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Why George Clooney Dates Elisabetta Canalis ...

4/19/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case there was any confusion.



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She look great, at least she is not all plastic like the typical American women in this country by the age of 16 with fake boobs, lips and botox.

1619 days ago


#29: hating is spelled with one t. you wouldn't be italian would you? #23: no one bought her smock top attempt at looking pregnant, although in this pic she does look like she swallowed a watermelon....she doesn't look smart enough to know she looks/is trashy although she's more covered here than when she graced us all in her nun's habit. maybe next photo she'll wear a bra. if they keep traveling the world and being photoshopped I mean photographed, no place will be left untainted.

1619 days ago


Come on people, everyone in Europe knows George is gay! Just 4 show!

1619 days ago


Why do we have to see other people's asses? Most of us dont even look at our own!!! If a man walked around with his ass cheeks exposed, we would call the police!! George Clooney ought to tell her to CYA COVER YOUR ASS. What is wrong with dignity and decency? And why not just show your body to someone you are committed to? why do you have to give a free show to the public? Women are more attractive and more respected when they dress like ladies and leave a lot to the imagination. Marilyn Monroe was considered a sexpot but even she didnt walk around with her butt exposed in public. This woman is an exhibitionist and Clooney is a A hole for being seen with this public display of repulsion.

1619 days ago


I think you guys have been had. I don't think that's Clooney in the pics. Nice disguise, though.

1619 days ago


I hope George didn't release these pictures. He can't honestly think THIS is sexy. His former skanks had bigger & better curves than this chick. This one has the body of crack head.

Must be love. lol

1619 days ago


Are you people serious? She's on the beach in a bikini and you say this is trashy? I have been on many beaches and seen FAR worse. And for those of you trying to convince yourself that she looks horrible in her bikini, "she swallowed a watermelon". I would LOVE to see a photo of you in a bikini! Maybe you should go work out and then you wouldn't feel so badly about yourself. This girl isn't perfect, but looks darn good in her bikini.

1619 days ago


I am not a skinny woman....but I do not think that even if I were, i would wear that type of bikini. I think there is something to be said about leaving something to the imagination. She is gorgeous...but obviously knows it. Why else would she wear the bottoms like that.

1619 days ago


HE IS GAY - that's a beard with flabby but

1619 days ago


Does anyone know what that logo is on the cap?

1619 days ago


Canalis is about 5'7". Clooney is about 5'11". In the beach pics, both of these people in bare feet, they look to be nearly the same height. There is only an inch, two inches at most, difference in the height of Canalis and the guy on the beach. Clooney is four inches taller than Canalis. It's not him in the beach pics. These are just more staged PR shots from Canalis.

1619 days ago


Unfortunately these celebs very rarely manage to land sophisticated women, not sure why. People want him to get off
the market for good, some men parade their women for the world
because they want to prove that their piece of meat is hot. Hopefully she has a lot more to offer then that.
She could have worn a much more sophisticated swimsuit but chose
not to.

Male celebs should try and look hot its their job.

1619 days ago


Because he likes old women?

1619 days ago


I'm sorry but I just don't get these women who have absolutely no shape whatsoever to their bodies. She looks like a fourteen year old with a little more boob. Why can't these women allow themselves to look like women - you know curves with hips and a figure like Sophia Loren or Kim Kardashian.

1619 days ago


It's good to see a more realistic female body than one that is underfed and over worked.

1619 days ago
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