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TMZ's Teeny Bikini Contest -- WINNER!

4/20/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and Evie's practically perfect bikini bod killed the competition in our Teeny Bikini Contest!

But in a way, everybody wins -- 'cause we got even MORE Evie pics for your viewing pleasure! Please approach with caution cause these photos are smokin' hot!



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She looks like a prepubescent girl! Gross!

1593 days ago


This is a beautiful woman. I find her to be very sensual, with small breasts and a bikini bottom that just barel covers her pubic area. I'm one of those men who sees more nipples as more erotic than huge, fat, flabby breasts. All that fat just detracts from the real sexuality of the mammary gland. All you women who are criticising her are probably big, fat walruses who haven't attracted a man in decades.

1593 days ago

Tony The Dong    

She is Fu-king hot you that think not are high or just blind

1593 days ago

snarky One    

Of course she can wear that boobs...the boy didn't even need the top. lol

1593 days ago


I think I Love HERR!! You ppl stop hating on her. Glad I don't have to see the white trash sister's I mean the Kardashians... Who gives a Fuuq about them whorezz!!!! Please post more from REAL hotties like Evie !!!

Like how all the Fatties say she is too skinny lolol!!

Evie give me a call.

1592 days ago


What's with all the comments about Evie showing too much vag? Don't you all KNOW that vag doesn't start until you can see the "cleavage"... and I'm just aching to see this hottie's vag cleavage!

1592 days ago


Hi Kimo, it's me; Evie.

Well hell yes, I'll be calling you! I can't get over how complimentary you are about me and my body. I think I'm in love...

Also, HMichaelH... I love how you had to describe my photo in detail (like everyone couldn't see for themselves what I look like and what I'm wearing)! You're so concise and intelligent! <3

1592 days ago


Why is it that if we women have something negative to say that it means we are fat, whores, obese, etc...
This chick looks like a little kid and is TOO SKINNY. This does not look like a woman. Does that comment automatically mean that I am fat you idiots? I am not fat and believe me when you look at me you can tell that I am a woman...and all natural. I don't have to wear stripper low class slut bikinis to feel good about myself. That being said-she deserves to win this contest since it is for "Teeny Bikini". She could also win Teeny Boobies, Teeny Brains, Teeny self esteem...

1592 days ago


To poster #100, the reason that people automatically assume that the women that post the hateful comments against this beautiful girl are "fat" or "obese" is because being a woman myself, in real life unfortunately, it is usually the obese, unhealthy, and unattractive women that say these type of comments when ever a another woman is being complimented on her beauty. Sad, but true. If you're honest you will admit to having eperienced this yourself.

If not obese or unattractive, then its simply a woman with an incredible negative spiteful soul who need to say hateful things to feel better about themselves, which one are you? Us women have been doing this to each other for centuries, since the first woman noticed that others felt that another woman was considered very beautiful. We can be the most vile when it comes to other females in our comments and I will never understand it.

I understand having a difference of opinion, but explain to me what you gain by stating "I don't have to wear stripper low class slut bikinis to feel good about myself." "She could also win Teeny Boobies, Teeny Brains, Teeny self esteem..."? Better self esteem for your self? Thats sad and I think your post name of "gross" is quite appropriate, not due to your looks but as a human being. I hope your soul grows kinder as you get older...

1592 days ago


From the side, she's built like a 12 yr old boy. No ass and no chest to speak of.

1592 days ago


Jenny, Jenny... who can I turn to? For the price of a dime, I can always turn to you... can't I?

1592 days ago


It's funny how only the women are getting called out for their negative comments. I've read plenty of comments on here from men criticizing her body or face. I don't see anyone saying they are dumb, fat, live in the trailer park.......

1592 days ago


The girl looks to be in great shape and she looks to also have a set of small B cups, therefore she is not flat chested. Most women are about that bra size unless they're overweight. Why are people hating on her? I'm thinking most of the women that are posting are fat or chubby or just plain ugly. If a chick has a nice body people talk ****, if she has a not so nice body people talk ****. There is no safe and haters will always hate.

1592 days ago


Thank You!
Now that's what I'm talking about.

1592 days ago


Lakenne, yes there a couple "guys" on here that have posted some negative comments. I write "guys" because im sure some of them are women who dont want to called out for hating on their own. The thing is Lakenne that we have all known a guy or two that was a jerk towards women because no woman wants to give him the time of day. Im pretty sure its the case here, I guarantee you theres some fat bald loser behind some of the few nasty comments. So why state the obvious? But as women, why we would lower ourselves to act out like a male jerk is beyond me. And darling its obvious you are either very young or just very immature judging by some of your posts: "Since when is no boobs and muscular thighs a smokin hot body? She looks better with the sunglasses on too." "Guys seriously confuse me. This girl has hardly any boobs and her thighs are hardly skinny. Is this what they want?" No sweetheart, having skinny thighs and big breasts is what we as women have been brainwashed to think that is the ideal by ironically, other women. Look at the negative posts saying she needs bigger breasts or implants, 99 percent of them are from women! So be proud of what you have, be healthy, and try not being so negative towards another fellow female simply because many are saying she is beautiful...

1592 days ago
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