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Kate Gosselin -- Have Kids, Will Travel

4/22/2010 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her primetime dance interpretations of "Weekend at Bernie's" now over, Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids landed in Maryland today.

Contrary to popular belief, Kate doesn't really have any baggage.


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Why are those kids out of school? Why are the little ones dressed alike? They're not babies. They turn six in May.

1612 days ago


Why aren't they in school? And why are those poor kids dressed alike? They aren't babies anymore.

1612 days ago


Wow, Look how miserable the kids look. Good job Kate. Keep exploiting them for your fame and fortune.

1612 days ago

X Fan    

She's back with her kids and look at how sad they look....she's the only one smiling.

1612 days ago


The kids always look so angry and miserable...don't they ever smile either? Hasn't Kate taught them to smile when they see the camera?

1612 days ago



You are all wrong, the kids just got off a flight from CA where they spent the week with Kate. The kids just got of a flight that was 6 hours of a flight plus wait time for the flight. They are tired, bored or both. Most adults are done by such a trip. Kate has been with them of throughout her DWTS practice sessions,flying into CA for taping days.

Kate made money to keep her family afloat, not like Jon is doing anything other than lawsuits and Bull**** sessions.

Try to remember we only see the snapshot posted not the reams of pictures that they don't show us.

1612 days ago

Moe Greene    

Kate is thinking about how to spend the money she just got for looking like a complete fool on national TV (again).

The kids are thinking how miserable this planet is with a mom who is a fame whore and a dad who started his midlife crisis at 25.

I'm surprised one or more of them didn't try to open the emergency door at 35,000 feet. It's not like their mom would notice any of them gone anytime soon.

1612 days ago


Why is Kate taking them out of school again.

1612 days ago

go home!    

You are all retarded. The kids are looking down so as not to have their pricture taken. Wake up and stop being asses for just one minute. She's with her kids again, but yet you mean, bitter people who are miserable with your own lives have to find something to criticize kate for. If the kids were smiling you would say she was pimping the kids for the camera. You all are *******s. Get a life and get off kates ass.

1612 days ago


The kids look so darn sad. They look like that all the time. Meanwhile, the "mother of eight" has a insane smile on hrr face You might see one or two kids looking down in a normal family but all eight of them look like they are going to take their lives. They are used to cameras.....she had them shoved in their face and up their ass every since they were born. They will probably run away from their hag mother when they get older.

1612 days ago


Can anyone look at a photo and see anything that's real? If you take the red-eye from Cali with eight kids, you will be sleepy. Her kids were with her in California, thus they slept on a plane for the return trip. Sorry haters. Give it a rest fools.

1612 days ago

jealous of kate    

a picture, you can NOT tell anything from ONE picture. and I am SURE this photog took more than ONE PICTURE, but posted the one with the kids looking down. AND if you see them coming and going to their bus, THEY LOOK DOWN AND DON'T TALK TO THE PAPS. THEY WERE TOLD NOT TO. You cannot tell if they are sad, unhappy, hungry, tired, etc. from one snapshot. You are being an idiot if you think you can. This woman can not win for anything. She has a babysitter with her. I know alot of women that have someone with them because they have 3 kids and they CAN'T HANDLE 3 KIDS AND NEED HELP. She has 8 and she is in the front and the sitter/nannie is in the back. E has a picture and 'story' about this, supposed ripped it off of US mag and it said she dropped in, said hello, goodbye and took off on them. They were wearing these identical clothes. And supposedly she left with the invisible bodyguard. and all the haters followed. I think people just feel better about themselves and their parenting when they think when she isn't doing for her kids. And all you haters, you have NO IDEA WHAT SHE DOES OR DOESN'T DO, BECAUSE MOST OF THESE RAGS ARE MAKING MOST OF THIS UP-GO LOOK AT E ONLINE AND LOOK AT WHAT EVERYONE IS WEARING.

1612 days ago

Just Me    

You know what, FrankCA, you are absolutely right! I didn't give it much thought until I read your comment but we moms/dads instinctively keep our kinds in front of us, in our line of sight.

27. Question... What parent or even family member walks in front of their children at an airport? I know there is a lady walking with them but could we at least try and act like we care about their safety when people are around? She is a really piece of work. They both are.

Posted at 2:19 PM on Apr 22, 2010 by FrankCA

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1612 days ago


Why does Kate feel the need to crush the individuality of her sextuplets by dressing them all the same? Is she that big a control freak or is she just to lazy to help them shop for their own clothes? She has plenty of time to shop for herself!

1612 days ago


Sad? Maybe, how about tired from a long flight. Wonder if they flew coach? Think they got a group rate?

1612 days ago
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