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Police Chief in Rodney King Incident Dies

4/16/2010 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daryl Gates Police Chief  in Rodney King Incident DiesDaryl Gates -- the man who was the LAPD Chief during the 1991 Rodney King incident -- has died.

Gates -- who was 83-years-old -- was heavily criticized for his "weak response" to the videotaped beating of Rodney King at the hands of several LAPD officers ... which ultimately led to the infamous L.A. riots.

Gates was suffering from bladder cancer.

According to ABC7, Gates died at his home in Southern California.


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Cheif Gates a long time friend of my mothers...Far from racist,far from a jerk all round good guy who was there for his officers..miss you Cheif Gates R.I.P.

1598 days ago


Gate's policies created one of the most hated police forces in the nation. OJ got off because of the hatred of the LAPD. There wont be too many tears shed in LA because of his passing. My sympathies go out to his family.

1598 days ago


Burn in hell!

1598 days ago


Im not the kind of person to talk about dead people but it's not like he was he's famous for doing something positive.

1598 days ago


Racist. Hell make room for your new gate keeper.

1598 days ago


Typical crap TMZ reporting. Gates created SWAT teams, he created the DARE program for students. Gates was a good man. Rodney King deserved that beating for taking cops on a drunk high speed chase through a residential area. People always forget there were two other black man in King's car and they wasn't touched because they obeyed the cops. King didn't. Morons then rioted in L.A. They destroyed their own neighborhoods. That was smart.

1598 days ago


GOOD RIDDANCE!!! I hope he is burning. All these Gates lovers who wish him well. It would be just like a bunch of cops to ignore evidence of wrong-doing from with-in, but when they pull over someone who has had a jay-walking ticket it warrants more investigation. He was a dirty cop who led a dirty racists force. And you don't beat a man who doesnt comply, you subdue him and use pepper spray, not batons over the head. He set race relations back 20 years. Great Job Gates, not even Tom Bradley would speak to him while he was running the show. Burn in hell like you let LA burn in the riots!!!!!

1598 days ago


I have all the respect in the world for hard working honest members of law enforcement. but this guy was a real dumb ass. I don't care much for him. I'm not shedding any tears but I'm not dancing in the streets either. This man was insensitive to our city and our needs as a community. I find it really hard to mourn the loss of a man who held a city post with a fat salary and not lift a finger.


1598 days ago


Eff you Daryl Gates and the horse that you rode to hell...may Satan have no mercy on your soul...

1598 days ago


how is this guy not a racist? here are some of his quotes that I found on wiki:

"blacks might be more likely to die from chokeholds because their arteries do not open as fast as they do on 'normal people.'"

This guy is a real jerk off! That's his legacy.

1598 days ago


shut up Zoe#1. Home taught hate? Please. Get your facts str8. You must be a Rampart Reject. He was a dirty cop who abused his power and co-signed the corruption in the LAPD. He was a power hungry tyrant racist. Oh big surprise you're a retired cop. You have blinders on when it comes to one of your own. Thats the reason you cops are afraid to tell on each other. I bet you've seen shady stuff go down with-in the department that you ignore but when you get on the streets you bust someone for doing the same thing. Back the Badge right?

1598 days ago


I'd like to see any of you critical of Gates try being the police chief of that zoo.

1598 days ago

Hell Yeah    


1598 days ago

Joel Morales    

Please keep the negative comments to yourselves. This man had more minority officers hired than any other Chief. Know your facts first.

1598 days ago

Joel Morales    

His contributions to the LAPD elevated that Department's image and professionalism. RIP Cheif Gates.

1598 days ago
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