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Kim K's Greasy Lunch -- with Cristiano Ronaldo

4/16/2010 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Madrid this week, Kim Kardashian ate out with Euro Greasy soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo.

Kim and the Real Madrid hunk were spotted leaving the same lunch spot -- and while reports say the duo kissed inside the restaurant, we're told they kept their mouths to their food.

Whether American football players or European futbol stars, a gal's gotta eat.


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Cristiano is too good for her
She is just a dirty attention whore

1588 days ago

The Ascension    

lisa and jonny how about you say that **** to a blk man face we all know you are the first ones to turn bitch when you see a blk man and ppl this is why this country cant grow the **** up and move forward because of these racist ass inbred rednecks go to hell with fox news because god will deal with you very soon

1588 days ago


nasty and greasy...Kim is a trainwreck and landing this greasey-slime bucket ain't no win! Both ick-nast....Kim is looking awful lately..too much p.s. TOTALLY FAKE NOW...she is too over-exposed and too boring and one dimensional...

1588 days ago


He's done better, he's done worse. Who cares! He's young and a superstar. He doe not want to be in a serious relationship. Kim is not relationship material. She's just a girl to bang. Bang away bro! Come here to america and bang all these american ho's. That's all there good for.

1588 days ago


hes to good for her.....shes a nobody

1588 days ago


I don't see how some American women don't think he is good looking? If you don't think so just see one of his vids on youtube, he is the best player int the world. and it is Football =D keywords:"FOOT"BALL"

1588 days ago

Yep I said that    

Post 60 LMAO that was funny! We wish we didn't know who this vapid w*ore is either, but she's like gum on your shoe you can't get rid of it. She is famous for nothing but she turns up at every D type event just to get a photo op, you have can of dog food to open pow! she's there posing.

1588 days ago


look ronaldo your a sick soccer player. do what you what to do just pipe that hoe down and play soccer ...she wants man yogurt from you cristiano . just **** her men!

1588 days ago


Kim perhaps knows exactly that she cannot marrie him because sp[anish and protuguese are very matcho
But Kim is bringing more attention on her
she is always telling on tv that she dated X and She dated Y
If it s for not hope of marriage with him
Kim is using him for making the world knowing her
and she is succeeding
imagine the spanish and protuguese did not know her but today they know her
sex tape or no the world is talking about her
and she is becomming more known
for good or for worst

1588 days ago


Kim has a lot of things to sell
perfumes dvd reality shows and more
She is wide spreading his influence to sell to Europe
His mum and his sisters are planning to spread their product to Europe and spanish and portuguese are a big market for their products

Kim has to date more and more well known to be known and to sell more and of course
Kim is a role model for a lot of teneeger in America
the message is do a sex tape and you will be known and you will earn millions without talent
and today this family is extending their concept to Europe

What a world my grand mother will turn in her tomb
Kim s mum is selling everything for money
All the story is described in her 2 reality shows without shame.

What a world, the reign of money, where are the principles
Nothing the money is the reign.

1588 days ago

Yankie or Yankee    

9. tmz,,it's football, not american futbol,,ur the only fcking country that calls a game that's played 98% of the time with hands rather than feet football, should be more like handball,,football is european not american,,,every god damn country calls it footbal even the non english speaking countries,,,,football is ours not urs, stinking yankies..

Posted at 8:21 AM on Apr 16, 2010 by popster

This is an American site, and we can call it what we please. If you don't like it....too bad go somewhere else. Why don't you go read about one of your skanky reality stars with their orange tans and fake boobs. I'm sure she did him for some cash because it sure isn't his looks. In America, we like personal hygiene, and he looks like he hasn't had a bath in weeks. By the way, would you like me to send you a toothbrush? Face it. Cristiano isn't that American standards.

1588 days ago

Yankie or Yankee    

Popster....we can call it what we want to. This is an American site. If you don't like it, go look at some of those pathetic "reality stars" with their orange skin and fake boobs. By the way, if you need a toothbrush, I'll send one over to ya.
He probably had to give her a big wad of cash to hook up with him. I mean he isn't real attractive........

1588 days ago


Football or Soccer if you like

If the protuguese is not atractive why a bimbo american reality tv star flirt with him ?
She is sure to be noticed by all the latin population in the world loving Soccer for beeing helpfull for american poeple and Football for European poeple.
For sure Kim wants to be noticed by Latin countries
That is a big a massive hit.

1588 days ago


Kim is perhaps earning a lot of money
But these woman is like her mum and family they want more money
a Football player like the portuguese one ear a lot of money
and Kim is planning to marrie a rich one like her mum told her to do

I cannot imagine Kris been satisfy with a middle class husband for Kim
Scott has a Problem wiht Kris because he is not rich like Odom Khloe husband
Kim is a gold digger as well as a business woman
I can imagine her succeding in selling perfumes shoes and other product to spanish or portuguese poeple.
She is a hungry tiger and she is loking for a rich husband too.

1588 days ago


Oh Please... we all know why she really did it.. World Cup is coming up!! Duh!! Jump on the soccer wagon for more exposure!! And with one of the hottest soccer players out there.. and yes she might have money but nothing like the kind of money these soccer players are getting!!! I mean i love reggie but he's only well known in the U.S... Cristiano is world wide!!! I cant stand her!!!

1588 days ago
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