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Mayor: Big Ben Case is Great for Tourism!

4/17/2010 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mayor of the Georgia town where Ben Roethlisberger allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in a nightclub bathroom has found a silver lining to the whole mess ... TOURISM!

TMZ spoke to Milledgeville Mayor Richard Bentley who told us he hopes the incident will draw new visitors to the college town --saying, "Anything that can draw interest to our town and make people want to visit, we would like."

The Mayor acknowledged the unfortunate circumstances of his town's new found fame, but added "If it peaks people's interest about our city, we would certainly welcome them here.”

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Big Ben is a Big douchebag!


1653 days ago

laurie mlnr    

id like a new quarterback thank you. im not rushing to judgement but based on what i have read there is a definite cover up. i wont be watching this season if Roeth is quarterbacking and that is from a life long fan of the team.

1653 days ago

laurie mlnr    

id like a new quarterback please! I am not rushing to judgement but i do not like what i read and from what i have read there is a definite cover up going on. ugh! i will not even watch them this season if we have the same quarterback. that is from a lifelong fan.

1653 days ago

laurie mlnr    

one word about this mayor! ASS!

1652 days ago

Ok You Dont Know    

I love how all the bloggers on here are soo ignorant and close-minded. Yes the Mayor's comments seemed to be in bad taste but you have to understand what context it was in. Also you people have obviously never been to the south nor Milledgeville (which I understand) but please open up your pea-sized brains a bit and realize that it is not like hollywood's portrayal of the south. Milledgeville is actually a pretty nice place, the college is one of the most respected in the country (It's been in the top 100 public universities for the past few years) But you did get one thing right, the drinks are cheaper and much larger than the ones I get here in Atlanta bars and the girls are hot but shouldn't be raped.

1652 days ago


The mayor is an IGNORANT IDIOT! What if it was one of his female loved ones? Sensitivity is totally lacking...

1652 days ago


Flannery O'Conner must be rolling over in her grave.

1652 days ago


Yea A Mayor that likes women getting raped in his state. He should be fired.

1652 days ago


I think the players might want his rapping ass off the team. Makes everyone else look bad. The girl dropped the charges because of the Police Department. They saw him with his penis out and going into the bathroom. The young lady feared for her life and her families.


This is why women and children are rapped and or killed by you freaking men that do not have a sensitivity chip.

1652 days ago


I had to read this several times. I do believe if I was living in this little hayseed town, I would run the mayor out of it. How nice of him to capitolize on someone's pain? I hope his wife, if he's married, beats him with a cast iron skillet..

1652 days ago


The spelling is "piques", not "peaks" interest.

1652 days ago

Kathi j    

NICE!! A girl gets raped and the mayor comments that tourism has increased. Class act!!!

1652 days ago


23. Ben was never charged in any crime but he is been charged in the media and this is sad Im not proud of him that night either he will never forget his 28th birthday EVER but there are worse things in life. The DA knew if he can't bring up any charges himself he will bring charges on Ben by releasing to the MEDIA 500 pages of crap! AND THEY ARE RUNNING WITH THIS on are our local Pittsburgh channels because you know this is Pittsburgh besides a couple of storms and a building collapes they have nothing else to report. THE BOTTOM LINE BEN IS TAKING HIT over some drunken 20 year old if her girlfriend really worried about her they would of taken her back to the dorm she was so drunk she did not even know her own name LETS MOVE ON AND I HOPE THIS DOES NOT EFFECT YOUR SEASON GOOD LUCK and remember the movie COUSIN VINNEY about the SOUTH!!!!

Posted at 11:28 AM on Apr 17, 2010 by D. Miller

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/04/16/ben-roethlisberger-mayor-milledgeville-tourism/2/#ixzz0lQ14S4Bf

Maybe he will rape one of your family members and you would not even beleive you own daughter, sister, autie, cousin. Uncle, Brother. Since you have his back just to say Hey Ben rape me too man.

You freaking such *******.

1652 days ago


Question: How do we send one guy to jail for dogs then let a rapist stay in the game because he has two rings?

Answer: Because if the rapist is white, he can do no wrong in the eyes of the white men and women in the media and a lot of white people in the good ole USA. What Michael Vick, Santonio Holmes, and Pacman Jones did are not even in the same ballpark as what Rapistberger did. He actually inflicted abuse and harm on another human being. But I don’t see those white women who are STILL out protesting Michael Vick’s return to the NFL (AFTER he already served his time) out protesting Rapistberger and I don’t expect to. Most white people (and ESPECIALLY white men and women in the media) ALWAYS focus on the most negative images of African-Americans and they exploit those images to the fullest to mainstream white America. When someone like Rapistberger commits a crime that is FAR worse than anything those guys did, the white men and women of the mainstream media attempt to sweep it under the rug. Tiger Woods may have had sex with a bunch of white women, but I haven’t heard ANY of them say he raped them. And look at the hatred and venom with which the white men and women in the media have gone after him. They have not even come close to going after Rapistberger with that same intensity, hatred, and venom. In fact, they have tried to make excuses for him and justify his actions. It is so obvious that this is because he is white and Tiger and Vick and Holmes are brown-skinned. I’ll bet we won’t hear Jim Nantz taking shots at Rapistberger the way he did Tiger Woods.



1652 days ago


lacerations, bruises, tears, bleeding, dna but not enough evidence. what does a white man has to do to be charge with a crime in america. his bodyguard dragged the girl down the hall. ben kept buying the girl drinks although he knew she was drunk and took her to a single bathroom stall.she told him no several times but he ignored her and had sex with her. thats rape, not sexual assault.amazing. ben was walking down the hall with his penis in his hands. is that not public exposure which would be a crime what about sex in a public place, is that not a crime. where are all the womens right groups, why is nobody protesting. i bet if he raped a dog, white people would be mad. then white people would be calling for bens head the way whites were when mike vick killed a dog. white people value a dog more than they do white women. amaizng. Also, when white cops kill or beat a black person they usually joke and make fun about it. most of the time the officer who killed the victim is placed on administrative leave and the ones who are joking about it well nothing happen to them. now, the black cop who joked about the white girl ben raped got fired although he was doing it among his fellow officers. what happen to the blue wall of silence. i guess in order to protect a washed up white quaterback, the black cop had to get fired, uh, resigned and then the steelers traded santonio holmes, a black receiver from the steelers to get back at ben. but nothing happens to ben. white men, yall are losing your touch.

1652 days ago
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