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Why George Clooney Dates Elisabetta Canalis ...

4/19/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case there was any confusion.



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She looks bad? Seriously? Damn, if I had her body I'd be flaunting it too. She's on a beach for crying out loud. You want to see non-bikini material? Check out the miles and miles of beaches on the Jersey Shore and you'll see people that don't own mirrors...

1646 days ago


Just ok. I've seen better.

1646 days ago


Sometimes celebs exaggerate their height by a couple of inches, they do look the same height here.
No one would look twice at this guy if he walked down the street,
most normal women would avoid him.

He needs to keep in shape, esp as he is mid aged and really
inspire people with his work. Nearly all these reviews are negative.

1646 days ago


I might buy it if Canalis hadn't pulled this kind of crap before. She is known for releasing fake photo op pics.

1646 days ago


She's not bad for me, but for Clooney? One more thing-Way to rock the Tiger hat George!!

1646 days ago

Legally Blonde    

I really don't give a **** about who George Clooney is dating! What I really would like to know is "who he is "r e a l l y" dating? I think this is nothing but PR and Media hype to hide his struggle with his identity!

What say you?

1646 days ago


I'm not too impressed with her. He could do much better.

1645 days ago


yes, she has a nice body.....but that suit does NOTHING for her! thats just tacky!

1645 days ago


Better looking bodies here in Indiana.

1645 days ago


Hello everyone out there giving such negative and unloving comments about George Clooney and his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. if anyone of you out there have a much better and bombshell body than what you see in Elisabetta, then why arent you dating George Clooney?? Please show love and kindness and wish people well as you would want this wish upon yourselves.

1645 days ago


They say that the richer, older and more successful the guy
the more beautiful the woman, that certainly holds true here.
They look like overindulgent white folks on vacation, apparently
the Jolie/Pitts are too embarassed to hang out with them and we can see why.
What about a work out and some spray on tan,
I feel sorry for his parents,
If you don't want people to criticise your body, don't wear
a bikini in public.
Maybe the weight gain is for a new role.

1645 days ago


Clooney was the tallest player on his high school basketball team, so 5'11" is reasonable. Canalis is just as likely if not more so to have lied about her height, being that she wants everyone to think she is a model. She is probably closer to 5'6". The real Clooney has at least four inches on her.

1645 days ago


I have to post this stuff somewhere so I don't get confused later. Here is a timeline.
1. News that a split will happen on Easter Monday is leaked to certain people in Italy, who then predict that all hell will begin to break loose starting on Easter Monday. News of the impending split is leaked to Grazia, which prepares the story for publication.
2. During the first week of April, Canalis visits Clooney on set in Hawaii and has a series of photo op pics taken over a few days. The photographer is either a friend, or more likely a pap with whom she has an agreement in exchange for the pap being allowed on set to take the pics which he will later be allowed to sell ($$$). The agreement includes that the photos will be released gradually to give the appearance that Canalis is on set for longer than she actually is. She and her PR people know that her publicity ride is coming to an end, and they want photos they can use to extend that ride for as long as possible.
3. During the set visit, probably on Easter Monday (April 5), Clooney has a discussion with Canalis in which he tells her that he has more than fulfilled his part of their agreement and will be able to do no more for her. She’s on her own.
4. Grazia publishes the split story on Wednesday, April 7. Among other places, the story appears on two PR websites, to which the story may have been submitted rather than their having picked it up from Grazia.
5. Canalis and/or her PR people write and send the bogus split denial press release to People.
6. Canalis and/or her PR people have some of the photo op pics released the day after People runs the bogus split denial story.
7. After waiting a few days, Canalis and/or her PR people have more of the photo op pics released. After releasing this second series to Ramey, they withhold some of the pics in which Canalis looks the least happy before releasing the series to Bruno.
8. Canalis or her people release beach photos of her with a guy who may or may not be Clooney. If Clooney, the pics were taken during the same photo op that took place the first week of April. If not Clooney, then Canalis and her PR hired a Clooney look-alike who is shorter than the real Clooney, put him in big sunglasses and a pulled-down cap to hide his face, and took pics of them on a beach possibly somewhere in Italy.

1645 days ago


I thought it was just me, but I don't think she is beautiful, she looked trashy at the Oscars.

1645 days ago


I personally don't see how George lands all these attractive women. He's not that good looking, and has a spindly body. He appears to be in good shape for his age, but looks older than his years IMO.

My father is slighty older, lifts weights, and is better looking than George, all the way around. Clooney used to be gorgeous, now he's just okay. Senescence has caught up with him.

His allure must be the fact that he's a celebrity, coupled with unctuous disposition. I don't think anybody's a bigger fan of Clooney, than George himself LOL.

1645 days ago
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