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Tiger & Jesse 'Mistresses' Get Reality TV Offer

4/19/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a new reality show is in the works that would be hosted by Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jamie Jungers -- and according to the creator, it's all about celebrities who cheat on their loved ones.

Tiger & Jesse 'Mistresses' Get Reality TV Offer

Jesse James' alleged mistress #1 and Tiger Woods' #we-lost-count would front a show called "Celebrity Cheaters," which is currently being shopped around town. The show was created by Bobby Goldstein, who created the original "Cheaters" -- and would, according to the pitch, try and "catch celebrity cheaters with their pants down."

Ironically, we're told McGee once applied to be on "Cheaters" to try to trap an ex. She was denied.

The show hasn't found a home yet -- but Goldstein says McGee and Jungers have both agreed to do it, though nothing has been signed yet.


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The nuts are falling off the trees...........

1648 days ago

Janice Wilson     

These two woman is sad, and they need and life and stop frontin all over the place LOL!!!!!!! More:

1648 days ago


That’s great to hear! Please let us know what you think of it. I am greatly enjoying it, myself.

1648 days ago


First, off the cuff, is it really necessary (and why?) to register again, just to leave a comment? I don't understand, but whatever.

Okay onto the whores of the day, McGee and Jungers. This sounds like
a reality show, that may be picked up by a little unknown cable
station, desperate for a hit series. However like that show on E! which just bombed, called "Bank of Hollywood" will probably be way more memorable than any reality show hosted by McGee and that other woman, what was her name again???

Also, the concept of this show just seems wrong, on all levels! Are
we that desperate for entertainment, to go and ruin marriages in
Hollywood, even though they'll probably fall apart on their own? I guess whatever floats this producer's boat but if you ask me which I'm sure no one will, lol, it shouldn't be hosted by those two hoes.
Why not get somebody else, a little more reputable, yet sly? Just saying...

1648 days ago


>>>I can't believe that anyone would think that we would want to glorify any skank with her own TV show.<<

Why not? They are experts in their/they're/there field. Our country routinely consults with people like this and other assorted criminals as experts in their field. Frank Abagnale comes to mind. Every drug and alcohol rehab program is the same, and those people who do public speaking at high schools, they've all been there, done that. Learn from their mistakes. Same thing.

1648 days ago


This is also like the paid escort, who was with the Govenor Sprtzer she is now hired by a magazine to answer sex questions. She is being paid great money. What happened to going to school and making something out of yourself. Being paid to do this is terrible--your mothers must be proud!

1648 days ago


This hoe is nasty. I guess we all look alike down there cuz how could u get a boner with someone who looks like she is covered in STD's. Oh Jesse welcome to the

"I will stick my **** in anything" club

This is why women F%^*& young men older ones are so used up

1648 days ago


Of course Bomb**** would do it... anything trashy for a buck.

1648 days ago


Whatever I won't watch that garbage anyway...... Sickening just like all those other shows... for the uneducated trash out there thats sits their fats butts on the couch at home ... yuck idiots.......

1648 days ago


The show will never go.

The first celeb who they catch will sue and if they can't block their appearance on the show, the celeb will refuse to deal with whatever network or production company behind the show in all other areas.

Also, McGee is such a hotbutton person over the Nazi/white power allegations that no one legitimate will want her involved.

1648 days ago

Jason Chambers    

Surprise, surprise! Who knew these to whores would agree to whore themselves out!? The only show they should be hosting is one where they're being shot at.

1648 days ago


I say it will last one episode, if it even gets off the ground. Too many people in Hollywood cheat and they would have a hard time finding someone to carry it.

1648 days ago


This will just create more famewhores when people are given fame & money for doing immoral things.

1648 days ago


What a pathetic world we live in. Giving home wrecking sluts their 15 minutes of fame. It's sickening...

1648 days ago


and the name of the show is gonna be??? hmm, maybe whores r us

1648 days ago
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