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NFL Star Jared Allen -- Violent Threat in Bar Fight

4/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video of Minnesota Vikings defensive superstar Jared Allen unleashing one of the nastiest threats ever on a bar patron who allegedly called Jared's fiancee a word that rhymes with "punt."

Jared and his fiancee were hangin' at the Grapevine bar in Scottsdale, AZ a few weekends ago when some dude allegedly hurled the 4-letter slur towards the future Mrs. Quarterback Destroyer.

When Jared heard the insult,  the 6'6", 270 pound Pro Bowler -- who's also an avid hunter -- told the guy, "I'll break your f*cking neck homeboy ... and then I'll write a check to your f*cking name too."

In the video, a woman can be seen dragging Jared away from the other man. We're told both Jared and the other dude each left the bar without further incident.

Jared's rep at EAG Sports Management tells TMZ, "No matter what, Jared will always protect and defend his family."

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Alen is a blowhard drunk. How many DUIs? 3? 4? So much physical talent with a pin-sized brain that can't stay away from the alcohol. The league should treat alcohol-related incidents (which this obviously was) the same way they treat drug-related incidents.

1649 days ago


19. Hopefully you would do the same thing. If someone called your woman a ****. Unless your spineless butt nugget.

Posted at 6:53 AM on Apr 20, 2010 by smspang

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/04/19/jared-allen-video-bar-fight-nfl-minnesota-vikings-scottsdale-arizona/2/#ixzz0leIOp9UL
SO if this football clown called your wife or err your boyfreind a **** your going to rough him up..sureeeee ..you would slink away and hope he didnt kick your ass

1649 days ago

Sandy F    

The punk who hurled the slur deserved a punch in the face...shame it's illegal.

1649 days ago


Obviously another ******* trying to get another payday from an athlete, just like the whores all over Roethlisberger. Jaren Allen rocks and is just a real man defending his woman, as he should. Good thing he is smart enough to not deliver this guy a knuckle sandwich with that check with his name on it.

1649 days ago


What did the woman do to be called a name?
Write your name a check? I don't get it.

1649 days ago


Boy, you just have to wonder how many of these "incidents" are actually entrapmemt! I mean someone ready to film it, provocation worthy of having your block knocked off BY a man who can easily be sued for HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars, I hope these celebrities think about that next time. The provocateur probably anticipated a new home or at least Ferrari out of this altercation.

1649 days ago


that pos deserved it!! I hate it when s*** try to live off athletes! They think that since the guy plays a professional sport he has to take his comments since he can yell whatever he wants at a stadium, about time an athlete gets to talk back! I know how this sounds but this is ridiculous, any other person at a bar doing this would have just been given a high five by his buddies.

1649 days ago


good for him

1649 days ago


Jared Allen looked like he handled himself pretty well, he left the premises, no punches were thrown. Go VIKINGS! Love ya Jared! What was the fool thinking of going after Jared Allen? It's freaking Jared Allen, I wouldn't mess with him!

1649 days ago


Never underestimate the power of the mullet baby!!!!!!

Can't wait for September...until then..behave Jared, we need you!!!

1649 days ago


Okay dummies..in any court of law you can call anyone anything verbally and not a thing they can do about it..remember sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me,,if the football roid king has a problem ..get a lawyer..but you cant hit someone unless they hit you first
the judge

1649 days ago


vegasdan, what an uneducated fool you are! Anyone that has to put "vegas" before their name is truly an idiot.

The C word needs to be dissolved from the english language. It is a very nasty word...........worse than the N word!

1649 days ago


This is a stupid story TMZ--Jared didn't do anything wrong. Minnesota loves Jared Allen! I think it was honorable of him to defend his fiance...drunk bar punks are always looking to pick fights with pros who have money.

1649 days ago


Uh, electriczipper, you might want to enroll in law school before you start dispensing legal advice. If you had, you'd know that Freedom of Speech is not absolute, and one does not have the right to say anything to anyone at anytime without retribution. I suggest you look up the legal concept of "fighting words" before you say one must simply turn the other cheek when assaulted verbally. Now who's dumb?

1649 days ago


Good for him. Gotta admire the guy for sticking up for his girl. Plus, he's smokin' hot, so Jared can do no wrong in my book.

1649 days ago
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