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Heather Locklear -- Surveillance Video

4/21/2010 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421_heather_locklear_EX_2_GettyLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Heather Locklear's swanky neighborhood security system is what led deputies to her doorstep last Saturday ... which then led to her arrest for hit-and-run ... but there may be a big problem fingering Heather as the driver.

Sources say police checked the surveillance footage from the guard shack at her Westlake Village neighborhood sometime after her alleged crash ... and saw footage of Heather driving her black BMW into the complex ... and the BMW had damage in the right wheel well area consistent with the accident scene.

But here's the hole in the case.  The video was recorded many hours after the accident ... so even if there's clear proof Heather's car was in the accident at 4 AM Saturday, there is no smoking gun placing her behind the wheel at that time.

Cops also collected debris from the crash scene -- which matched up with Locklear's damaged ride ... but still, there's no clear proof Heather was the driver.

As we first reported, Locklear was arrested Saturday night for misdemeanor hit-and-run.


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really bored...    

Welcome to the world of tinsel town...why in the world cant any of them drive in hollywood??? Oh yeah, its Hollywood!!!

1590 days ago

really bored...    


1590 days ago


I will help Heather Locklear not to get arrested. And I will do her in ass on purpose while Heather Locklear are both totally in the nude on purpose in private only with Heather Locklear's permission.

1590 days ago


Thanks for the insight! There is a lot of helpful information within those links.

1590 days ago


Nice ghoulish article … very fitting for the season and impressivly damn interesting.

1590 days ago


That’s great to hear! Please let us know what you think of it. I am greatly enjoying it, myself.

1590 days ago


I found it quite interesting. Great post. Very valuable information.

1590 days ago


WOW really since when is this a serious crime...Its only big because she is a celebrity and people love nothing but to see them get arrested..I believe there are more serious crimes that the cops should be focusing on..Best part is reading the comments of people who think she needs to pay for her horrible crime..

1590 days ago


Ditto , the blond guy Is hot .
I'd like to do time with him !

1590 days ago


I don't see anywhere where it says she damaged the sign or whatever it was that she hit. If she only damaged her own car, and there was no other property damage, I can see reason to stick around. Police usually come when there is bodily injury; they don't even like to come out if you damaged another car -- they simply expect the respective drivers to exchange i.d.'s and insurance info, as far as i know.

Maybe she was under the influence and wanted to go home and let it wear off before the police came. But even if she was not under the influence, it's pretty stupid for a woman alone to get out of her car late at night and wait for police unless there's damage she needs to pay for, and even then she could leave a note attached to whatever she damaged (if she can't immediately identify the owner) and offer to pay for the damage. I don't know if that's legally sound, but it seems better to me than running away. And by the time the police find the note and go to her house, alcohol, if present, might no longer be in her system to the extent necessary for prosecution. Leaving a note (if other property was damaged) would have shown a better attitude.

However, a friend of mine was killed by a hit and run driver who ran her car off the road. Then he hid for a day or two until the booze apparently was out of his system. He still faced criminal charges of some type, probably vehicle manslaughter, but DUI charges could not be added.

If Heather was under the influence, maybe she figured that misdemeanor hit and run with only property damage was less serious than an other DUI arrest.

1590 days ago


Yes I want you Heather. Yes I need you Heather. And yes I love you Heather.

1589 days ago


like all the dips on Dr. Drew, spoiled, no nothing waste of life. to all in hollowood, grow up!

1584 days ago


I don't know but I get the feeling some celebrity preferential treatment is in play here as it was during her DUI arrest and court dates. The court will enable this woman into the grave.

1555 days ago
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