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Jon Gosselin: I Never Asked for Custody

4/22/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin is lashing out at the lawyer he just fired .... claiming the attorney filed legal papers asking for primary custody without Jon's permission.

Gosselin tells TMZ, "I never wanted primary custody, he [attorney Anthony List] filed for that.  I only wanted a more flexible custody schedule so I could be with my kids."

But List tells TMZ, "Jon signed off on everything."

Jon, who is pissed that List spoke with the media, insists he wants to pay child support, adding, "I just can't afford the $22,000 a month right now. That is why I'm trying to find a job."

As for what type of job ... Jon says, "I would like a job in some aspect of TV, probably as a host."

Well, if Kate can dance ...


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kickaboo TLC removed Jon's gag just as Kate imploded to the nation on DWTS, just as she showed her true self, in her full blown neurotic narcissism. Hmm, what to do? Get with Jon, have him fire his lawyer, drop his case...make nice ... because Kate is destroying the brand. That insider must be telling the truth saying come October....Jon and Kate will be teamed up. They are too freaking boring and self-destructive on their own. haha, they need each other. What losers, poor Gosselin kids. Hey...State of PA---step up to the plate and make those laws protecting children in reality shows. The parents certainly don't do their job because they are whacked, greedy, no-talent, fame-hos living off the backs of their children.

1563 days ago


If this is true, why wait 2 weeks to speak up about it??

1563 days ago


Stupid Jon and Kate are spoiling their potential for jobs in the REAL world.
"Publicity (celebrity or notoriety, being famous or being infamous) is a trigger of narcissistic supply because it provokes people to pay attention to the narcissist (in other words, it moves sources to provide the narcissist with narcissistic supply). Publicity can be obtained by exposing oneself, by creating something, or by provoking attention. The narcissist resorts to all three repeatedly (as drug addicts do to secure their daily dose). A mate or a companion is one such source of narcissistic supply."

Kate Gosselin is the worst narcissist, with Jon catching the fleas of the dog (behaviors). The whole family needs serious mental counseling.

1563 days ago


OH! My Jon telling the truth..JON/KATE will settle this in private..Jon/Kate,They are 2 good people that just divorce,and working the kinks out about the $$$$$$....Who Knows? JON/KATE might reunite as a common law (NOT MARRIED)))husband & wife b/c it all about the children...

1563 days ago


Because Kate improved along with her attitude the week before on DWTS compared to this past week. TLC and ABC most likely had a contract, with Kate self-destructing with her narcissism..losing fans and votes left and right, they had to do something to spin positive back onto Kate. Jon saying he never wanted custody makes you think it was all the lawyer when it fact this was all TLC/Kate/Jon's ploys all along. We've been had by all three just like they used to play the drama for ratings when J/K/8 was on. It is spin and BS.

1563 days ago


Good grief, people. Jon has been bought by TLC. TLC is doing major damage control. I've seen pictures of Kate's book signing last Friday night where only about 30 people showed up and where her "bodyguard" manhandled a female attorney for asking about child labor laws. Kevin and Jodi testified recently at a child labor law hearing and another hearing is in the works. TLC has to act quickly to save their "cash cow Kate" from bad publicity to protect their newest investment in her two new shows for them. Fortunately, a few people can connect the dots.

1563 days ago



1563 days ago


he knows he looks terrible trying to take the kids and wants to flip it and say he didn't know!!?? hope his fired lawyer sues him. karma is a bi**h jon! lol as for being a tv host..yeah ok never gonna happen. loser and now a dreamer.

1563 days ago


I agree that Jon can't pay that much a month. But jeez Jon keeps stirring up trouble and somebody needs to pull the reins in on him. He had to have signed papers before the lawyer filed them. Or he pretended to read them and said ok which wouldn't surprise me.

1563 days ago


Of course he doesn't want custody. What man wants the primary responsibility of eight kids? This man chases younger women for heaven's sake.

1563 days ago


Why do reality show people think that they are entertaining, that they can get jobs in TV and whatever

1563 days ago


Omg I don't know who's a bigger joke,lindsay or him. LMFAO a tv host?

1563 days ago


Jon was given the 22,000 a month in his settlement, it was set aside so he wouldn't be able to spend it on other things. Do you know how much her bills are per month? Yes, three nannies, but one for the twins who have alot of after school stuff and one for each set of three boys and three girls is not alot. And who knows, maybe they each work 8 hour shifts and take care of all eight. Does she have a house payment or is it paid for, and security may not only be for her, she may have secruity for the kids that no one knows about because then it wouldn't work. Not counting food utilities clothing, it all adds up. Plus Jon doesn't pay it. It was provided for him by the settlement. He just can't stand to see that much going to the kids and he wants his hands on it!

1563 days ago


#81 Blessings a/k/a Kate or her "TLC machine."

1563 days ago


As much as I'd like to see those kids supported and well taken care of, I don't want to see Jon on TV. Ever again. I'll tolerate a show about Kate and the kids if it means she can make enough money to take care of all of them and send them to college, but I just can't stomach any more Jon.

1563 days ago
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