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Mayor: Big Ben Case is Great for Tourism!

4/17/2010 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mayor of the Georgia town where Ben Roethlisberger allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in a nightclub bathroom has found a silver lining to the whole mess ... TOURISM!

TMZ spoke to Milledgeville Mayor Richard Bentley who told us he hopes the incident will draw new visitors to the college town --saying, "Anything that can draw interest to our town and make people want to visit, we would like."

The Mayor acknowledged the unfortunate circumstances of his town's new found fame, but added "If it peaks people's interest about our city, we would certainly welcome them here.”

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No Avatar

new reality    

Wow! When I decide to get raped + have the police take the side of the wealthiest person involved ! !
I will make sure to visit this town.

I don't think it has anything to do with being white...
Just fame and wealth ... goes to these peoples heads.

There seems to be more and more of this Fame and Wealth thing happening everywhere in The World ! SAD!

1647 days ago


Hmmm - Roethlisberger jersey's are on clearance in surrounding Pittsburgh stores, along with Holmes [10] & Parker [39?].
Just saying.....

1647 days ago


The Rooney Family is like Tiger Woods Caddy, Steve Williams----they, and he, knew all along what their biggest investment and boss man were up to.

Rooney's are phonies---talk a good story, but let a dog run the kennel. Its all good until something happens, and in this case something happened. Shame to the Rooney's and the Mayor of that Deliverance Town.

1647 days ago


i think its safe to say he wont get re-elected

1647 days ago


This is a city that will let you go out with their cops and rape with their protection/ lookout, the bars will destroy video evidence and you don't have to give police your statement or dna. Wow, this is insane.

1647 days ago


Must be a dumbocrat. They'll sell their souls for power and money.

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1647 days ago

D. Miller    

Ben was never charged in any crime but he is been charged in the media and this is sad Im not proud of him that night either he will never forget his 28th birthday EVER but there are worse things in life. The DA knew if he can't bring up any charges himself he will bring charges on Ben by releasing to the MEDIA 500 pages of crap! AND THEY ARE RUNNING WITH THIS on are our local Pittsburgh channels because you know this is Pittsburgh besides a couple of storms and a building collapes they have nothing else to report. THE BOTTOM LINE BEN IS TAKING HIT over some drunken 20 year old if her girlfriend really worried about her they would of taken her back to the dorm she was so drunk she did not even know her own name LETS MOVE ON AND I HOPE THIS DOES NOT EFFECT YOUR SEASON GOOD LUCK and remember the movie COUSIN VINNEY about the SOUTH!!!!

1647 days ago


23. THEY ARE RUNNING WITH THIS on are our local Pittsburgh channels

Good! You're "hero" is a liability. This claim is one of many. No wonder TERRY BRADSHAW doesn't like BR. GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1647 days ago


Hmmm - when's the recall? They'll be lining up to run against the mayor - what an idiot!

1647 days ago


That's like saying "I don't give a damn if it's Charlie Manson, as long as he pulls some hoes down to old Milledgeville!"

1647 days ago


Most native Georgians are already familar with Millegeville, it's home to the state mental hospital.
Perhaps the Mayor is a former patient?

1647 days ago


forget big ben, lock up the mayor

1647 days ago


Well at least this mayor's heart is in the rest place LOL. What a crass thing to say. It just proves money makes the world go round, even if acquired under the most dubious of cir***stances. All he cares about apparently is boosting his town's economy, even if it was at the expense of a girl being raped. I guess bad publicity is better than no publicity, in his eyes.

1647 days ago


This mayor must be one sick puppy. Time to get his butt out of office. Shame on him.

1647 days ago


Forget about college.....someone needs to go back to Grammar School - cf. "peaks" vs "piques."

1647 days ago
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