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TMZ's Teeny Bikini Contest -- WINNER!

4/20/2010 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and Evie's practically perfect bikini bod killed the competition in our Teeny Bikini Contest!

But in a way, everybody wins -- 'cause we got even MORE Evie pics for your viewing pleasure! Please approach with caution cause these photos are smokin' hot!



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@Araceli, I honetly couldn't care less about what you think of me or anything I have to say, so just save your breath, cause your words don't matter!!

1648 days ago


Rachel I'm sorry, I have to agree with Araceli. If a man in a room full of women were to publicly tell ANY woman, "You would be even better with a boob job and a bag over your head" This jerk would be cussed out and lucky to get out of there without being torn to shreds by the other women there. Publicly women are very "pro woman" and talk about "sisterhood" but as soon as we are alone safely hidden behind an anonymous persona on our computer we become these spiteful people that furthers the sterotype of women being catty and bit ches. I know you dont care about what people say about yous comments, our words "dont matter". But you need to remember there are lots of young women, teenage women that read yours. And reading that another woman is a proponent of getting implants if you have small breasts, and gosh, that this girl Evie should wear a bag over her head, well...its just sad. Honey just leave the jerk comments to mysoginistic men.

1647 days ago


thats a man

1646 days ago


LOL "Michael" your probably some fat hater chick posting with a guy name that wishes that the overweight look and fake giant boob look can somehow now be considered hot. Give it up! And if you are really a guy, what a loser! Why arent you out on a Friday evening with all your "hot chicks"! Instead your sitting behind a computer raggin on hot girls whom you would jizz your pants for if they even bothered to talk to you, enjoy your weekend sitting at your computer raggin on girls you dont have a chance at , LOSER!

1645 days ago


I've gotta say this to YOU:
Why do you assume that a "nasty" comment is ALWAYS made by a "fat hater chick" (your words, not mine)?
There are some MEN who are NOT ATTRACTED to women who look this GIRL.
YOU are probably some guy "hiding behind his girlfriend's skirt," yourself. Using "her" name.
If YOU are really a woman, YOU should be out "painting the town" with some attractive guys.
If YOU are really a man, go be with your "girlfriend." Or, go out and "live it up" with some ladies.
I think YOU have been in front of YOUR computer TOO DAMN LONG yourself!.

1645 days ago


"There are some MEN who are NOT ATTRACTED to women who look LIKE this GIRL"
In typing this, I forgot to add "like."

1645 days ago


BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Lynda!!! Your'e back!!! Talking shet again!!! I notice by all your posts on all these different days that YOU really dont have a life!!! But youre telling someone with only one post ever on this board "YOU have been in front of YOUR computer TOO DAMN LONG yourself!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! LOL, Insecure hater beeatches are the funniest...Write some more Lynda, you are very entertaining!!!! Please please write more, I mean it...

Read more:

1645 days ago


@#128-Lynda and @#125-Michael. You are 100% right! Why is it if you are a little heavy your not considered sexy in this country? We look like REAL WOMEN! Us bigger girls need to unite and do want we can to remove the negative image the media gives bigger girls like myself and Lynda. Skinny girls like this one sould not be the ideal! And James, you and all the other real men out there can find REAL women like me and Lynda on this website: My profile name is "morecushin4thepushin" Lynda seeing that you are the one that is on TMZ's website the most of everyone, you should join if you havent already! Then you could also post your profile name and picture to show everyone here that you can be big, AND beautiful! Good luck!

1644 days ago


shes H-O-T, hopefully she has the personality to match her looks, if so, evie gimme a call!!!! :)

1642 days ago


I think she looks great. Most of you people are complete idiots with nothing better to do. I shudder to think what most of you commenting weigh and/or look like. Quit spending your time tearing down other people. Say something nice for a change and get off your fat asses and get some exercise. Take a good look in the mirror...thats right now shut the f-up and get to the gym.

1627 days ago

Onyx Stones    

I guess you need to look at ZuZana light at 19 years old. She had nice breast even then. Of course you will Have to Use her Alis name of Raylene Richards.......

1603 days ago


so what is her full name and does she have other pics online

1542 days ago
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