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TMZ's Teeny Bikini Contest -- WINNER!

4/20/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and Evie's practically perfect bikini bod killed the competition in our Teeny Bikini Contest!

But in a way, everybody wins -- 'cause we got even MORE Evie pics for your viewing pleasure! Please approach with caution cause these photos are smokin' hot!



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Vannesa Bee? Just let it go honey, you were probably just having a bad day when you decided you wanted to let the world know how this gorgeous girl "doesnt have a figure' "no man would look at her twice" "these other women are way hotter" etc. etc. I understand having a different opinion but lets be honest you can express a different opinion without sounding like a catty B. We can all recognize beauty when we see it even if its not our preference, Im sure you can too if you try, if not at least refrain from the negativity. Us women seem to always be undercutting each other. Peace.

1590 days ago


To #61, I just love it when dumb girls speak up. I've yet to see an A cup that had that much boobage. I like Bs. Seen a lot of them. Those are Bs. Not much material there to stuff any socks in. Admit your jeaslousy and bow down to Evie you inferior female specimen. Oh, and judging B cups is my day job.

1590 days ago


I just looked at these pics and I know #8. It is my buddies GF He showed me this pic at work. He took it last summer at his apt pool. By the way this pic does no justice another angle or full pic would have put her in the top 5 at least.

1590 days ago


And Lakenne, that goes for you too darling. I see you have posted half a dozen times that this girl cant possibly be sexy because this girls legs are too thick or because she doesnt have big breasts. Honey, this girl is beautiful and I am sure you are too. Dont believe when the media tells you you have to have bony legs and giant breasts to be sexy. This girl Evie proves that...peace.

1590 days ago

Vanessa Bee    

"King Phillip"

Interesting how you left out the fact that I did acknowledge that she is "very cute girl" in my intial post? You obviously glazed over that, didn't you??

Also you tell me in your previous post that several other individuals have looked at the host of and that they don't think she has a better figure than this girl. So what??
According to you, just because other people think that a woman is attractive as I indicated by comments about Zuzana Light's huge following this doesn't confirm that she is attractive right??
Very hypocritical of you, don't you think?

Yet one is to assume that you or the people in your company are the authority on who is attractive. I don't think so. Poor attempt at trying to prove your point. You fumbled and fell on your a** on that one.

It is not odd to mention other female celebrities in the context that I did since we are talking about female bodies worthy of recognition. Isn't that what this TMZ contest was all about - recognizing who had the best body in this competition. Oh, but according to you mentioning other women that have knockout figures, is odd, somehow?? Give me a break. You are searching and coming up empty.

It appears that YOU have in fact something to prove. Since you have made incorrect inferences about me let me return the favour.
You sound like a teenage boy who is hurt by the fact that the girl he has a crush on is from your point of view being "picked on".

That is not how I see it.

I was giving my opinion which I am free to do as are you.

It never ceases to amaze me when people automatically paint another as jealous or catty because they don't see what you do.
That is not the case although you can believe otherwise if it makes you feel better.

You throw stones, yet your try to criticize/admonish someone else for doing the same, correct?? Come down from your high tower - you are not the authority on beauty, nor I am sure is anyone who has posted on this website including myself.

Remember that we are entitled to our opinions - even if yours are false.

The End.

1590 days ago


Dear dmaninsac......learn to spell "jealousy" before you call people dumb. Oh, and I worked at Victoria's Secret while I was in college so I think I know a little bit about cup size.

1590 days ago


Marisa you seem very nice, but you need to learn to count. Half a dozen is 6. I had only posted twice when you made the comment about my "half a dozen" posts.

1590 days ago


I don't understand how anyone could look at this chick and think she's anything but gorgeous!!! Beautiful smile, dreamy eyes, senuous mouth, tight, youthful, well-proportioned body... what more could you want??? And yes... she does have a confidence about her. It's no wonder... she fabulous!!! Hon, don't be distracted by the nay-sayers. There are always those that like to drag others down. Your futures so bright, ya gotta wear shades!!! Top -notch....

1590 days ago


Nasty. Just Nasty.

1590 days ago


Vanessa, that is quite the rambling dissertation in defense of yourself. LOL, seems I struck a nerve. Let me concisely break it down for you because it seems like you're already two sheets to the wind judging by your prose. I matters NOT whom you would have stated your snide comments about, you would still have come accross as a bitch regardless of whom you would have written about. And you prefacing your insults "I just won't acknowledge someone as having a great figure when she doesn't and she looks like a prepubscent girl" and "I don't see the appeal.I don't believe that most men would give her a second look if they actually saw her in person" and "this girl just doesnt have it" by saying "she is a cute girl" is akin to me saying you're a nice person but I can't imagine anyone ever liking you or wanting you. LOL! Nice try at backpedaling though. And the only reason that I even mention the fake bolton breasted instructor is because she apparently is your measuring stick when it comes to beauty i.e. "Body wise you cannot even begin to compare the host of who does have implants, and this girl" "She has a large following that keeps growing - that tells you how attractive she is!" LOL! Hilarious! I think you should simply take the advice of poster #63 Marisa. "Vannesa Bee? Just let it go honey, you were probably just having a bad day when you decided you wanted to let the world know how you think about this gorgeous girl..." It is sound advice Vanessa, even if you cant see it at this moment. Maybe when you sober up...

1590 days ago


Found her on IMDB

1590 days ago


What I would like to see, is these same DUMB ****S (vanessa blue, dee, mecat, lakenne)descend on pictures of male celebrities, with the same vigor as they do the women. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander. An example would be the pictures of Kris Allen today. He looked like ****, yet some "women" were rhapsodizing about how great he looked. However, this gal is much more attractive, yet she's getting torn to pieces. Kris got a pass, and he shouldn't have. There's plenty wrong with his appearance, so if you're going to castigate the ladies, also do so with the men, or I'll be there to call your out. Criticizing this lady doesn't make YOU and less ugly or fat, so remember that.

1590 days ago


Vanessa, it's becoming apparent to everyone that the more you write the sillier your arguments/excuses defending your negative and snide putdowns of this girl (or anyone for that matter that you direct these types of expressions at) have become, and the bigger the hole that you dig gets for yourself! You are getting your ass handed to you by KingPhillip, I would stop now if I were you. It seems you came unarmed to a battle of wits. I will admit I am enjoying his dismantling of your srongly held premise.

1590 days ago

Lord Snooty    

To all the overweight, tattooed trailertrash fat mooooh-cows : she is not too skinny, too boobless or too small : she is PERFECT and let me explain it to you one more time : FAT IS NOT SEXY, YOU DO NOT LOOK HOT IN SMALL DRESSES OR BIKINI'S AND IT'S NOT NICE TO HAVE BREASTS THAT TOUCH YOUR KNEES OR HAVE SOME ARTIFICIAL BLUBBER IN THEM. Evie : keep up the good work princess !

1590 days ago


Evie is so effing hawt! I just love those pert little teen t*ts. I wish I could see more pics of her Ass. She seriously needs to get into porn , she would make a fortune

1590 days ago
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