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Lindsay Lohan --

One More Chance

4/22/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0422_lindsay_lohan_EX_TMZ_01Third time will be a charm for Lindsay Lohan's deposition ... or else.

TMZ was in court this AM when lawyers for the people suing Lindsay  -- over a wild ride on Pacific Coast Highway back in 2007 -- asked a judge to order her to show up for her deposition.  The attorneys also asked for sanctions against Lindsay, for not showing up twice for her depo.

But there were technical problems with the legal docs that were filed, and the lawyers -- including Lindsay's lawyer, Ed McPherson -- agreed that Lohan will really really appear on May 4 for her deposition.

But this time the judge made it clear ... he'll throw the book at her if she doesn't appear.


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Crandall Mcnally    

She needs to hit ROCK BOTTOM!! Too many Enablers in her life!

1591 days ago


If she lived in the hood she would have had the book thrown at her the first time. This is some b.s.

1591 days ago


Well maybe she should call and make an apt for a cab now. I think getting the jail cell ready is better.

1591 days ago


Hey Breanna: my mother (and stepmother) screwed me up too but I am a responsible member of society - you can't blame everything on the parents -

this girl needs some serious help in the mental health department

and if Britney Spears has a conservatorship over her why not Lindsey? just saying..

1591 days ago


she is crazy

1591 days ago


lindsay lohan tweets 2minutes ago:
thank g-d for my mommy... w/out her, i wouldn't even know myself..
when will it ever end... it's been going on my whole life with him-hasn't he caused enough pain ?
due to HIS drug use.he has NEVER paid child support, and is marrying a tabloid writer and can barely spell his own name due to his "brain" that has been ruined. let's not forget, that my father KIDNAPPED me from a COURT ROOM when i was 4 years old and is CRAZY.

1591 days ago


Thanks Breanna .. BTW there was a typo in my message. I meant to say "he" and not "she" regarding Dr. Drew. And yes she needs jail. She's been in tons of rehabs and has resources for help that most of us could only dream about. She's blown every opportunity to clean up her act. She's a mess. Her next stop is jail.

1591 days ago


i think lindsay is ok. im tired of the world thinking its ALL abt Lindsay. ppl should give her privacy. let her live.. ppl u love u live and.......u live ONCE same For LILO..

1591 days ago


She's retarded! Hot but, retarded none the less!

Tigers love pepper! It's cinnamon they hate!!!

1591 days ago


One more chance? She's had 50-11 chances and blew them all. I say some jail time might sober her up. And for those who say she's hot: She looks like she's infested with every STD imaginable. I guess ya'll must be looking for itchy crouches.

1591 days ago


Who cares if she shows or not?? This is just another case of how attractive white people get 2nd and 3rd and 9th and 22nd chances. Lindsay Lohan is a no talent ho'bag. She's 24 and looks 40. Her ass is already saggy (see TMZ beach bod pics), she's got a smoker's hack and a whiskey voice. Chick is spent and gross, and does zzzzzip to improve the world around her. Lohan should be doing whatever she does and contributing something positive to the world around her.

Who are these psychos posting such love and support for some burnt out "model/actress" they do not even know?? With all the real people in our lives, does anyone actually, really "care" what happens to this dumb bitch? And by "care," I mean do more than just post idiotic "we love yoooooouuuu" messages?

1591 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

her excuses are such a crock! The school thing i could have understood but it's not like she wasn't able to phone somebody, but to miss a second appearance cuz she couldn't get a ride? she has money, phone a damn limo service! wtf!

And I agree, our asses would have had a warrant on them after missing the first one, rich people and "celebrities" really irk me with this bull!

1591 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

wow... the way she's typing and reacting i'd almost say "Breanna Sloan" is Lindsay incognito...
and she doesn't need "mental health" (i'm sure that was supposed to read mental HELP), they've tried that, they've tried rehab... this bitch just doesn't care... Either she's lying about ever wanting to help herself or she needs to start acting better about it.
I am SO tired of hearing how everyone with a f'ed up life turns to drugs cuz "no one loves them" blah blah blah... BULL! you have plenty of people around to help you... you like the drugs, you like the party lifestyle, stop acting like you want help... you can't even be bothered to show up for a deposition... go home, you've had your 15 minutes, we'll mourn for you when you OD

1591 days ago


Hey Lindsay your curtans have just been ordered for your jail suite which you'll be occupying real soon. Bitch

1591 days ago


le-lo, lo-le or whatever, get a grip momma. if whitney could do it so could you.
get on with it before this is what all your legacy will entail.
call me girl:
818.795.6288 j

1591 days ago
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