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Mattress King: I Took Care of the Jackson Family

4/19/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family had a lot to deal with in the wake of his passing -- but one thing they didn't have to worry about ... beds.

Neil Leeds, owner of the popular mattress chain Leeds Mattress Stores, tells TMZ he "took care of" the Jackson family when it came to their mattress needs.

Never underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep.


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OK. So, Do we put him on trial for manslaughter because Michael couldn't sleep. ISN'T THAT THE REASON HE WAS INJECTED WITH PROPOFAL????

1462 days ago


I want to know where the Jacksons buy their toilet paper. Who is the toilet paper man? TMZ?


This is.... insane.... LOL

1462 days ago

Janice Wilson     

take that

1462 days ago

Tellit case you haven't noticed....there is no relevant pertinent Michael Jackson news because....well....there isn't any. And won't be. Not about Michael Jackson himself that is. He is history. There'll be some tribute shows here and there, and some new previously unreleased songs, etc. etc., but the topic of Michael Jackson will be relegated to Michael Jackson fanclubs and the FB kissykissy hearts and flowers BS....that's where the Michael Jackson legacy will live on.
TMZ is just gleaning what little that they can come up with for your entertainment. They'll be more boards regarding denied claims and boards about claims that were paid out. But until the prelimary hearing not much is going to crop up...unless something earth ****tering occurs with the looney Jackson family members. Joes shena****ns or something about Shoeshinehead or the LaToy. Maybe a couple of good photos and short snippets regarding MJ3...hopefully nothing regarding the other little hooligan nitwits. Maybe MJ3 will rub off of them rather than vice versa.
No your anxiously awaited Michael Jackson beefy boards will be few and far between except for the Conrad Murray news (imo there will be no trial...Conrad will walk) and the MJFT wheelings and dealings.
Maybe they will come up with a Michael Jackson Museum (or whatever became of that Thriller Casino business?) where MJ fans can make annual pilgrimages to. (you know to Mecca)
Give TMZ a break. At least they are trying to keep something out here for you.

1462 days ago


more slow news days?....sorry TMZ, that is the way it is, when you can't get touch real news, unless it is know for the "big 5" media kings.....Do Not Go to my blog, it might hurt "you poor little BRWAIN" files mystery of the moonwalker..[not my blog].....or brian n. everett pi....Michael Jackson was not just "good or bad" is not that simple...are you?....and the people that "set Him up", do not tell their story!,,,do they...I was one of the people that worked on "the set-up"...and I'am retired, so now I can talk..

1462 days ago


realusion lol, stop it! Hilarious. Got it nailed. Where are you now realusion? We used to chat on mjhd before it went went missing.

1462 days ago


This is just to funny!! I am just not sure what else to say,

1462 days ago


419. The company is co-owned by Sony and trusts formed by Michael Jackson and is said to be worth up to $30 billion.(*) Sony/ATV Music Publishing is not part of Sony Music Entertainment."

Posted at 12:51 PM on Apr 19, 2010 by mymjj5

Hope this is true that its worth $30 billion, even half of it stands at $15 billion. I always wondered why the Jackson family wanted to remove the executors, and at the same time, why the executors wanted to remain as administrators. With MJ being so broke for such a long time, they still wanted to remain in charge, obviously tells us something. The fees for looking after MJ's assets would mean a lot of $$$. Good for KJ & MJ3. Looking forward to the day that the estates would be debt free. That would be a big sigh of relief. LOL.

Posted at 2:07 PM on Apr 19, 2010 by Daphne

1462 days ago


@Siggisis: true that.

1462 days ago

Khate sucks    

MOST of the Jacksons are still here......

1462 days ago


Hey there ! Oh im around here and there. How are you? Doing fine here.
Hope you enjoyed my comments and it made you laugh. :)
Have a Great day/night.

1462 days ago


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1462 days ago


Obviously, his matresses didn't work for MJ!

1461 days ago


Realusion, were you banned because your comments were a bit anti-hoax?

1460 days ago


@Twinkle: as I said before, the boards accept ONE opinion, the opinion of the Admins, no freedom of speech, just brainwash and loads of bull****!!! Oh how could I forget the fake L.O.V.E. and bunches of flowers... Tree hugging retarded morons!!!

1449 days ago
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