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TMZ's Teeny Bikini Contest -- WINNER!

4/20/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and Evie's practically perfect bikini bod killed the competition in our Teeny Bikini Contest!

But in a way, everybody wins -- 'cause we got even MORE Evie pics for your viewing pleasure! Please approach with caution cause these photos are smokin' hot!



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I'm shocked anyone thinks this girl is hot. The bathing suit that is 4 sizes too small looks ridiculous! Sweetie, invest in something that fits you properly and maybe you'll look slightly better.

1543 days ago


Oh poor Amber, why is their always some bitter skank around filled with hate itching to put down the hottest girls? Is it genetic? You posted "someones vagina is about to fall out..." on the other page. Geez, I just threw up in my mouth thinking how fat and loose Amber's vagina must be for her to think it can actually "fall out" Ewwww...

1543 days ago


She is HOT! If her boobs were a little smaller she would be perfect...except her face

1543 days ago


I thought a womanly body was the thing, you know some nice size breats and curves, gee whiz .. WTF is that? looks like a freaking walking eating disorder, Sh** that's gross, the walls get jealous!

How about a healthy body for a change?!

Omg, her face is scary as F***! Sorry voters, TMZ staff rigged this one, AGAIN!

1543 days ago


The second pic out of this series laid everything out. This girl only looks good from the front. She has no ass at all!, the rest of the field must be dogs for her to win.

1543 days ago


wow, you guys are haters. she works hard on that body! she deserves it. atleast she doesnt look fake, like heidi montag. she's natural and sexy. and i have little titties so im partial to her anyways ;)

1543 days ago


Really? Really? I say the cowboy was better.

She is looking good, sure, but....its good you said 'practically' because girlfriend has no boobs.

NOT that I would want her to go buy some, all I'm saying is there are better bodies out there with NATURAL boobs that are there.

She looks like she has two kleenex's in his top.

1543 days ago


Wow.. big surprise she's a model

another whore seeking attention is glorified.

and really that bathing suit borders on pornography. i dont want to see this chicks camel toe

1543 days ago


She has a pretty face in some of the pictures, but is shaped like a 10 year old boy! Eat a burger'll be ok if you have a meal. And BTW, cover up your vag a little...jeez!

1543 days ago


Americans are the funniest. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of hateful insults that are coming forth, "shes too skinny" "boobs are too small" "shes ugly!" "eat a burger!" I can imagine the size of the people putting these posts up regarding this girl. and I guarantee they are all Americans.

Anyone who doesnt sit on their ass all day and excercises and is in to being healthy and eating healthy can recognize this girl is in incredible healthy shape, with a gorgeous face.

You all just keep eating your burgers America, the home of the obese and silicone breasts.

1543 days ago


I'd agree that she has a nice body and even a nice face. And it's certainly appropriate that she's the winner of the contest, as her bikini's truly are teeny! But, the fact that she probably also wears her bikini's in public (not just for this contest) makes me worry. Sh*t, it looks like she shops in the juniors section! She should know that she'd be just as hot in a bikini that's the correct size.

1543 days ago


She looks disgusting, does she have to show practically her whole vadge? I guess she waxes thank goodness, but I find the pictures of her kind of gross. She looks like she is trying to look like a little girl only perverts would find her attractive.

1543 days ago


Whoever thinks this girl is a B cup is smokin crack.

1543 days ago


Really Alexandra? Have you ever traveled anywhere besides your little town? Actually this type of bikini and, gasp! Thong Bikinis! are worn regularly in many countries in Latin America and Europe, even in the US (visit South Beach Miami), and you would be shocked to learn that some people actually go topless on the beaches of Europe! OH MY GOD, AAAAHHHH! LOL..Yes, the bikini is tiny and yes she is wearing it in public but from at least some of the pics you can tell she is not at a US beach, so I doubt anyone there had your raction. When in Rome... Rio... Cancun...

1543 days ago


America the Body Obsessed. And, from the sound of the haters, probably obese like an ever-increasing percentage of the country.

You GO, Evie... you're SMOKIN' HOT and you know it!!

1543 days ago
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