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Kim Kardashian -- Hello Kitty Controversy

4/19/2010 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is being ripped apart by her Twitter fans and PETA for the way she held a kitten in a photo she posted on her page -- but according to another animal rights group, it's not as bad as it seems.

Kim Karsdashian
We spoke to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals L.A., who told us "It is permissible to hold a kitten by his or her scruff for a brief amount of time" ... but warns, "the manner in which Ms. Kardashian is holding the kitten could lead others to mishandle animals."

According to sources on the set of the photo shoot where the pic was taken, Kim only held the cat by the scruff for a few seconds -- and did it with the owner and a vet's consent.

We're told the cat is "doing fine."


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***NOT NICE***

Kim could have picked up the cat another way.

Why DID she pick up the cat that way?

It's normal for a dog or cat mom to pick up TINY kittens and puppies that way. That is not a 'tiny' kitten or puppy.

She should be ashamed and issue an apology and give PETA a huge cash donation or even better, do a "no fur" ad for them - for free.

1611 days ago


I think Kim is holding her ***** just fine!!

1611 days ago


I don't care! That one sexy pic!

1611 days ago

Cat Owner    

PETA relax, this is how you are supposed to hold a cat. I am not too sure why she is holding the cat in the first place, but really. OK so let's start from the beginning. Momma cats carry their young from the back. Cats have extra fat/skin so there is no harm. Cats are also equipped with five weapons. So if she was hurting the cat, it would be able to defend itself. The Kardashins love animals. They even have a boxer. That shows they have patience and love. I own a boxer and two cats. Believe me you need a lot of love and patience to deal with a boxer. It is ok. I am sure the cat lives a lot better than you and I.

1611 days ago


Too bad her ***** isn't hairless!

1611 days ago

passing by    

They might as well said... Humans shouldn't interact with animals... it could lead to others to mistreat them.

1611 days ago


If she had half a brain she would know
- picture would cause NEGATIVE controversy
- she would come across as mean, insentive, etc.

Wait....half a brain....

1611 days ago

feldmans enemy    

Ya know I wish I could spend all day getting dolled up and working out and being iffy on boyfriends and life in general.Just showing off my womanly assets because you know they start looking real good in your twenties.Oh but wait I would not have the feeling of great accomplishment and self-worth I have now after a hard days work then going home to my husband and children letting him see my twenty someting body.
Grow up high school girl!!You will feel way better about yourself.

1611 days ago


Can we grab her by the scruff that is her horse-hair extensions? Only if for a few seconds? It won't hurt. She is a vapid individual, as is her entire family.

1611 days ago

Josi Verlingieri    

She needs to entertain herself some other way. Get a life. I don't care if the mother cat holds her babies like that, we have 2 long arms to cuddle and carry animals with, SO USE THEM LADY!

1611 days ago


SO WHY - do we even have this picture up.. Is kim showing up what her own "kitty" looks like.. oh wait, all the K whores shave themselves bald... easier access or something..
All of them need to just go away...

1611 days ago


The cat's small and light. It's natural for mother cats to carry their kittens around in exactly that manner, and when the cat's still small, being carried like that by a human cannot hurt her. The animal rights activisits need to focus on something productive, like saving animals IN REAL TROUBLE.

1611 days ago


What slow and thick person does whatever someone else is doing???? You have your own mind, use it.

1611 days ago


It's sad the only way she can get a photo shoot is if her boobs are hanging out.

1611 days ago


F'ing assclowns with their endless attitudes of entitlement. Someone needs to sterilize the whole bunch of the Kardashians before they procreate and make a bunch more assclowns who feel they can do whatever they want whenever they want just because they're soooo terribly special.

Stupid b*tch.

1611 days ago
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