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Lindsay Lohan's

Butt on the Line

4/21/2010 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's Butt on the Line TMZ has learned ... the people suing Lindsay Lohan over a wild ride down Pacific Coast Highway now want a judge to throw the book at her for being a no-show at her deposition.

Lawyers for three passengers in Lindsay's car -- along with the passenger in the car Lindsay was chasing -- are going to court Thursday morning, asking a judge not only to force Lindsay to sit for her depo ... but they also want a default judgment against Lindsay for failing to appear.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay bailed on her depo last week and then again Tuesday -- she had things to do and people to see, and she couldn't get a ride.

We'll be in court, so stay tuned.


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I don't believe plaintiff's story. They were hijacked by this 90 pound starlet? They were so terrorized by crazed gangster Lindsey that they feared for their lives and were powerless to stop her? Lindsay probably doesn't remember any of it and blurs into just one night of many. There has got to be a time limit on testimony. Court can't decide to grill you on what may of happened 10 years ago.

1648 days ago


"she had things to do and people to see" illegal drugs from her pushers? Lindsanity needs to do MAJOR time in a rehab facility and then get psychological counseling.

1648 days ago


Throw the book at her!!!!! It's time Hollywood trash were held to the same standard as everyone else!!! She should be in jail, just like Michael Douglas's son!!!!!!!

1648 days ago


she is wasting her life and if her looks is what keeps her in the money she should take the money she spends on partying and take care of her looks cuz the way she looks is a real haggered look. she looks older than her mom.. she should go see her moms Drs. anyway get it together before its too late and you can't reverse the old hag look.

1648 days ago


Start building the coffin for this chic.

1648 days ago


With all the reports of her imminent demise Lohan figured why bother? PARTY!

1648 days ago


To #4, please see below:

Cal. Code Civ. Proc. 2023.030. To the extent authorized by the chapter governing any particular discovery method or any other provision of this title, the court, after notice to any affected party, person, or attorney, and after opportunity for hearing, may impose the following sanctions against anyone engaging in conduct that is a misuse of the discovery process . . . (d) The court may impose a terminating sanction by one of the
following orders . . . (4) An order rendering a judgment by default against that party.

1648 days ago


Please TMZ, they're not going to get a default judgment because she missed a deposition. If anything they'll be asking the Judge for a summary judgment. Not that they should get it, at best the judge should compel here to submit to the deposition so the case can go forward. This really is a bogus lawsuit if i ever saw one. The plaintiffs are really the ones who are wasting the courts time here! I think it's cute she's messing with these ambulance chasing attorneys. I guess well see what the judge thinks too. LOL - Team Lindsay!

1648 days ago

Good riddance!    

It's pretty obvious that she believes that she is above the law. Sorry, but endless partying is not a legal excuse anywhere......well, except in California, where it's encouraged. I won't bat an eye when they roll in the gurney from the windowless coroner's van.

1648 days ago


Hey Moe, Larry, and Curly, are you guys stupid? Lindsay already told you, she's a celebrity and can do what ever the F she wants!

1648 days ago


I thought Daddy Michael was going to force her into rehab. It's sure not looking like it. And to think I respected him for his "decision", he hasn't done squat.

1648 days ago



1648 days ago


She's just playing hard to get! It's just a disposition in a civil trial, what's the big deal? People saying stuff like she's afraid to go to court because the judge will order her into rehab are retarded! It's a civil case silly, that's not going to happen!

1648 days ago


Those poor saps are totally dreaming.. The judge isn't going to do squat about it.. It's a filler for them and a waste for tax payers .. With money you can rule this town and the world...
Keep up the great job in being in the limelight .. Even if isn't cause you claiming to save the world, adopting kids from third world nations , getting cheated on, staring in a Hit movie or winning an Oscar<-- like that will ever happen... Hahaha

1648 days ago


Why don't her lawyers give her a ride? Don't they have to be there, anyway? Is it REALLY that hard to swing by her place and pick her up?

1648 days ago
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