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Octomom's Home -- Babies Stompin' Babies

4/20/2010 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom let Oprah inside her home ... and it's a scary, dangerous place for kids.

octomom and her children
In the footage, aired today on the "O" show, chaos appears to reign supreme in Nadya Suleman's home -- with one of Octo's older children stomping on an octuplet in his crib.

Moments later, Suleman threatens another one of her misbehaving children by telling him that child protective services will take him away if he doesn't get up and go to school.


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uh...quite threatening the kid with being taken away...why give him what he wants most???

1615 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

**This woman HAS child care help. AND this is supposed to be her showing off for company. What is that house life WITHOUT the cameras?
**That house is a zoo. Nadya shouldn't be taking care of a goldfish.
**I have seen well run nursery schools without a lot of help.
**Nadya does just NOT know how to parent and those kids deserve better.

1615 days ago


Lets not do anything about it until one of them dies,ok?

1615 days ago


Jenn said: "While I think it's crazy she has so many kids, she handle the one who was stepping on the brother well! She stopped it, comforted the baby and handle the other properly"

Jenn, do you have any children at all???
How can you say she handled it well? The little girl should not have been in the playpen with the baby to start with! That's just asking for trouble. And how can you say she handled the daughter well? She threatened her with a time out. Did she follow through? Did you see the little girl get disciplined at all? And I agree with canadasue, why the hell didn't she hang up the phone when all this was occurring? She is a negligent mother -- my heart breaks for her kids.

1615 days ago



"Shes doing better then most people i know with 1 kid"? WTF!!! Just from that one statement shows that you nor those people you know have any idea how a household is supposed to be run. How can this be normal? Granted that theres a whole bunch of kids there...they are HERs...and unfortunately hers ALONE. And someone please tell me what money she's making to support them. Last I heard she was still trying to pimp her kids to get a show.

1615 days ago


Oprah and the mom need medical health!!!

1615 days ago


I read elsewhere that she doesn't have night nannies now.
Truth, or does she leave them alone when she goes to the gym
at night? What is this all about, she needs a couple of million
because the kids are cramping her life style? Tooo Baaddddd!

1615 days ago

Freedom Blue    

She is mentally ill and it is sad to see. The Social Services should not threaten to take but take time to teach. She has no idea how to parent properly and that would be a good place to start... I don't think she can do this for much longer before one of the children are seriously hurt or the older one's react in a deadly way!!!

1615 days ago


she got $100,000 for that magazine cover? That was out just a few months ago I think and she says the money will be gone in another month? wth? that is more than a lot of families make in a year and it only lasts this nut a few months. maybe if she wouldn't spend so much on herself it would last longer

1615 days ago


That video is horrible...someone needs to resuce her kids.

1615 days ago


Well, hell, you are right, that kid should not have been in that playpen, but my mom... if that was me as a kid stomping on my brother, my mom would've promptly snatched my little ass (up by my arm, most likely) swatted my butt a few times and set me in the corner. Yeah, yeah, scream child abuse, but I damn sure wouldn't have pulled that trick again.

1615 days ago


Mommy for a day, it's sooooooo hard to take care of all these children, Oprah falls for the act just like Dr. the check...nannies back in place...hit Nordstroms, stretch at the gym, nail salon, Starbucks

1615 days ago


TAKE THOSE KIDS AWAY FROM HER....she obviously can't handle them would be the best thing for the children.....she says the most inappropriate things to her older kids - I saw another show she was on where she was threatening her older child and he had a horrible mouth on him, using cuss words to her!....

and if one of her kids was caught on tape stomping one of these innocent babies...can you imagine what happens when the cameras aren't rolling??? It's insane they would let anyone have this many children...not to mention, the state only allows something like 5 children per adult, to be in a legal CHILDCARE home/ can they allow her to possibly be able to take care of this many children? She can't obviously! TIME FOR THE CPS TO STEP UP BEFORE ONE OF THOSE BABIES ARE SERIOIUSLY HURT OR EVEN KILLED !

1615 days ago

ms thang    

she's a nightmare.. who is she constantly talking to on the phone? her IVF doctor?

1615 days ago


maybe she should have 8 more. she seems to be doing SO well as a parent to the 15 she already has. maybe china has it right with the whole limiting of procreating.

1615 days ago
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