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Mattress King: I Took Care of the Jackson Family

4/19/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family had a lot to deal with in the wake of his passing -- but one thing they didn't have to worry about ... beds.

Neil Leeds, owner of the popular mattress chain Leeds Mattress Stores, tells TMZ he "took care of" the Jackson family when it came to their mattress needs.

Never underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep.


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omg FREAK!

1600 days ago


Wow, is it me or are Mr Leeds cheeks getting puffy?

1586 days ago


He's a liar. And the biggest wanna-be. Pathetic pandering with holding the bills up. By the way he is not wealthy, he's loosing his shirt in the mattress industry. His face is really looking fat too.

1585 days ago

Neil Leeds    

Dear tmz readers,I am neil leeds.I am completly available for any comments or questions at 11130 sherman way sun valley ca 91352.Toll free 1-800-Go-Leeds.I decided to write a short note for the few comments about me .You are right I am not wealthy,I am losing more than my shirt in this economy with 25 stores.I never said I was rich to anybody,in fact I always told my story which was I grew up in poverty.That is still up on my web site for leeds mattress.Im sorry I did not realize I was holding a $10 bill in my hand for the valet service when I was leaving a restaurant and was confronted with a few questions from the news company tmz about what Im up to these days.I never thought about my hands going up and down or that 10 dollars was showing off.I was very emotional as I told the truth about How I do not sleep every night myself and the stress I am having with my life, is overwhelming,I think the word liar is pretty selfish to call me along with how im losing my shirt with my buisness.I worked for 30 years,which I started at 9years old working in ny.I am now 40 and watching a lifetime of work and 25 stores struggle to keep up with a economy I did not bring down.I worked 7 days a week and gave everything I could to keep leeds mattress open as I still am,which many people have already been put out of buisness and even lost their homes etc.I think you should try to facilitate harmony and balance and love for the world than to throw up worthless comments full of hate towards me.Yes I did gain weight because Im on anxiety medication,and I cant work 7 days a week like I used to.I am sorry I gained 15 pounds.I do not like the look of my face in that video either.It even bothered me.I can see my illness more than most of you can.I will not mention anything about who I help with mattresses famous or not again,because the point of my message was that I understand mr jackson not being able to sleep because I face this so bad myself.I even run a chain of stores no less.I love michael jackson his music and his family along with everyone I meet.That is who I am.I endured much sacrifice in my life and ask for no pity.If you choose to continue to bash me I can not write again for that would be lowering myself down to standards that just do not sit well with me.I help everybody mega rich, mega superstar,or somebody just starting out..I always have and always will.I operate my buisness the best way I can and supported the local economy with jobs and tax dollars.For so many years that I have been on tv I have recieved the good emails along with the hate and I guess I feel sad about the ones with hate.That is why I write to you tonight at 3 30 am sat morning.I cant sleep like always.I admit my poverty and always have.I never thought I was richer or better than anybody,I just worked and kept the pettle to the floor and kept trying.I do not know what the future holds for me.I do know I have to leave this world,and I will not be taking my stores or money with me.What I have done in my life and who I touched with my heart with be the most important.I know this was a long message but it is from the bottom of my heart.I have been knocked down many times,that is where the rocky story is born.I love you all.God Bless you all,and as long as I can continue to sell the public mattresses in clean stores with great pricing I will.You have many choices to make and I know that.I am not the boss.My customers are.Your freind neil with the deal..from leeds mattress.I wont be beat..which sometimes I do..I just get back up again.Ps Maybe you could ask harvey levin to show the clip of me driving my so called wanna be car..I drive a gmc terrain.I do not define wealth as someone who drives a rolls the snowball..about warren buffett and charles munger.They use wisdom.I love nice things but I would rather hang out with a book than with people who bring me down.Lets keep the world cleaner safer and proserous for all.It will be better for our future children who will inherit what we leave behind.Sleep well live better.Thanks again.I again promise you this is neil leeds and I gave you my address to see me anytime at my office.Thank you tmz..time warner, telepictures ..and warner brothers,and harvey levin.

1583 days ago


Your the Best, Neil! Don't listen to the haters! Your too good for that! What happened with that lawsuit Neil? Did you win? Is it Public record? Can I look it up?

1583 days ago

Neil Leeds    

Thank you Dave for your support. Yes,it is public record.P.S. If you need a mattress I will make sure you are taken care of personally,by henry at my corporate headquarters.Thank you Neil Leeds

1583 days ago


Why did that Showtime show refer to you as a "Mattress Tycoon"?

1582 days ago

Neil Leeds    

Hi dave,I will not be able to answer every question about my life to you,but you can schedule a visit to my office with henry and I will speak to you for a hour if you would like in the near term.I was picked to play a role in that show as a gig.I did not put that name in there,that is show buisness and that was the character I played.I think tycoons do not clean toilets...I still do every day.They have named me mattress king as well.Please ask harvey levin from tmz about that.I never asked them for that name.I can tell you that names are names..You must know the person in real life.Tmz is not real life..and showtime is not either.The only thing real is me writing to you like this,which I can not do because I must keep up with my work.That is why I invite you to meet me if you really want to get to know neil leeds.This is tabloid gossipp and its not under my control what tmz writes.I have a few movies coming out soon and they are little bit parts that I did not mind playing.My real life character is operating 25 stores rich or poor.Some people would think from other countries that every american is rich..I agreee.We do have everything.I think their is confusion to some of what material wealth is and respecting everything we do have,and working hard for what we can acheive together.I have to go home now.I am at work in my office and very tired.I wish you health and happpines,I do love to fly and if you would like I can take you up with my instructer in van nuys for a ride in a old cessna over hollywood.Let me is great to look around from the sky.Los angeles looks small from above.Peace..Neil Leeds

1582 days ago

Neil Leeds    

To dave,to add last thought,since we are talking about the money and tycoon etc..I have not been able to finish taking my flying lessons since I started two years ago because I cant afford to pay the last 20 hrs I need to finish for my pilots licence.I offered that flight for you with me paying because I think that 200.00 can be a life changing experience if you never flew a plane before.I love it.If I cant make it with my stores or ever decide to sell my company,I would be a pilot full time.A great read on a pilot and his life is clay lacy..He has more hours in the sky than anyone on earth and he knew since he was a little boy,that was what he wanted to do in his life...and boy he has acheived it.He owns clay lacy aviation based in van nuys..There are many world war pilots that fly and eat over there and have many stories of battle and sadness.We should take time out and remember that men and woman are coming home to the usa with no legs and no arms and injuries fighting for what we have,some never come home and were heroes fighting for our freedom..which is like this our freedom of speech..that is just only one great thing we have.I took this time to write to you because I have so much on my mind and I think most people think that I only sell mattresses..which is true..but that does not limit my dreams for everything else I would like to acheive before I leave this world.I hope I get the time to live a little longer to acheive them,but if I do not..I leave these words up on tmz and to you.I lived a full life at forty years old and god has helped me all my life thus far.I know he reads your words to me as well and knows your dreams and fears.I wont bore you with my spirits but the harder you work the luckier you get.Envy jealousy and greed will never put you ahead,in fact it will lead you down a very hard life.If we helped each other bring out our talents and applaud hard work,this country would not be in the condition it has went.History will always repeat itself every time.This has been happening for hundreds of years..the only difference is now is that we have computers to see faster the destruction of man kind.Only you me and every person on earth can change the direction we are heading in.I put my prayer in for peace on earth.If you ever speak to a man or woman who went to the moon they will tell you how tiny this planet is.I could tell just by flying around los angeles.Its incredible...its tiny..but yet from the ground it feels huge.We are all connected..this world and the global economy.I think templton investments founder who passed already knew that one hundred years ago.We are just trying to figure out what to do with the human suffering now.Check out the bill gates foundation and what they are up to,and what the richest man will do with his money when he leaves this world.Neil Leeds

1582 days ago


So are you inviting me to go fly in a plane? I can't tell. Your first note seems like a solid invitation but your second note sounded like a retraction because you can't afford it. However, you then sound as if you would pay for it anyway because it would be life changing.

1580 days ago

Neil Leeds    

Dave You are invited,I just cant afford to finish getting my licence completed this year.The encore flight school are great people with safe instructers.I will pay for you to come up.Just call 1-800-GO-Leeds and ask for the corporate office and leave your number and I will call you back to set it up.I do not think tmz and this blog needs to see your home number.Thanks Neil.See you soon for a flight in van nuys.

1580 days ago

Neil Leeds    

Thank you dave,you have a invite when ever you call.For the rest of the bloggers I have to move foward with my work and I feel I must continue to work on my stores etc.I would like to continue to write but this is my last comment.The office number is up on other comments along with where my office is.You now know where to find me.I always will along with my team at leeds mattress stores help you with your mattress needs.Thank you Neil

1579 days ago


Yeah! You go Neil! Don't let those haters out there bother you! They are just the people who ACTUALLY know you! The rest of them can gobble up your poor old me routine all day, and you don't need to convince anybody that knows the truth, just the ones that can come buy a mattress from you! 1800goleeds!

1578 days ago


You really demonstrated how petty you are, today. There are people who indeed know you in this town. You are a rotten spiteful Bi-polar man-child. I'm sure everyone is sick to death of you over in Sun Valley. No Thanks on the invite for the plane ride. I wouldn't tempt fate to have someone as horrible as you sitting next to me when I die.

1557 days ago
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