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Tiger & Jesse 'Mistresses' Get Reality TV Offer

4/19/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a new reality show is in the works that would be hosted by Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jamie Jungers -- and according to the creator, it's all about celebrities who cheat on their loved ones.

Tiger & Jesse 'Mistresses' Get Reality TV Offer

Jesse James' alleged mistress #1 and Tiger Woods' #we-lost-count would front a show called "Celebrity Cheaters," which is currently being shopped around town. The show was created by Bobby Goldstein, who created the original "Cheaters" -- and would, according to the pitch, try and "catch celebrity cheaters with their pants down."

Ironically, we're told McGee once applied to be on "Cheaters" to try to trap an ex. She was denied.

The show hasn't found a home yet -- but Goldstein says McGee and Jungers have both agreed to do it, though nothing has been signed yet.


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Fairly Clear    

I can't wait until the public gets their belly full of these totally stupid reality shows. In the case of these two dimwits if you ask them something simple say like point to which direction was up you might have to give them a 1/2 hour head start to come to a conclusion.

1617 days ago


*****ng lame

1617 days ago


Typical BS. Bad behavior is rewarded, but then everyone like to watch a train wreck. Five to one some of these woman are going to be dead within a couple of years, sex, drugs, rock'n roll, either by their own hands or someone else's. Disgusting people who have no shame. YUCK!!!!

1617 days ago


They just want to be in the spotlight,and would basically do anything just to get their 15 minutes of fame! too bad it wont last long, coz nobody's gonna remember them in a month or two from now.

1617 days ago

fishy won ton    

Booby Goldstein???...hmmm a Jew...when are the good moral abiding citizens going to figure out that the dumbing down and moral decline is being commercialized, exposed and financially capitalized by these evil secular jews...they laugh and mock about the gentiles and there naive ways...turn the table and all of a sudden you are an anti-Semite...STOP!!! people and take control of you and your more jewtube!!!...turn the t.v off and guess what you have your life and your country back and the jews are out of a job...think about it.

1617 days ago

me not you    

Not surprising. Sex workers - and that's what these two are, porn people - are by nature, opportunistic. Everything is just another "trick" to them, be it another woman's husband or cashing in on bad behavior. Just another trick. Such classy ladies.

1617 days ago


PLEASE, OH PLEASE TMZ keep a heads up (no pun intended) on when and where this show will be I can make sure I am either not available or that my tv isn't on that channel. These women are already getting to much attention. You expect most men to be pigs, but women are suppose to be a sty above that. It is human nature to be curious, but that curious I'm not What ever happened to self respect? Oh, that's right EVERYTHING now days has a price! You know women have an agenda when they store their pig squirt for future use!! YUCK!

1617 days ago


America - you brought this on yourselves. When this country started calling paid-hookers porn "stars" you set the applaud and reward Tera Patrick and Jenna Jamison - and then you wonder why you get tv shows like Kendra and the Kardashians...who are all (drumroll please) the same paid-hookers as Tera and Jenna...but you watch this mess, you watch women who sell their bodies for profit and gold-dig and you REWARD their bad behavior....then when someone else does it...NOW you want it to stop.

Sorry, when you glorify whoredom in any form, this is what you get.

Stop watching the Kardashians, Kendra, Girls Next Door, Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore and the king of all sleeze - Jerry Springer and the tv people will stop rewarding bad behavior.

But, alas, you won't...and you will continue to make these paid-hookers rich.

1617 days ago


It's interesting how the Tiger Lovers are so quick to denounce these women as filthy whores and ugly skanks. Fair enough, yet it behooves one to then ask, what does that make Tiger Woods ? Oh, I'm sorry, I almost forgot ! That's none of our business, as that's between Tiger and his wife. So the next time we start to read about some murderer in the news, we must remember to stop it right then and there as that's none of our business ... that's between the murderer and his victim. Earlier I was reading about the chaos caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland, but I quickly put a stop to that ! ... that's none of my business, as that's between the volcano and the airlines.

1617 days ago


i refuse to watch a show with these two nasty homewreckers. disgusting that whores like them are getting tv deals and celebrity status.

1617 days ago


Jungers, wtf kind of name is this! I hope she takes her $$ and changes her last name.

1617 days ago


To "fishy won ton" at post # 68 ... your comments are not funny, but they are unfortunately accurate ... how the truth so often hurts ...

1617 days ago


Boycott, boycott, boycott - it is the only way this show will never see the light of day. Email/write/call and complain to the sponsors. (It worked when McUglee got dropped from angrywhiteboy and club LIV). These sponsors only listen when you mess with their money/profit.

Oh, and to Mr. Bobby Goldstein, have you no morals? McUglee admitted to having a swastika tatted on her rotten crotch (after denying it repeatedly, even on court papers). You are just as bad as she is, if not worse. Your people died so this racist pig can continue to make money off of other people's pain?

Effing, nasty-butt skanks, GTFOH with this bull$****.

1617 days ago


You become famous and get a TV show because you are a slut???? Is this really what we have come to in life? What a joke.....

1617 days ago


This is sick - probably the worst idea American television has come up with. And you are on the same train by reporting it!!

1617 days ago
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