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Jodie Sweetin Divorced,

Pays Support

4/20/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Full House" star Jodie Sweetin's divorce is now final, and she'll be the one paying child support to her ex-husband -- according to a source close to the now former couple.

We're told Jodie and Cody Herpin were both in Orange County Superior Court today when they were granted joint custody of their two-year-old daughter Zoie.

Our source says Jodie was ordered to pay about $600 per month in support.

A rep said Jodie is happy she and Cody can now move on with their lives.


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Well, I'll be hornswaggled. Looks like Andy Serkis got himself a neck tat & married a super-sized version of Anna Kournikova. Good job, Andy!

Yeppers...nothing says, "I'm an insecure, attention-craving as****" like a good ol' neck tattoo.

1614 days ago


She didn't fill anything out nicely except a plastic surgeon's wallet. Those are well-do***ented implants.

1613 days ago


What kind of FOOL gets a neck tattoo?? Oh yeah, those guys on Lockup.

1613 days ago


Her divorce was just final yesterday & there's already been talk about her marrying a guy she's known for 3 months. Wonder what we'll find out next. Glad her daughter has her dad at least half of the time.

1613 days ago


Magnum, How can you ask if we've seen his rap sheet? Obviously you haven't because he's never been arrested dumb ass.

1613 days ago

Ms Kris    

Keep in mind how young she is this is divorce #2

Used to like her Not with the drug use & messed up life

1613 days ago


Another deadbeat dad. This little girl needs support, obviously the mom is stepping up here. The dad is just another deadbeat, like so many absentee dads. Good luck to Jodie, I am sure that you are on the right track. Stay away from losers and guys that just latch on because of your fame. Life can be good in a regular sleepy town, with a regular house, with a regular yard, and a regular dog... life is good being regular or normal or middle class. Michelle

1613 days ago


I think you people should know that most of the comments being made against Jodie's now ex husband are being made by her friends that don't have a clue about Jodie but only know what she tells them. Consider the source people. Hopefully one day the truth will be out & what an eye opener. Like someone in the know said "read the court do***ents"!

1613 days ago

go home!    

ew. she's not even making a ton of money in the biz. she has no acting gigs. What a bum this guy is, get a job loser and support your daughter like a real father would, dont mooch off her mother. GROSS. Jodi is better off without this loser.

1613 days ago

go home!    

#49 - it doesn't matter what jodi did or didn't do, a father should support his child. He shuold not be taking money from his ex wife no matter what the situation. #50 is right, a real man supports his child financially. Tell him to get a job. I dont give a crap about jodi, this guy needs to learn how to be a proper man and father. How embarrassing for him, he is as bad as jon gosslin, going after his wife to support his child. yuck.

1613 days ago


Ms. Kris

who cares how many times she has been married. how many times are you going to post that shes been married twice and that shes a former drugie.. nobody would even know that if SHE didn't come out and talk abt it. shes moved on, tried to put the past in the past -- why condenm her for life for young foolish mistakes? why look down on? You yourself said shes young.. Everybody makes mistakes, MOST people dont have to throw that in the public eye and get torn apt for it.

Since you are clearly perfect in every way, move along there, nothing to see and nobody cares abt your BS responses.

1613 days ago

Tim Johnson    

Damn you people are ridiculous! Obviously he has a job or he would get a lot more then 600 dollars a month. Her book advance I believe I read was 300k with that being said, how much do you people make a year. That was just for her advance then you have residuals and so on, being in law I know that he has to be making around 80k a year to get what he is getting. How many of you make 80 a year even in this economy? Also this neck tattoo you guys are talking about is completely irrelevant with his parenting skills. Personally I think this Jodie trash looks like hell and is a complete waste of skin. These people commenting have to be her loser friends because what they are saying makes no sense. I think Cody you are better off with out her she is a train wreck and it is only a matter of time. I've never heard women be so ad omit about being mad at a father when the wife cheated on him, snuck drugs around the baby, drank in drove with the baby in the car and left him alone to take care of their child continuously. I would like to give him a kudos for stepping up and not running away like most fathers do.

1613 days ago


CODY RULES.................................................................................
and if anyone thinks that Jodie has any credibility think again. I wouldn't be suprised to learn that she was pregnant AGAIN...wink wink

and a lttle FYI Cody happens to work and is a wonderful father

1613 days ago


Cut him some slack, he's a pretty great dad and a nice person.

1613 days ago


This comment is in response to Michell you said "Stay away from losers and guys that just latch on because of your fame. Life can be good in a regular sleepy town, with a regular house, with a regular yard, and a regular dog... life is good being regular or normal or middle class." Well I hate to tell you Michelle, Jodie had that with Cody and determined it was too boring for her so she went back out and drank and did drugs while he stayed at home taking car of the house, the child, the dog.......

1613 days ago
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