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Octomom's Home -- Babies Stompin' Babies

4/20/2010 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom let Oprah inside her home ... and it's a scary, dangerous place for kids.

octomom and her children
In the footage, aired today on the "O" show, chaos appears to reign supreme in Nadya Suleman's home -- with one of Octo's older children stomping on an octuplet in his crib.

Moments later, Suleman threatens another one of her misbehaving children by telling him that child protective services will take him away if he doesn't get up and go to school.


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Kelly, you ask us to give proof that she's a bad mother??? WTF!!!

You didn't see that video???? Why the hell does a 3-1/2 yr old have a pacifier in her mouth? And why the hell didn't Octoscam put the damn phone down when her daughter was stomping on the baby? Was there any consequences to Calyssa for doing that? No.

You call that good parenting?

1617 days ago


I understand that children need love an affection among other things in life but one person can't provide that to 14 children and have them live a normal life. She can't dicipline these kids properly and threatens them with CYS. Clearly the law in America is ass backwards:

1. Legally there should be an adult care provider to every 3 kids in the care of someone.
2. This is the worst child abuse I have ever seen. Physical wounds can heal and leave a scar but mental wounds NEVER heal and will leave you scared for life.
3. Law enforcement doesn't care about children and their wellbeing because they aren't doing anything. But if you slap one kid on the bum then you get charged and sent to jail and your child taken away.

Go ahead America, let your kids run free and over crowd your prisons because someone wanted to be a media whore and not care about a precious life as of a childs.


1617 days ago


#73- Good thing you only have one the general population a favor and don't add anymore idiots to the gene pool.

1617 days ago


she practicing for her role in the next Stomp the Yard movie, called Stomp the Baby!

1617 days ago


I have to give her a break on this one. FIRST - any woman who delivers 8 babies at one time - should be up a pedestal, not talked about LIKE A DOG. Second - let one of you take care of 8 babies at the same time and a whole host of other little ones. Some people can't even handle their ONE baby. So she gets a pass from me for the above video and I wish her and her children the BEST.

1617 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

and she says... "I don't know why I keep getting compared to Kate Gosselin, I'm nothing like her"

really? threatening child services on a child cuz he doesn't want to to go school sounds a hell of a lot like the other psycho-mom

NO ONE should be allowed to have that many kids and be in the media spotlight

1617 days ago


Put a camera in every home in America with parents and then talk. Until then - she's doing fine. The grass is always greener on the outside and that goes for all you people talking about her mothering skills. I wonder what kind of parent YOU ARE???????? No one is standing over your shoulder waiting for you to F$%%^ up - so it may be easier for you to be a BAD PARENT and no one ever tell you. She's doing fine - considering she is single with 16 children.

1617 days ago


a sibling annoying/hurting a sibling is rather common in the world and it was not a threat with the protective services, plain and simple truth .... from what we saw on O she is managing for now, this could change but holy crap there are so many parents that would have gone ballistic by now

1617 days ago


OMG - was the baby even checked by a doctor for broken ribs?

1617 days ago


Nadya needs help with parenting the children.If CPS takes the kids they will be scatter,and why should the children be punished b/c their mom didn't think it out about having all of them?

1617 days ago


. Nadya needs help with parenting the children.If CPS takes the kids they will be scatter,and why should the children be punished b/c their mom didn't think it out about having all of them?

Posted at 1:39 PM on Apr 20, 2010 by beans

Are you kidding me?? Being 'scattered' around to GOOD DECENT PROPER LOVING HOMES would not be a 'punishment', it would be fricking MERCIFUL.

1617 days ago


She's an unfit mother, certainly, but I have to also ask why the camera operator stood there filming that baby being stomped and did nothing.

1617 days ago

J Live    

Not sure what she did wrong there. I have gained some respect for this woman over the past year. I still think she is crazy for having the additional eight. But I doubt that she is the worst parent, by a longshot, even on this page of comments.

1617 days ago


I NEVER comment on anything...however, this is just incrediable. she seriously needs help. Poor kid. She has way too many and her hands are full. The cry of the poor baby sounded terrible nd his sister was basically not even getting off of him. She needs to be off the phone and dedicated to those kids 24/7. truly unbelievable! she brought all this upon herself and the ONLY ones suffering are those kids. :( how selfish of her! Where are all those nannies she says she has?

1617 days ago


Which part of the baby was the kid standing on? The camera doesn't go down far enough. So we don't know if it was the backside, head or stomach. Help!

1617 days ago
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