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Kate Gosselin -- Still Room for Jon?

4/16/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin now has two shows on TLC -- and, according to her, the chance of  Jon Gosselin showing up on either of 'em is slim to none.

kate gosselin video
Kate was headed into the Discovery Channel upfronts (industry speak for 'look what we have') last night for her upcoming shows "Twist of Kate" and "Kate Plus 8" -- where she said "typically you don't work with your ex-husbands."  Typically. 

Sooo, she's saying there's a chance?


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Please go away Kate


Poor guy, he's so broke now....

1647 days ago


Is it ok for the Duggers to use their children to make money ,but not Kate ? Kate needs to work to support her kids and nursing salary is just not enough...Dont like Kate dont watch the shows..

1647 days ago


Kate is a self -absorbed, immature angry woman. She give mothers a bad name. Go to H*LL Kate.

1647 days ago


i can't even watch dancing with the stars this season because she's on it.
once she's voted off i'll watch again.

1647 days ago


Isn't she on her 14th minute of her 15 minutes of fame?

Seriousy I've never known someone as hated as Kate Gosselin.
These kids will be screwed up for life because of her actions and her ex's actions. Shame on them for ruining the lives of those 8 kids forever.

1647 days ago


For the love of God, somebody please make her go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1647 days ago


People get real. Lazy a-- Jon does not want to work and wants Kate to support him. He had a job - got fired and than Kate help helped him get a job with the State of PA and he quit that job. He is a lazy lazy man and wants to give him her money. If I was in Kate's position, I worked full time and kept a house. She is not the only working mother. Give her a break. Jon is know good, I thought from the beginning Kate is the one with the brain not Jon. What would you do if you had 8 kids to feed and support. Wait for welfare.

1647 days ago


You know, I'm starting to really like this lady! And now she smiles! What a beautiful smile! B4 she was so unhappy that was hard to like her with that pit bull face, angry, but now she's showing that she can be really strong!

1647 days ago


isn't she on the 14th minute of her 15 minutes of fame yet?

1647 days ago


Is it just me or is Kate starting to resemble Kathie Lee Gifford. I honestly thought that is who it was when I was scrolling down the page. I'm fairly well over the Gosselins' in their entirety. Waste of good television airtime...

1647 days ago

jealous of kate    

the majority of posters here need to grow up and get a life. Hate is a strong word. Hating a person you haven't met and don't know. ???? What is wrong with all of you????? If you do not like her, change the channel, do not read these posts. Just because you see a bit of a person's life, does not give you a total insight to their lives. What about all the other parents on TV? What about YOU? No one else raises their voices to their children once in a while? No one has EVER swatted their toddler's butt? Everything is amplified on tv. I dont believe for a second that this does not happen at everyone else's homes. If it doesn't sainthood is in order. Kate is just doing what everyone else with a brain would do-embarrass herself for a job that takes a few weeks but pays her what a nurse earns in 2-3 years. Same thing with the new shows. If she can bank the money, DO IT! And when the offers dry up and they will soon, go back to nursing. and for those who have this unnatural hate for her, TURN OFF THE TV, DON'T READ THE POSTS and if you can't, go get help for your jealousy

1647 days ago


So suddenly Jon thinks the show will not be so bad for the kids after all, now that he gets to be on it again too? It's easy to see why Kate used to get so disgusted him. Must be difficult to find yourself the mother of 8 kids and married to someone like he turned out to be.

Glad to see Kate is being given other opportunities besides having to work 12-hour days on her feet as a nurse. I don't see how people can criticize her for taking advantage of other lucrative opportunities that will in the long-run actually allow her much more quality time with her kids than she would otherwise have if she stayed at her old job.

Those jealous people don't seem to have any problem with the fact that she would be away from her kids much more by working as a nurse that she will from doing a television show and a book tour. Those time commitments are only sporadic and will actually buy up much more free time with her family than she would otherwise have.

1647 days ago


We should boycott TLC until everything Gosselin/Duggars is taken off the air.

Whoever thought to give Kate TWO shows should be fired.

1647 days ago


Besides, monetary gain, Kate uses parenthood as a shield from criticism. She’s not a better parent than most; she doesn’t love her children more. She’s turned parental duty into a platitude. Her parental mantra is said so often it appears to be inauthentic. Other women aren’t criticized like Kate because they don’t use their children in the same way she does. The way Kate does it is offensive. Until shown differently, women assume other women are trying to do the best for their children.

Kate needs to climb the hill of fame on her own talents and drive. And, she needs to stop with the pity party.

1647 days ago

Tiger Woods    

She is very RUDE and SELFISH!!!!!

She cares nothing but MONEY!!! OH my god, how can she still be on the Dancing with Star. I feel embarrass for her, she looks like a TRUNK!!!!!! she is a JOKE!

1647 days ago
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