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Octomom's Home -- Babies Stompin' Babies

4/20/2010 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom let Oprah inside her home ... and it's a scary, dangerous place for kids.

octomom and her children
In the footage, aired today on the "O" show, chaos appears to reign supreme in Nadya Suleman's home -- with one of Octo's older children stomping on an octuplet in his crib.

Moments later, Suleman threatens another one of her misbehaving children by telling him that child protective services will take him away if he doesn't get up and go to school.


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Not addicted enough to be part of some stanley ritualistic group of old gossips that is on a site 24/7 whenever you tell all chew the same cud and get to be at the whims of a control freak that is every bit as delusional as Toxomom.

and, Tired, no one is asking you or any of the rest of the biddies to read a word I write, are they. Actually, it would be more than fine with me if you never read another of my posts. Especially since I have always scrolled right over yours.

and by the way, Toxomom is the word I made up well well before Octorazzi even started his blog. You can whine about me, but you can't even make up your own ID

1630 days ago


The comments are winding down, not because we dislike her any less, or have accepted her as 'normal'...never. It's just that the public can't do anything about the kids. We are accepting she will raise them, and they will turn out just like her. They have her genes.

They are ..NOT.. a blessing from God..they are something that never should have been created. God fixed her so she couldn't procreate, but she took money from us in the form of WC, welfare, foodstamps, and found a doctor as wacko as she, and overrode God's handy work.

I don't think anyone will help her road show. In the end what have you got? 14 little Naydas. Would I like to raise a Nayda?

NO WAY! ...That is what the public is thinking. Everyday they act more like her.
Watching the baby stomping/ head kicking/ bitch calling/ knife chasing of the grandma, fact after fact, the public doesn't want to look anymore. There is a point you know a kid is unsalvageable, and become a detriment to others around them.
I can't watch without wanting to whip those 2 moronic twins butts!
It can't be helped...they are litter just like mama. No one in their right mind is gonna give money. It would be akin to nurturing a litter of Jeffery Dalmers, in my eyes.
The public will turn a blind eye to the kids and let nature takes its course.
The only thing they will be concerned with now is all the money hemorrhaging from us, the taxpayers, to her. That careless overseeing of taxpayer's money has made this nightmare litter possible.
We can't put the cork back in the bottle that Nayda and the nutty doctors so gleefully uncorked, the contents of which spewed all over the taxpayers. But we can make sure we don't pay for it.

I think all you will see now is a concern towards stoping the flow of money from this point on.

1630 days ago


I'm sick watching that girl jump up and down over and over on that baby and she doesn't put the phone down or ANY urgency in her getting her off the baby! WTF is wrong with people!! and if she doesn't like it I guess she shouldn't open her doors to the world and BEG FOR HANDOUTS!

1620 days ago

Grassy Gertie    

Read all the comments. Nadya is a vile person to have created all these children. She will be found for fraud eventually. Who's Mustafa?

1604 days ago


mustafa sulieman is the rumored well off married fertlity doc with a nose candy problem who fathered the first 6 and sends crapya money to keep his identity secret

1471 days ago


wow ,i agree with the comment , what was her doctor doing implanting her ,this is crazy

1401 days ago


B-I-G DEAL. Who that have at least one child have never threat the kid for not listening or you actually praise your child for not listening? Walk a mile in her shoes, yes she made a mistake, come on, everybody does, now is not time to blame her, is time to help her and those kids, cut the evil people, get real, those kids are real and hope they will grow up to be good citizens and throw all the criticism back on your ugly faces!

1381 days ago


Isn't that kid kinda old to have a binky? And why is she even in the crib, you are suppose to tell kids their boundaries.. oh wait common sense coming in, your suppose to be watching your children!! Especially with 8 babies being around older kids!

1367 days ago


I just read all the comments here. (Yes, it took f o r e v e r!) I just want to say that yes, she has made some mistakes. (I won't even comment on the most obvious one.) But, we have all made mistakes. I am thankful that mine aren't as public as hers seem to be. If there were people following me around with cameras all the time, who knows what idiotic thing would end up on Youtube, (especially after creative editing.) So I will not judge her.

I do feel badly for her children. Not because I think she is a bad mother, but because I know that with that many kids, there is just no way that one person can attend to the physical and emotional needs of that many children. If she lived near me, I would gladly donate some of my free time to help out with the children.

I do think she is doing the best she can for them and I can't help it, I do pity her. She appears to be on the receiving end of alot of hatred. People can be so cruel. I can only imagine the things they probobly say to her (even in front of her children.) I pray that God will help her and the children and that he will surround them all with a strong support system. We all deserve at least that. At least the children will have each other for their whole lives and will never know lonliness.

I am glad to read she didnt take the job or money from the pornographer. That tells me that she at least has SOME morals. That's certainly more than most here give her credit for having.

As for CPS, I hope they leave her alone and go after truly abused children like the ones who are being molested, burned, beaten, starved, etc. I hate CPS and every one I have ever personally known that they have bothered havent even done any of that. Instead they were called for something petty by the school like the kid wearing a "dirty" shirt (when the kid actually got dirty at school at recess), or for the kid having dirt under his nails...just stupid stuff.

So, that's my rant. I hope that things get better for this poor woman and her poor children. But, if she is reading this, my advice to her would be to quit doing all interviews, and quit spending $$$ on high dollar beauty treatments. I think it would be best for her (and her kids) to stay home and try to stay out of the spotlight. JMHO!

1366 days ago
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