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Jodie Sweetin Divorced,

Pays Support

4/20/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Full House" star Jodie Sweetin's divorce is now final, and she'll be the one paying child support to her ex-husband -- according to a source close to the now former couple.

We're told Jodie and Cody Herpin were both in Orange County Superior Court today when they were granted joint custody of their two-year-old daughter Zoie.

Our source says Jodie was ordered to pay about $600 per month in support.

A rep said Jodie is happy she and Cody can now move on with their lives.


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OMG! She actually filled her daughter's sippy cup with alcohal so she could have it in the car!!! You think SHE's the one who is the good parent? GUESS AGAIN! Cody is a terrific dad and adores that little girl! How many of you schmucks would dress up like a f*cking elf just to put a smile on your daughter's face!!!??? NONE of you. I can't believe the basement living garbage that comes on here and comments about Cody. Get a life. And further more, tattoos DO NOT equal trash. Tattoos also DO NOT equal bad parenting. But hey, thanks for being ignorant - there sure aren't enough ignorant people in this good ole U S of A.

1556 days ago

Laura Sky    

All of you are so quick to judge!!! It's funny that the person with the neck tattoo never had a drug problem, but the wholesome looking one does! Cody I am so happy for you that all of this is over with.

1556 days ago


Yea Cody, I've got your back. I've seen what she did to you, lies she told about you & things she did not write about in her book. Best of everything bud

1556 days ago


interesting the things people here decide to judge... neck tattoos? obviously the sign of a "thug criminal." cody receiving child support? must be a loser with no job. clearly people have NO clue how joint custody and child support works. what's up with all of the ignorance and idiocy here?
cody, so happy all of this is finally over for you and that you can now move on with your life. you are an amazing father to zoie.

1556 days ago


tatts do not define who we are as a person...if he was the one who gained full custody then there was some reason the judge chose that...that is the plain and simple truth of it...I am hoping that maybe this gives Jodie a wake-up call and she will do what is necessary to gain back full custody of her little girl...I do know what you she is going thru because I have been there as of luck Jodie!

1555 days ago


And that's husband number TWO.

1555 days ago


A few of you need to read over the statements made regarding the $60...0 monthly support. You will than find that Cody is not getting support from is child support. I wish them both happiness in the future.

1555 days ago


I thought she was the best of the three child actors on Full House -- I just loved her comic timing. I would enjoy seeing her make a comeback, but she really should get her nose done so she can get back into the business looking as good as possible. I notice the twins from that seem to both have had their noses done when they got older. Their noses look slimmer to me now than when they were on the show, and they both look great. I heard Marlo Thomas had three nose jobs before going "That Girl." I loved that series, and can't imagine her having lost it because her nose was too big, but she probably would not have been considered leading lady material without fixing her nose. Sometimes, if all other things are equal, it makes all the difference in landing a job or not.

1555 days ago


This is a stand up guy who cares deeply for his daughter! Its about time these sexist custody hearings give one to the guys. Enough of these non-goal oriented females getting banged up then asking for money. Get your fat lazy ass up and make some of your own damn money and quit begging for it.

1551 days ago



1551 days ago


Just because someone has tattoos doesn't mean they aren't accomplished folks. I have someone in my LiveJournal list that is getting a Ph.D in sociology, and she has a LOT of tattoos. Not my taste, but you'd think twice about dissing her after you read what she's been through as a person, and her work ethic. Personally, I think some of them are quite beautiful.

I also had a classmate in a local comm college that has tattoos. Very outspoken, engaging, friendly, and a parent. Back in college for a degree in Electronics Engineering, as am I.

Speaking of this article, I hope Jodie has a good circle of support. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey. I can't speak to that personally, but I'd think that this settlement will really force her to rethink her priorities in life. Unless she can afford to appeal the judge's ruling (I doubt it), she should just live with it and make the best of the situation.

1528 days ago


Way tooo funny. Female has to pay child support and all hell breaks loose. I guess only men owe a duty to support their kids. At least to some losers.

1223 days ago
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