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Seagal's New Accuser

Ray Charles Connection

4/21/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421_ray_charles_granddaughter_EX_02The Steven Seagal alleged sexual assault scandal  now has a Ray Charles connection ... TMZ has learned one of the women who just came forward accusing Seagal of making unwanted sexual advances is Ray's granddaughter.

As we first reported, two new women have given sworn declarations to back up Kayden Nguyen's lawsuit against the star.  One is Blair Robinson -- who claims she first met Seagal at her granddaddy Ray's funeral in 2004.

According to Robinson, she was invited to Seagal's home after the funeral -- along with her father Ray Charles Jr. -- to discuss a job opportunity with the actor.

In the declaration, Blair claims she took a job as Seagal's assistant one month after the meeting -- but on day 1, she claims Seagal came to her room and told her she was required to give him massages. In the docs, Blair also claims Seagal tried teaching her the proper method by massaging her.

In the docs, Blair states, "It became clear to me that he wanted and expected sexual favors as part of my job duties." Blair claims she quit after the first day.

Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, vehemently denies the accusations and claims Seagal has "no knowledge" of either Blair or the other woman who provided declarations.

Singer added, "The declarations were clearly prepared by Nguyen's lawyer to be leaked to the media to help bolster his client's meritless claims."


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I had a friend who worked at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. She was a licensed massage therapist. Let me make it clear, she was a professional in the health profession and always did strictly massage, no special favors/sex ever. One day she was flattered to have Steven Seagal as one of her booked patients. According to her after the massage he wanted sex, and she obliged - kind of a movie star groupie moment for her. Later she realized that it wasn't just her, it's what he expected. She said he was verbally coercive - some would call it seductive, but I get the impression not a rapist,you could always walk. So, yeah, he's a pig, but not a rapist. I'm just amazed that 16 years later he still has this kind of sex drive and hasn't died of every STD there is.

1616 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

Typical TMZ chauvinist s***bags blaming the female first before all the facts are out

1616 days ago


I can totally understand why someone doesn't want to report an ugly situation like this. Because of the types of comments on here and the tendency to believe the perpetrator, usually because he has money and power. No woman wants to be humiliated in public over something like this but when it turns out others have been through the same thing, it's easier to stand up together and fight it. One voice alone might not be heard but put together a choir and someone is going to listen. It's not always about money, but many times the only way to "punish" the perpetrator is through his wallet because that's all that's valuable to him - women are toys and the rich who can actually afford to buy whatever they want, get everything for free.

1616 days ago


16 years ago he might not have needed to force the issue. Now he's a fat ass elderly slob who doesn't have a chance with any self respecting twenty something year old women. He's gotten away with this sort of thing so often that he feels entitled to just walk up to women and man handle them. He ****s the ones who are intimidated and cave and just has his lawyer threaten the rest with their confidentiality agreements. He's s***, always has been always will be. Trust me, now that the ball is rolling more women will be coming forward, lots more.

1616 days ago


Seagal is nothing more than a fat, disgusting sexual predator to whom a corrupt police department has given a badge. SICKENING!

1616 days ago


Seagal is nothing more than a fact disgusting pig. I'd like to know how in the hell he was ever hired as a cop, oh yeah wait, corrupt department in a corrupt state!

1616 days ago

MaryMac can try impeaching her however you like, but I am just saying that this bolsters the claim because yes...I believe the grandaughter of the legend Ray Charles would be far less likely to make something like this up just to get some kind of fame. She doesn't need to do that to get fame...I am sure that her father has plenty of friends that she could use. As far as working as an assistant to Seagal, she seems to be quite a young woman who 6 years ago was probably starting her career and thought an assistant to a successful friend of the family would have been a good place to start. Just because someone has a large inhertance doesn't mean they don't wish to pursue a career.

1616 days ago


This is starting to look a little bad for Seagal. I guess it'll all come out in the end.

1616 days ago

Christina G.    

To the commenter stating that he should be charged with a crime: what crime? Being a "sexual predator" is not a crime, unless your victims are minors. Also, Paul Reubens was not convicted of "child porn". He was arrested for indecent exposure in an XXX-rated movie theater. There were no children involved.

Also, there would not necessarily be employment records or paystubs involved, if the hiring was informal and the "employee" only worked for one day. I've worked at jobs where I wasn't do***ented until after I'd worked a few days.

And to TMZ: You need to fix your new bad word zapper. It won't even let the word "dokument" (purposely misspelled) go through. Lots of legitimate words have "come" in it.

1616 days ago


I encountered Steve when he was young and unknown and he was the most gorgeous thing you ever saw in your life. But he pulled the same crap with me as he pulled with these other women -- the "I'm a healer and that's why I'm putting my hands all over you" routine. I guess if you find something that works, you stick with it. I have no doubt at all that the stories these women are telling now are true.

1616 days ago


In "Under Siege" Casey Ryback was the ship's cook. So I guess he knows how to toss the salad.

1616 days ago

Blue Lake    

Christina G, Reubens was busted in the porn theater years ago. In 2005 he was busted for child porn and two years later after lots of legal wrangling, took a guilty plea deal. Convicted.

1616 days ago


If this is true, I see Ray Charles' granddaughter was smart enough to quit aftr the first day and before anything scary happened to her.

1616 days ago

frank h    

I bet her grandfather would never have seen this coming

1616 days ago

Miako Tamatsue    

There are a lot of mental midgets posting on here.

1616 days ago
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