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Danny Glover

Arrested in Maryland

4/16/2010 5:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danny Glover was arrested in Maryland today -- after armed police cracked down on a massive protest rally.

Danny Glover Arrested in Maryland
Glover -- along with 11 other people -- was taken into custody outside of the headquarters of Sodexo, Inc. ... where protesters were rallying against the business practices of the food management giant.

He was given a citation and later released, telling cameras, "We're moving to make some real positive changes."



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keep drinking the kool-aid Tim(timmy) you are IGNORANT, nothing to respect,ASS CLOWNS along with the Kenyan Bastard Totus

1590 days ago

Lunacy, Inc.    

So 300 is the new definition of "MASSIVE PROTEST" according to TMZ?

"We're here today to say no more to deplorable pay and working conditions," Glover told the crowd of around 300 as they shouted "No Justice, No Pizza", a reference to cafeteria workers who claim they are underpaid and receive few benefits from Sodexo.

1590 days ago


way to go danny glover. it's great to see people who "have it all" out in the trenches. mr. glover has been involved in some incredible projects. check out the film "the garden."

1590 days ago


If he only had a brain.

1590 days ago


well at least the guy is trying.

1590 days ago


armed police ? is there another kind - drama ?

1590 days ago


Reached for comment, President Obama said the cops “acted stupidly” and immediately called for a “beer summit” at the White House.

Good thing he doesn’t have a career left to ruin.

1590 days ago


Danny Glover is a hero....a good decent man with the courage to stand up for what's right. To all those on this board who think otherwise, I suggest you take a look at the Sodexo corporation. Mr. Glover is looking out for YOU when he confronts a corporation that works in its own SELF-interests AGAINST the Public interest.

You should be thanking him. Inform yourselves, and you won't look so stupid.

1590 days ago


"75. What a loser!!!! It's ok for him to rant ,but not anybody else. Why doesn't he just move to Cuba already and NEVER come back to this country."

by TEAinCA

Exactly where and when did Danny Glover forbid anybody else to "rant"?

One reason he wouldn't move to Cuba is that he is a U.S. citizen, and he loves his country enough to do all that he can to improve it. He could just sit on his LAZY-Boy and count his money; but he is willing to do more than that...for the sake of his country.

1590 days ago

jami loeffler    

ignorance has no color.but it speaks in oh so many voices.

1590 days ago


"81. They can arrest Danny Glover over THIS ****! But won't arrest those stupid ass Tea Party Bafoons who march on everyones doorsteps. **** Amerikkka!"

by Angela

I'm still waiting for the Obama "Justice" Department to arrest George W and his fellow gang members who drove this country into a ditch. It's high time that we see those @$#!%s in handcuffs.

1590 days ago


isnt SEIU that one union group that beat the **** out of some guy who was protesting against them?

1590 days ago


Well, if some of the code pink "ladies" I've seen were there... then it really only takes a few of 'em to reach "massive" :)

1590 days ago


It only took 8 posts for the name calling - someone said racist. The fact is Glover is a moron. I wish I knew why everyone who gets cuffed has to smile. They should be embarrassed and ashamed.

1590 days ago


The last I one is forced to work at Sodexo. The employees can join SEIU, pay their dues, and march all over the country with Andy Stern. Don't be fooled...Andy is only interested in collecting the dues and watching you go to jail.

1590 days ago
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