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Why George Clooney Dates Elisabetta Canalis ...

4/19/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case there was any confusion.



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Some brunettes would move to another country to avoid this regular joe that looks like everyone else under the sun.


1615 days ago


She's very petite.

1615 days ago


I don't know who's worse...the sad old fart who won't take his clothes off or the bimbo who can't keep hers on. PMSL.

1615 days ago


14ktblonde, I don't really have time to catch you up to speed, but here is a little background. Clooney did not write the denial split quote that was attributed to him. The quote has been analyzed, and it was definitely not his doing. Canalis wants to extend her publicity ride for as long as possible. She's taking advantage of the fact that Clooney is shooting on location in Hawaii. Once he is done shooting this movie, her Hawaii photo op pics will no longer help her. Reliable Italian sources have put her in Italy, where she is hiding out with a friend.

1615 days ago


Clooney is at least four inches taller than Canalis. The sand accounts for maybe two inches variation at most. It's not Clooney in these pics. Maybe it's the same Clooney look-alike she used for the infamous grab-ass photos last fall.

1615 days ago


Before we move on...hopefully they will stay together and eternally faithful forever for everyones sakes.
On the serious side he is friends with very happily married
normal family men like ODonnell, Wahlberg, Anthony Edwards
and even Brad Pitt. All of them settled with a bunch of kids.

He needs to settle down with the stunning lady and
start taking his peace work a lot more seriously. He has high
profile friends including Gordon Brown prime minister of the UK
who is holding the general elections on his birthday May 6th.
He is buddies with Obama, if he wants the public to not
make a laughing stock out of him ...proper etiquette is required.

Its either this woman or Fatima Bhutto looks like. No one wants
the wealth along with the control and manipulation that goes with
these kinds of men.

1615 days ago

Throwback kid    

For a young girl with no kids this girl is a little soft, there is nothing special about her. I thought an A lister like Clooney would be pulling something better than this.

1615 days ago


I don't know who looks worse. The sad old fart who won't shed his clothes or the bimbo who can't keep hers on.

1615 days ago


LOL Reporter. Marrying this skank is sooo not going to make him a "normal family man." Canalis has proven time and again that she has no class or manners. Can you really see this chick attempting some semblance of etiquette and protocol at a state dinner? ROFL. I do hope Clooney finds someone who makes him happy, and who makes him happy. Canalis is not the one.

1615 days ago


Nice body? Are you people insane? What body? Flat ass, saggy breasts (not even had kids), boy-like straight, no figure--again what body? And what's with the up-her-butt bottoms? I'm sorry she looks cheap. But then we all know what GC likes.

I agree he should simply ship 18 year-old foreigners in on 2-year contracts. You know, the old ship and toss routine.

1615 days ago


Importing 18 year old foreigners on 2 year contracts sounds like a good plan for Clooney. It seems to be working well for Mickey Rourke. He never has these types of issues with hate.

1615 days ago


gc is much lusted after by women and until he gets serious and truly falls in love the haters will come out of the woodwork. everyone should rest easy she won't be around much longer...her year is almost up.

1615 days ago


Hate to disappoint you Uh? but George has quickly lost his lusty shine for a lot of his women fans. He's not aging gracefully. A big part of that is that he has proven time and time again that his taste in women is below gutter level. His personal life is in shambles. Women aren't like men. When you lose respect for a public figure he suddenly looks like a pile of dog poo to you. It matters. That's how George is looking right now to many women who, maybe two years ago, thought he was the bomb. It's all about class, not a piece of ass.

1615 days ago


Us ladies have spent years trying to get that thing out of the crack of our asses only to have women put it there on purpose. Strange.

1615 days ago


Never say that his taste in woman is below gutter level..
he goes for anything, animal, mineral or vegetable.
If any female comes across him in any way ...well she is his, thats what he thinks.

1615 days ago
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