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Lindsay Lohan --

One More Chance

4/22/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0422_lindsay_lohan_EX_TMZ_01Third time will be a charm for Lindsay Lohan's deposition ... or else.

TMZ was in court this AM when lawyers for the people suing Lindsay  -- over a wild ride on Pacific Coast Highway back in 2007 -- asked a judge to order her to show up for her deposition.  The attorneys also asked for sanctions against Lindsay, for not showing up twice for her depo.

But there were technical problems with the legal docs that were filed, and the lawyers -- including Lindsay's lawyer, Ed McPherson -- agreed that Lohan will really really appear on May 4 for her deposition.

But this time the judge made it clear ... he'll throw the book at her if she doesn't appear.


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LaToya Jackson    

Lindsay won't show up .. next stop jail

1647 days ago

Breanna Sloan    

u know what i think Lindsey can make her own decisions in life she doesnt need you people doggin' on her. im a bad grrl too and i still have friends and so should Lindsey shes ok...

1647 days ago


Breanna Sloan, you are an uneducated idiiot and no one cares what you think. I doubt she'll show up in May. She's been repeatedly enabled to continue her unacceptable behavior, why would anyone expect her to change now without extensive rehab.

1647 days ago



1647 days ago


Time for suicide watch.

1647 days ago

Breanna Sloan    

hey big momma i know my comment was ****ed but u gotta realize that some people cant help that they have ****ed up lives, Lindsey wouldnt be so screwd if her mom hadnt screwed her u know.

1647 days ago


it's such Bullsh*t....if that was any of us "regular people" we'd be in jail for not showing up..... The legal system favors celebrities all the time and it's ridiculous! these celebs do whatever they want because they know they'll get a slap on the wrist and be off on their merry little way back to shopping on Robertson.

1647 days ago


I am beyond sick of hearing about Lindsay Lohan. I am beyond sick of her parents/friends and the law enabling spoiled brat mentality. I totally agree with Dr. Drew when she said (in so many words) that she would benefit from a little jail time. Put this woman away somewhere. She has been indulged far too long. I'm sick of it!!!!!!!!!

1647 days ago

Breanna Sloan    

**** u DeeDee she could use mental health not jail bitch!!!

1647 days ago


even if she got jail time it would only be 45 min. Like Paris and Nichole, So lame the legal system
Also since she has been breaking her probation she is still not picked up. Any one can see she doesn't care.

1647 days ago

Breanna Sloan    

maybe she does care bitch, maybe her life is spiraling outta control and she cant fix it...

1647 days ago


it may be time to throw her in a real jail for 6 months since no one else can get through to her

1647 days ago


Breanna Sloan? pathetic; stop being a wannabe celeb; This chick is a train wreck without talent; Something bad is going to happen to this girl because she never pays for what she does. Celebs in Cali are flat out above the law. My friend didn't show up to a depo and did a day in jail. Anyone looking up to losers like this are losers. Unreal.

1647 days ago


Throw the book at her???. Throw a whole friggin library at her.

1647 days ago


Lindsay's lucky her ass hasn't been incarcerated for such contumacious conduct, as willfully not showing up for a court date. She thumbed her nose at the judge, and is fortunate to still be roaming free.

It's only a matter of time before she ends up behind bars or dead. Hopefully my words do not foreshadow her demise, but that's where things seem to be headed.

1647 days ago
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