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TMZ's Teeny Bikini Contest -- WINNER!

4/20/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and Evie's practically perfect bikini bod killed the competition in our Teeny Bikini Contest!

But in a way, everybody wins -- 'cause we got even MORE Evie pics for your viewing pleasure! Please approach with caution cause these photos are smokin' hot!



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She looks good from the front. Turn her to the side and you can't tell her front from her back. haha.

1612 days ago


I'd hit it :)

1612 days ago


I see that TMZ is in favor of child explotation and child pornography.

1612 days ago


This woman is NOT that attractive...she does have a great body but I'm guessing it looks better in clothes...she is too hard! I do agree with number 11 though...NOONE on this site can please you people...they gross if they're plastic and they're gross if they're real! WTF? And I'm betting over HALF of you people have no place criticizing others..60...% of the population is OVERWEIGHT and I'm guessing alot of them are commenting here on TMZ...Also, she's not attractive to me cause she has NO BOOBS! I think the most attractive bikini chick on this site thus far was Katy Perry!! REAL breasts (probably a full C or D cup) and beautiful body...not waifish thin or chubby...this chick you guys picked is toooo thin! She has no "softness" about her. Yuck! Also WHAT is up with her cooch hangin out all over the place? That's just plain NASTY! I wouldn't go out in public in that (and YES I could)..I'm a size 4...but I don't want the world looking at my susie! Whatever TMZ. This chick SHOULD NOT have won.

1612 days ago


Um, where are her breasts?

1612 days ago



1612 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Pic #17 is just lovely...

1612 days ago

Vanessa Bee    

She is a very cute girl, but her body looks like that of a prepubscent girl.
Along with some of the other people who have commented - I don't see the appeal.
I don't believe that most men would give her a second look if they actually saw her in person.
I am a straight woman but I do admire women who have beautiful bodies and am not afraid to compliment a woman if she does but this girl just doesn't have "it".

The only thing that is good about her is that at least she is confident with her body and is smart enough not to get disgusting implants. So I definitely giver her credit for that!!

1612 days ago


Not a bad looking girl, but whats up with her bathing suit bottoms in every pic too lol

1612 days ago


Not bad if you like girls with the bodies of twelve year olds. I can dig a nice bikini on a woman, but the one she's wearing leaves nothing to the imagination. She sure let's everyone know that she is completely shaved.

1612 days ago


Umm, Vanessa you are way off! I guarantee every man with a pulse would give her a second look (along with their house, car, etc.) if they met her in person. This girl is HOT! And funny how hateful people can be, she is an incredibly sexy woman, period. One woman posted that she is too thick another that she is too skinny. Do people feel better by posting negative comments? And why do people think that giant breasts equals sexy?

1612 days ago


I think she looks normal. don't know why some people think she looks bad. not all normal skinny women need to have giant boobs.

1612 days ago


Sorry Jenny...I agree with Vanessa...this girl is NOT all that...I can admire beautiful women as well and I DO NOT think a big huge fake rack is attractive AT ALL...BUT I do think a shapely woman should have some breasts. This girl is flat as a board! A carpenters DREAM! She really does need some breasts. She has a great body and probably works very hard to achieve it BUT she is NOT all that attractive...her face is average at best. She needs her body to carry her face...that's for sure. And yes, I agree with you...ANY man will look at a woman with a pulse. So yes, she would get second looks...but that's just typical of a horny man...not because she's anythign special. She look ALOT older than she is also...too much sun. A woman should be soft and sexy...not prepubescent looking...oh and FYI people this girl is NOT thick...she has no body at all! Nothing to write home about that's for sure.

1612 days ago


Yeah this girl is soooo ugly! Ewwww she looks like one of those bony ass Victorias Secret models with no boobs that also need a pushup bra!! LOL...all you people putting up your negative comments about this gorgous creature would sell their soul to look like this girl! But if its the only thing that makes you feel better about yourself well I guess I just pity you all...

1612 days ago


DAYUM Evie! Now that is PERFECTION. As for all you sad losers that build yourself up by tearing this gorgeous creature down, I truly do pity you...

1612 days ago
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