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Oprah & Stedman -- Up in the Air

4/19/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed like your average couple about to fly coach, Oprah Winfrey and her life partner of over 20 years Gayle King Stedman Graham jetted off in a private plane together from Santa Monica Airport on Sunday.

It's unclear where the couple was headed ... but it's pretty clear who paid for the trip.

Nothing but the best for Mr. & Mrs. Winfrey.


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just saying    

Re Jay, All I can say is wow. Talk about an angry person. Why are you so angry? Is ignorance bliss? We have come a long way in this country regarding racism and ignorant comments such as yours hurts all the progress. No one deserves a handout. White or black. Get off your butt and work for what you want. Break the law, go to jail, white or black. No one should be expected to help anyone because of the color of their skin. White or black, YOU are responsible for yourself. No one owes anyone anything. We all live in the great United States of America, where anything is possible for everyone, white or black. Get off your soapbox and quit having a pitty party for yourself.

1650 days ago


I am currently attending the University of Phoenix in Culver City.
Today, Tuesday 4-20-10, University of Phoenix is having a career fair at the Los Angeles Convention center and Stedman is supposed to be the guest speaker. Rumor has it that he flew down this weekend to view the location and will be returning today.

Hope this helps.

1650 days ago


As a black person I am somewhat ashamed that affluent black people don't do more for black youth...PUBLICLY. Do you want to know why they don't? Because every time an affluent black person does TOO much for his/her own people - the REAL powers that be conspire to bring them down! Oprah would be scorned by her many endorsers...and people like Jordan would be as well. You see how Tiger ha to lick *******s. Don't believe me? Ever heard of a guy named Marcus Garvey? He attempted to do positive, empowering things for blacks as a whole nearly 100 years ago. After creating viable businesses (including a railroad) - your old buddy and defender J. Edgar Hoover (yeah, the alleged cross-dresser and homosexual) had his agents sabotage the whole thing. Yeah, I know, that was nearly a hundred years ago, right? Blacks have advanced in this country due to fighting tooth and nail (whips to dogs to hoses) for it. Blacks weren't GIVEN anything...and affirmative action and welfare for a small percentage (far less than the multitudes of whites benefiting from government welfare) isn't compensation (from even promised retribution NEVER ratified/given...though even the Japanese have been given reparations). But as/though blacks HAVE changed with the struggle - many whites have either stayed the same, digressed or continue to harbor HUGE resentment...and will ALWAYS work towards and/or promote the belittling of black people. We know your games and retribution WILL be just and, now, relatively swift. This is why you have your ******gers now...their/your fear is palpable and will only grow/become more obvious. I just hope blacks aren't as heartless as you, the "typical" white person, have been during your we retain/gain RIGHTFUL power in this country. YOU are the ones who have been barbaric animals...largely creating the/a state which insures your privilege and sends young black men to jail for life. The criminal justice system WAS your last, strongest tool. But know that black people (including the young men you persecute for crimes you let your own walk over) ARE now getting over and accounting for this phenomenon. So, you computer, keyboard racists, keep up your foolish jokes and other worthless nonsense on these sites and other places ONLINE. It's all you have now (cowards!) as you continue to try to imitate and assimilate the original ones! The ones you fear and the ones you KNOW will be BETTER than you given an even playing field!

1650 days ago


she is a fraud and in denial

1650 days ago


she is a fraud

1650 days ago


Maybe Oprah is pulling a Janet Jackson on us, and her and Stedman have been secretly married for 20 years. Hey Janet did it for almost a whole decade.

1650 days ago


Stedman is totally checking out Oprah's booty I love it!!!!

1650 days ago



You have written books? HAH!!! Not with that awful grammar you're using.

1650 days ago


So if a white person decides not to give to a black person because they finally woke up and realized no matter how much money you throw at a down and out black person it won't help them because their own rich black folk know this, therefore it is OK? Sounds good to me.

Oprah doesn't give dime one of her money. She swindles her brain dead followers to send their money to HER charity, and she donates THEIR money under HER NAME AND HER CHARITY and GETS ALL THE CREDIT FOR IT. She is pure s***.

1650 days ago


my last comment was directed toward

1649 days ago


To comment number 13 - It isn't her job to feed all of the BLACK children in the world. However, she goes out of her way to help CHILDREN OF ALL RACES... She doesn't have an obligation to anyone but she is a well known philanthropist who gives a lot of her money to better education and the well being of children. Should it matter that they are not all black? What makes one race better than the other? Our job should be to help all children, not just one race. Oh and I'm black by the way... just thought you should know. You sound quite bitter and jealous. You have no right to tell anyone how they should spend their money, and I'm sure you spend your money on whatever you choose... I'm curious as to how much of that money you have... that YOU spend on feeding BLACK CHILDREN. You don't have to be a billionaire to make a difference, every penny counts.

1649 days ago


Bravo Tiff i wish i could put in writing what my brain is thinking glad you can i agree totally !!

1649 days ago


BRAVO JAY!!! BRAVO!!! Tell it like it REALLY IS!!!!

1649 days ago


Hey steeljack oh sorry donkey,Life is hard and then you die. Do you know where your going? Stay on topic and you will be doing yourself a favor. You never know who you are standing next to. So, I hope you feel better about yourself now, I know I do! LOL!

1649 days ago


TIFF, something else, SHE does not educate children here that is overseas and she does not use HER money SHE uses the Angle Network. that is other peoples money.It is all public record. She helps herself. And Gail Gail gets Oprah's money. LOL Get off the stick and stop being that cow....

1649 days ago
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