THOSE ARE SERIOUS ACCUSATION,,

1613 days ago


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1613 days ago


Did everyone forget that Shaunie was dating one of Shaq's friends when she cheated with Shaq. She is just as guilty. The way u get them is the way u will lose them especilly if u hurt someone in the process.

1612 days ago


All these people are on here bashing Shaq but she was cheating when she got with Shaq. She was married and left her husband for Shaq so you get what you get don't try to play the victim now that the tables are turned on you. They guy was Shaq business partner

1612 days ago

Loch Down    

All you dumb bitches calling Shaq a ****bag or an overgrown monkey need to be kicked in the ****ing teeth. You hear bits and pieces of a story and race to make dumb ass comments like that. Until you know what really happened, why not shut the **** up and gather all the info. Those of you with something negative to say are MORE THAN LIKELY sitting at home miserable without a dime to your name. Strangle yourself with your own intestines.

1611 days ago


old black guy told me thirty years ago. you can't make somebody love you. PERIOD

1611 days ago
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