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Big Ben's Teammate -- Massive Tip Exposed

4/16/2010 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's one part of Ben Roethlisberger's infamous night out in Georgia that's indisputable -- he and teammate Willie Colon were on a serious drinking spree, and they were not stingy with the gratuity.

Big Ben Roethlisberger and his teammate
Newly released documents from the investigation include their tab from The Brick in Milledgeville -- their last stop before Capital City bar, where the alleged sexual assault occurred.

According to the docs, they ordered 38 drinks in less than two hours for a total of $224.25 -- and then left a big fat tip of $100.

The Steelers offensive tackle Colon paid the bill with his AMEX card.

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Armchair QB    

After 60 years of a devoted Steeler fan I am now soured on the Steelers thanks to Ben Worthlessberger.

1650 days ago


lacerations, bruises, tears, bleeding, dna but not enough evidence. what does a white man has to do to be charge with a crime in america. his bodyguard dragged the girl down the hall. ben kept buying the girl drinks although he knew she was drunk and took her to a single bathroom stall.she told him no several times but he ignored her and had sex with her. thats rape, not sexual assault.amazing. ben was walking down the hall with his penis in his hands. is that not public exposure which would be a crime what about sex in a public place, is that not a crime. where are all the womens right groups, why is nobody protesting. i bet if he raped a dog, white people would be mad. then white people would be calling for bens head the way whites were when mike vick killed a dog. white people value a dog more than they do white women. amaizng. Also, when white cops kill or beat a black person they usually joke and make fun about it. most of the time the officer who killed the victim is placed on administrative leave and the ones who are joking about it well nothing happen to them. now, the black cop who joked about the white girl ben raped got fired although he was doing it among his fellow officers. what happen to the blue wall of silence. i guess in order to protect a washed up white quaterback, the black cop had to get fired, uh, resigned and then the steelers traded santonio holmes, a black receiver from the steelers to get back at ben. but nothing happens to ben. white men, yall are losing your touch.

1649 days ago

dan bentley    

Is this a crime? No. Only crime is the money these idiots are paid, this goes on every day by most of these rich, spoiled brats. That's the only crime I can see. Start over with their salaries, and alot of this would go away. Amen...

1647 days ago


OMG Really you guys report this!!!! Well over easter weekend at a pub in Little Rock (Yes they have pubs there too) myself and three friends drank for a 235.00 tab I left a 120.00 tip would you like to see the copy of my bill too. Oh and here is a kicker my best friend owns the PUB... 100.00 tips are chump change for this guys should have left tip equal to tab with his cheese

1646 days ago


let the story die about big ben worry about solders dyeing over seas thats more important then a tramp that ben nailed

1643 days ago
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