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Dr. Drew to Lindsay:

Don't Blame Me!

4/22/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is holding Dr. Drew Pinsky responsible for "provoking" her father's surprise police visit today -- but Drew tells TMZ he's never even met Michael Lohan.

Moments after Michael -- along with several officers -- rolled through LiLo's apartment to check on 16-year-old Ali Lohan, Lindsay claimed that she "agreed" with a Tweet that read, "This is all that quack, Dr. Drews' fault. He purposely provoked your unstable leech of a father."

The Tweet was referring to a statement Drew made recently, in which he claimed if it were his kid he would plant drugs on her and have her -- as a last resort -- arrested in order to save her.

Drew tells TMZ, "I've personally never met Michael Lohan, nor Lindsay. My comments were in relation to what I would do as a father."

Drew added, "I have no direct knowledge of her case, but I hope she gets the help she needs."



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1643 days ago


This girl is a walking dead person. If she doesn't get help, she will be dead within the year. She looks 45 instead of however old she is. It's so sad. She's incredibly talented, but she's got two horrible parents, and she's going down the tubes fast. No one cares enough to help her, and she thinks she's fine, so she's not going to seek help. Maybe she'll be remembered as an example of what not to do.

1643 days ago


Unfortunately, Lindsay is just like all of you users on here who attack everyone who tries to help an addict. I hope no one steps up when you guys bottom out and you all die. Would serve you right. We have no system of saving druggies in this country. Overseas you can get the addict into hospital and dried out for a month and then, when they're sober and can think, get them to sign a paper giving you permission to hospitalize them when necessary. Sober addicts don't want to die and know they can't help themselves. That is why the Dr. said that if she was his daughter he would get her arrested. It may be the only way to save her. She has all you enablers urging her to continue her ways for your own personal reasons and I hope you all can live with your guilt when she dies.

1643 days ago


Drugs ruin lives!! Someone had to save this girl before she ends up dead. I hope her dad keeps on trying to save her life !!!

1642 days ago


Lindsay may be out of control but Michael Lohan is the LAST person who should reach out to her. He is in this for himself only and is an alcoholic/drug addict and I highly doubt he is in recovery. Even if he is in recovery, he is the last person who should be reaching out because with his history he will have no legitimacy with his daughter until he acts like a father to her which means helping w/o cameras and press around. Really helping in other words. He also owes all his kids big time apologies. Dr.Drew knows better than to suggest ML should do anything and by saying what he did he implied lohan should intervene. My guess...Drew wants LL on his show

1642 days ago


I lost all respect for Dr.Drew when he used Lane's death for his T.v. show rateings.Thats sad.

1640 days ago


Lindsay PLEASE get your act together you ungrateful bitch!

1633 days ago


Dr. Drew may have been too outspoken about the "drug bust", but I think his point was that Lindsey needs to get help NOW. If the reports are true she was out with her Mom partying. ANd why would she have her 14 year old sister in her physcial custody when their Mom is on the East Coast?

Her father may be gutter white trash, but he is the only one in her circle that seems to not pretend that she has a problem. Sometimes you have to thank the devil.

She will end up dead from either a drug/ETOH overdose or accident. Or her body will give out on her in the future when she is still to young to have died. Her body is probabley in some sort of shut down mode now.

The body does not always recover because the addict has stopped drugging and drinking. She needs to think about the future. She is a talented actress. We as a society tend to be more forgiving to male addicts than women addict for some reason.

All I know is that she has been supporting a family of 5 since she was a young child. Someone needs to adult up and support her.

1623 days ago


To the posters that nay Dr Drew because he has no knowledge of Lindsey's case, but than note themselves that they know Lindsey is on drugs are acting a bit defensive to both the subjects.

Dr. Drew does nogt need any specific information on most drug addicts. The drug addicts behavior no matter how much money they have or other comforts they are able to obtain change that much. They are usually liars, cheats, and will bring their love ones down before the latter can bring the drug addict up.

If you have never had a love one who is in serious trouble you don't knolw the thoughts one might have to get that love one who is an addict help. Even plant some illegal drugs so they have to go to jail. And I think jail is what Lindsey needs, not some TV show, or a Hollywood institution that caters to their needs for a large sum of money for them to get high as soon as they get out of "rehab"

1623 days ago


TMZ, do you know that she prefer to wear a Chanel handbag flat 1112 in stead of the bracelet? I just see her blog about that she purchasing some replica Chanel bags from ec4bag . c o m which is dedicated on designer bags like chanel LV ...

1612 days ago


grow up loho your doing this all on your own and you will find anyone to blame , go away and grow up you have lost many fans because, YOU TOOK HOLLYWOOD AND YOUR FANS FOR GRANTED, WE DON'T CARE ANY MORE, do what you need to get through the drinking and drugging
but leave people a lone who have nothing to do with your antics.
it would be a good thing if your mom did treatment to, miss loho what are you thinking ? you like hanging with your daughters friends. childish can't you find your own friends ? guess not you think your all that and more, NOT your nasty and hateful and you have condoned your daughters actions, you have should have steeped in and done something, but no you were in the bars right beside her, maybe you should be brought up on charges, drinking and drugs and you did nothing, hey girl lets go out and party i can hear it now, now you are where you wanted to be ON THE D LIST. GO AWAY LOHO'S we are sick and tired of both of you. TRASH

1583 days ago


This comment is for Wiley, who posted his comment at 12:14pm on April 24, 2010. I completely agree with you Wiley! Lindsay is just like all of the users on here who attack everyone who tries to help an addict. You made a very valid comment when you said, "I hope no one steps up when you guys bottom out and you all die." Would serve you right. You are correct. Sober addicts don't want to die. When they are high, they want to die though, because they can't help themselves! I completely agree with the Dr.!!!! If she were in jail, she would be clean!!! My Lord, does it take a damn rocket scientist to figure this out?
I was a drug addict for over ten years. I was a successful mother of five children, and I owned my own home when I was twenty years old. I was President of a Mortgage Corporation and made more money than most people make after attending college for four years. I married a man that I really loved. He introduced me to the drug heroin. I began using with him, and after a very short period of time, I would steal to get the drug. I would steal from my own mother! I sold a lot of my personal belongings, that were precious to me. I wasn't taking care of my children like I should. This resulted in losing custody of them through the Department of Social Services. When they took my children, they took my reason for living! I was so lost in my addiction that I was trying to literally kill myself with the drug. I was prostituting, and doing anything and everything that I could do to get my drug. I was wanted by the Police for crimes I had committed during this time to obtain my drugs. I was doing anything that I could do to aviod gettting arrested. I knew if I was arrested, I would go to prison for over ten years. If I was in prison, I wouldn't have the ability to gain access to my drugs. I successfully avoided getting arrested. I almost successfully succeeded in my suicide attempt. When I was thirty-four years old, I had sores on my face that were very bad. They were very painful, and I began running high fevers. I took it for as long as I could. I finally went to the hospital, because I knew I way dying. They admitted me immediately. I had the mercer staff infection from using the same needle over and over again. The mercer staff infection had attached to my heart. I had to have open-heart surgery to correct the problem. When they were performing the open-heart surgery, I had congestive heart failure, and I died for over forty-five minutes. They eventually revived me. Can you believe that when I woke up from my surgery, I wanted this drug? I didn't realize what I had been through. My memory was severely damaged. After a month or so, my staples were out of my chest, and I was completely healed. I left the hospital on foot, to try to obtain some heroin. The good Lord was really looking out for me, because I got a ride to my drug dealers house, and he didn't live there anymore. I couldn't get the drug! I ended up falling right down the street from his house, from the drugs they had me on. I knocked out my front tooth, and had severe damage to my mouth. I fell in front of a fire station, which they called an ambulance and the police. I went straight back to the hospital! My mother had me sent to a nursing home in Virgina for a year. I had a bracelet on my ankle, and the alarms would go off in the entire unit if I left. I was around a bunch of old people, and this drove me craaazzzyyyy!!!!! It was the best thing for me! It wasn't until I left the nursing home that I found out why I had to have the heart surgery. I WAS SO SURPRISED! I didn't remember going to the hospital for the staff infection, and all the details. I decided that day, that I would never use drugs again!
I am disabled, and I recieve disability income from the Department of Social Security. I have decided that I want to become a counselor for drug addicts and alcholics. I began going to college on-line a year ago. It has been a very difficult struggle for me, because I don't remember how to spell. I don't remember how to use proper verbiage. I don't remember much of anything that I learned in school. I have made A's and B's so far. I guess I'm doing pretty good.
My little sister is twenty-one years old. She is beautiful! She married a man who introduced her to heroin. She became a heroin addict, and she was doing the same things I was doing to get the drug. The good Lord really answered my prayers for her! She was recently arrested, and she recieved twelve months at the Department of Corrections. I think this is the best thing for her, because it is the only way that she can remain clean! She not only needs this time in prison, she needs counseling while she is there. The judge court ordered her to get counseling!
I want everyone out there who doesn't understood drugs and the effects they can have on you to please not be so judgmental! We are all human-beings! We all make mistakes! There is not one person in this world who has never made a mistake. I shouldn't have even read this stuff, because all it has done is PISS ME OFF!!! Become knowledgable, before you judge, please.

1583 days ago


I'm so aggrevated at one of the comments that someone posted on here. DD said, "I am so tired of hearing druggies blame everyone else." With all due respect, I have to say that you know very little about drug addiction and the effects of drug addiction. The "blame game" is a very common approach for an addict, because the addict is not happy with themselves. Please sir or ma'am, until you have walked in their shoes, do not judge them so harshly!

1583 days ago


tussin is bomb king capper dee done do it to ya..... it will kill the lobster police if you just fart in their faces you will see the light and trip cuz you's a tussin kid ****ed ta **** frank'n the fort from forth worth **** 'em all. go to family dollar and get some tussin. be evil and die.

1566 days ago


Lindsay, for heavens sake grow up already and take ownership for your skanky lifestyle. Who really cares about you?

1564 days ago
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