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NFL Star Jared Allen -- Violent Threat in Bar Fight

4/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video of Minnesota Vikings defensive superstar Jared Allen unleashing one of the nastiest threats ever on a bar patron who allegedly called Jared's fiancee a word that rhymes with "punt."

Jared and his fiancee were hangin' at the Grapevine bar in Scottsdale, AZ a few weekends ago when some dude allegedly hurled the 4-letter slur towards the future Mrs. Quarterback Destroyer.

When Jared heard the insult,  the 6'6", 270 pound Pro Bowler -- who's also an avid hunter -- told the guy, "I'll break your f*cking neck homeboy ... and then I'll write a check to your f*cking name too."

In the video, a woman can be seen dragging Jared away from the other man. We're told both Jared and the other dude each left the bar without further incident.

Jared's rep at EAG Sports Management tells TMZ, "No matter what, Jared will always protect and defend his family."

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1645 days ago


What exactly did he do wrong here? He doesn't look drunk, he's sticking up for his fiance, and he didn't lift a finger.

1644 days ago


barb you are a dumb ass. how is he getting in trouble. if someone called my wife a **** i'd do more than yell at him. Jared was being smart, he has been out of trouble for a long time. And why should celebrities stay out of bars? are they not allowed to drink and have fun? Anyways allens been sober for a couple years now and we don't know why he was in the bar, he could've just been hanging out there or it could've been a bar/restaurant or his girl coulda just been using the rest room. don't judge.

1644 days ago


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1644 days ago


Wow - compelling video. Let us know when you have something that is more substantial than a 5 second snippet of garbled bar noise. I can hear the music in the background better than I can hear Jared's grunts. I'm sure his fiancee was just eating it up too - what a big burly man fighting for me and he's all mine, teehee teehee!! High class date material right there. Lame-o.

1644 days ago


I think jerks that film things like this obvious set up by some lowlifes to extort money or fame from a known star are the problem. Jared did nothing wrong but defend his lady. And idiots who call for the NFL to so something about this need to get a life and stop being so easily manipulated.

1644 days ago


I was there, i witnessed the whole thing. first of all, jared wasnt being noble adn "sticking up for his lady" as so many people are claiming. also, it wasnt a staged thing to get money out of him by any means, if it was there would have been way more video of what led up to it. the whole incident started in the womens bathroom where a couple girlfriends of mine where laughing and joking about how one of them was singing Karaoke, then Jareds girlfriend came in and saw them laughing and got defensive like they were laughing at her. 10 minutes later, as we were all leaving, one of the girls stopped by and said something like "you know, we werent talking about you or laughing at you.." and Jareds GF replied with something to the effect of "well, i wont say the C word but thats what you are!" so she fired back with "well i will, you are a C***!" the whole thing was between the girls. then as her boyfriend tried to calm things down and leave, Jared Allen all of a sudden wanted to start **** with her, my buddy, me, everyone. he started yelling and cussing, calling people out. I am a fighter but only 185 pounds so i knew i was out of my weight class and kept my mouth shut. The boyfriend and his girl walked out the front of the restraunt and were leaving as Jared Allen followed them out the door cursing and threatening, thats when the camera came out. So all of you people need to settle down with the talk about how noble and brave he is for sticking up for his lady...it wasnt the guy who started it. Jareds girlfriend almost dragged him into a bigger mess. than this is already. JARED...YOU SUCK! nice Mullit homo.

1644 days ago


I am a girl and this makes me mad. Why is it when girls get into a fight with other girls, they have to run and get their boyfriends? If she called you a c*** then punch the bitch in the face and get on with it! Fight your own battles you hussies.

1644 days ago


Whether any of you choose to believe it or not I am the guy he was yelling at in the video. JaredSucks was indeed there as was Terrah,my GF, who posted near the beginning of the comments. I had no idea who he was until AFTER the fact when people started texting me, so the people who say this was a stunt to get money are clueless, at the time I thought he was just some fat,drunk, white trash with a mullet at the time who was screaming at my GF. I STILL did not believe it was REALLY him until all of this came out yesterday, if I had known for certain I would have already filed charges. He was in fact the one who escalated the situation so all of this BS about some guy picking on his girl and him sticking up for her is crap. His girl started the entire thing and while his GF and my GF were arguing he called my girl a name which is when I spoke up in defense of MY GF,not the other way around. Apparently he thinks it is fine to bash other people and their GFs but if they say one word to him he says he is going to kill them. He has NUMEROUS alcohol related incidents in the past so there seems to be a pattern, and with this type of behavior I don't think it is safe to have him on the streets. I do plan on escalating the situation as I have found out that Arizona law makes it a misdemeanor to threaten to "cause physical injury to another person or serious damage to the property of another." He may not go to jail but I bet he will get suspended for a few games which is fine with me. I just want him to learn a lesson so he doesn't do this to someone else. If anyone is a lawyer,or knows of one, that would like to help with this please contact me at adriand1978 at gmail. I really hope he does get prosecuted and I am furious that he thinks he can act this just because he has a lot of money. It is NOT ok to threaten peoples lives, no matter if you play sports or have money. It was my birthday so there are at least 15-20 witnesses to the entire event, and I having ALL of them write statements that I am bringing with me to the police. Also, his antics ruined my birthday and we had to leave the Grapevine after this to avoid any further confrontation. He actually did this in front of both of our mothers who are in their late 50's. If he or any of his "people" are reading this I assure you all he WILL be hearing from the Scottsdale PD in the next few days. What he did IS NOT OK!

1644 days ago


How do people get pissed off at Jared Allen for sticking up for his girlfriend? Nobody else would do the same thing? And why dont celebrities stay out of bars and trouble? Why should they? They have the same right as everyone else. Because somebody see's a celebrity and wants to make a name for themselves by picking a fight is childish in itself. Jared Allen is a certified bad***. Dont egg him on!!

1644 days ago


Hey Matt...why dont you read WHAT I JUST WROTE!!

1644 days ago


HAHA. Some jack@$$ disrespects his date and he acts like any man would. I hope the league doesn't blow this out of proportion. That guy's lucky he wasn't wearing a Romo jersey.

1644 days ago


I hope Jared realizes that he's engaged to a drama queen pain in the ass. If she didn't have the maturity of a 5th grader, she would realize that she is dating a hothead who can't resist an argument. If she cared about his welfare, she wouldn't even talk to strangers when she's out with him if she can't refrain from arguing. I have dated millionaires and celebrities, and you have to keep in mind that you can't cause drama for them. They can't afford to get in a fight. If Jared misses games cuz of this, I am gonna be PISSED.

1644 days ago


Little dust-up, doesn't amount to much, but I love Jared Allen's line:

"...and then I'll write a check to your f*cking name too"

Ah ha ha...sounds like something off the Sopranos. Priceless!

1643 days ago


He is a punk on steroids?? R u kidding? look at him, he looks like a straight up normal dude, and is smaller than most of the o-linemen he plays against. Hes at a bar having fun and some drunk ******* called his fiancee a ****, now im not a fighter, but hes a professional football player!!! He spends most his life pissed off smashing into guys and he does it real well!! Watch his other youtube video of him spearing a deer, dudes just a badass, and doesnt tolerate drunk idiots disrespecting his fiancee, much respect, we certainly love him in MN!

1642 days ago
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