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Jon Gosselin: I Never Asked for Custody

4/22/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin is lashing out at the lawyer he just fired .... claiming the attorney filed legal papers asking for primary custody without Jon's permission.

Gosselin tells TMZ, "I never wanted primary custody, he [attorney Anthony List] filed for that.  I only wanted a more flexible custody schedule so I could be with my kids."

But List tells TMZ, "Jon signed off on everything."

Jon, who is pissed that List spoke with the media, insists he wants to pay child support, adding, "I just can't afford the $22,000 a month right now. That is why I'm trying to find a job."

As for what type of job ... Jon says, "I would like a job in some aspect of TV, probably as a host."

Well, if Kate can dance ...


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This guy's a fat, ugly douchebag, with a capital 'D'. I'm tired of seeing his fugly face, and hearing his incessant whining.

Hey Jon, you really want to get back into the good graces of the American public? Why don't you get into your car, and drive off the nearest cliff. Comprende?

1615 days ago


I watched one episode of Jon & Kate, and Kate is awful. Unless your a multi millionaire who can possibly pay $22k a MONTH for child support, that's ridiculous.

1615 days ago

me not you    

I am convinced this guy will be on Dancing With The Vaguely Familiar next season, just watch.

1615 days ago


# 81-

TLC pays for EVERYTHING! The house, nannies, bodyguards. etc. Plus Kate makes 100K a month from TLC. Dont forget her little 21K a month child support payments!

1615 days ago


#81- Wake up!

TLC paid off the mansion. TLC is paying for the nannies, bodyguard, gourmet chefs,pool attendant and gardener. The kids get free clothing from Gap and Gymboree..The childrens college has already been paid for by the state of Pennsylvania in 2005! The children's school tuition for their private school is mostly covered( by taxpayers?) ON top of that, Kate gets paid 100K a month, yes a MONTH from TLC! And dont forget Jon's measley 21K a month child support payment.
Me thinks that Kate and the kids arent in bad shape at all!

1615 days ago


Jon wouldn't have necessarily read the custody petition. What he would have signed is an affidavit or a verification - not the petition, itself. Knowing his lawyer, who is a comple fame whore, I would say it's more than possible that Jon never saw the custody petition. Hahah, if he had, he might have been able to correct the misstatements in it. I hear there were many! His lawyer called the tabloids before he even filed it. I guess Jon should have called him on it then.

1615 days ago


getRealz, glad to see someone has the ACTUAL FACTS...but #81 already knows this, as she is Kate. And thanks for mentioning that the kids' college educations have already been secured by the state of Pennsylvania, and I HAVE SEEN THE DO***ENT.

1615 days ago



You have at least a couple of facts wrong. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did NOT pay for the kids' college tuition. It opened savings accounts in each of the kids' names with $25.00 in each one. These are special tuition accounts that any parent can open for their kids. Also, that mansion was purchased by TLC but there's a $750,000 mortgage on it and the Gosselins make the monthly mortgage payment. I doubt very much that TLC pays the nannies. Where in the world do you get your "facts?"

1615 days ago


I use to like Jon but all he does now is lie lie lie lie lie

1615 days ago

dirty diana    

These two, Jon and Kate really do believe they are celebrities. Both of them are need of psychiatric help - they are narcisstic.

Posted at 9:20 AM on Apr 22, 2010 by carol

you are soo right!!! she is on her way back to l/a without the kids, she has her lover boy bodyguard with her, God I hate these too..... just get them BOTH away from tv, they suck!!! poor kids, i believe now they just had them for stepping stones to fame and they do suck, nothing good about wither one, i was for him, but now i see he is trying to play a game too!!!! morons should BOTH lose the kids, let the damn nannies HAVE them that is the mom and dad they know!!!!! selfish pig, jon and kate, i really wish bad on you too idiots!!!!

1615 days ago


He should be getting the 22k month for having to live with that mean woman for all those years, and for being a real dad to those kids. The 22k will bankrupt him, making him look much worse in the media, as he will not be able to make the payments.
Jon needs his own show. "Jon and Eight" kate is too busy looking stupid on the dance on the floor. It IS possible that some men are better fathers, then the mom's in the family.

1615 days ago


oh we go again. Another Gosselin on TV. GAG. Didn't he want to be out of the spot light and that is why he shut down the Jon and Kate plus 8??? now he wants to be a tv host? wow. c'mon jon...get a freakin job and start paying your Child Support. If not $22,000...then pay what you can!!!

1615 days ago


# 81-

TLC pays for EVERYTHING! The house, nannies, bodyguards. etc. Plus Kate makes 100K a month from TLC. Dont forget her little 21K a month child support payments!

1615 days ago


Some folks don't always read the court do***ents their lawyer s file on their behalf. The only do***net you sign is a verification or an affidavit, which just says that the do***ent is factual to the best of your knowledge. Some people just sign off without reading the complaint or petition (because 1- it's boring, 2- it's lengthy, and 3- they trust their lawyers). Give him the benefit of the doubt. I know it's hard. But give it a try.

1615 days ago


Kate didn't even give her kid a drink of water(she took one herself)I don't get why other mothers side with her,she isn't anyone to look up to,she had the 6 because that's what she wanted,Jon was happy with just the twins.I understand that it was Kate that told him it was over before he started with the girls.She treated him like s--t on the show,he was the one washing the kids,getting them dressed,etc.All she did was b---h show after show,scream at him in stores,if the shoe was on the other foot the Emails would have come into TLC to get them off ASAP.I think it would be a good thing to rent the show and see who was the bad parent.anyone remember her looking out of the window and saying mine all mine ? That is the real Kate.

1615 days ago
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