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TMZ Live: Michael Lohan Explains Himself

4/22/2010 6:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan sat face to face with Harvey Levin today -- moments after he and the L.A. Sheriff's Department left Lindsay Lohan's apartment ... to explain everything that went down inside.


UPDATE: Lindsay is tweeting up a storm. Among her slings and arrows:

- Michael is full of it that she sleeps on the floor with a mattress ... "Hahaha also, just an fyi, i sleep in a bed, it's a comforpedic & it's fantastical!! so that is ah-really ah-rude to say i have no furniture."

- "My friend doesn't drive 100mph!! my dad is the one who drove into a telephone pole!!!! hello! i'm not up ALL NIGHT!!! stop lying!"

- "The police had NO probable cause breaking and entering into my home which is the only place i find privacy ... this is MY personal space."


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1609 days ago

maggie mae    

This man is not a father and never was. However, to go even further Dina is not a mother and never has been. How can you let your 16 yr old daughter be with Lindsay who is a loser????? Ali should be in school and living a normal life. She is going to be a second Lindsay. Both so called parents should get real time jobs,.

1609 days ago


michael lohan is a douchebag. a severely dysfunctional family. arent there better ways to save your child than flaunting your childrens problems before an audience of millions?

1609 days ago


I know everyone is curious..just like me about the Lohan family. I just have this to say.
Michael is just like the spongy stuff that smells when you cut an old persons toenails. That is the only way I can explain it. I am a I know what that **** smells like.
I put Michael in the same mud puddle as the Balloon boy's dad. Want to be in the news and needs cameras.
Just think...Seriously!! Just think...take your time..what would michael be doing with his pathetic slug, maggot life if he didn't have those kids??
I hope either a lightning bolt slams his ugly mouth shut or maybe he can take a **** and die.
Bottom line is that Everyone has problems in their family. The question is that..Do you handle them with Class, or with drama to anyone that will put you on the camera or in the spotlight with anyone that will listen.
Michael Lohan is a VERY scary and yucky parasite. He reminds me of the leech that he is.
Michael Lohan is the example that should be put up in books for Plummers. Pucky **** that you want to barf after you flush it down the toilet!!
My opinion.

1609 days ago


Ali is really hot

1609 days ago



1609 days ago


Dina knows her daughters are taking drugs. If the rest of the world knows it she knows it. I would never allow one of my underage children go unaccompanied to LA to spend time in that environment. No loving and concerned parent would. Even if hypothetically Dina thought Lindsay was not using drugs, why would any decent mother allow a 16 yr old to be on the other side of the country in the care of very young adults. Who lets face it are still as reckless as most teenagers at that age. Both of these parents need to pull their heads in!

1609 days ago


The only reason he is talking to TMZ is the money he can not get from his daughter. He is the one the cops should lock up for extortion.

1609 days ago


OMG... hes just too much.. He loves the camera and he does it all to make himself look a great father, he just want attention. Yes Lindsay is having issues, but he's not the one to fix them. Where are her Managers and Agents to help her out ??? they should be helping her revive her career !!!

1609 days ago


I 100% agree with what he did. The whole family is a hot mess who need serious healing, Michael included.

And yea why isn't Ali in school? Maybe home schooled? And who is paying for that?

1609 days ago


There's alot of hearsay between Linds and her father. I am not saying this to set either one of them up, but if there was some kind of camcorder action going on between them two. like a hidden button camera on one of them just t see who exactly really said what? Example; when her dad came in and supposavly linds said "dad what are you doing here?!" & her father said "i am here with the sheriffs dept i am coming to check up ali" Which one of them is telling the truth? I mean- I would hope her father is the one telling the truth because he is the adult in the situation. But then again- Linds could be the one telling thr truth about her father storming in like the devils advocate. So who is really telling the truth here? Some survallance needs to be in place. Because I can almost see what happen to Brit Spears, happen to Linds. When the abulance came to Brits house and had to starp her down on a gaurney. Because Brit couldn'y contain herself. Is that what Linds wants? Probabtion needs to in place with Linds a drug test alcohol tests, randon drug tests ect. But then again- she's just getting star treatment.

1609 days ago


Her Dad is an idiot. His kids don't want anything to do with him. He needs to stay out of their lives. Lindsay gets enough negative press as it is and her father is not helping.

1609 days ago


This guy, Michael Lohan, is very concerned about his daughter. He's SO concerned in fact that on the way to rushing to his attorney's office to see what he can legally do to protect Lindsey from herself, he stops off at TMZ. FATHER OF THE YEAR!!!!!!! (douchebag)

1609 days ago

Natalie Blanke    

Do you feel in any part responsible for they way your children have turned out?

1609 days ago

B Strong Productions    

Lindsay needs a good spankin'............. I'll do it, really I would...bare bottom spankin' ....thats right. I wouldn't charge too much either. Gas money maybe.... but for the most part I would bare bottom spank lindsay out of the kindness of my heart..... for bare bottom spankin'

1609 days ago
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