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TMZ Live: Michael Lohan Explains Himself

4/22/2010 6:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan sat face to face with Harvey Levin today -- moments after he and the L.A. Sheriff's Department left Lindsay Lohan's apartment ... to explain everything that went down inside.


UPDATE: Lindsay is tweeting up a storm. Among her slings and arrows:

- Michael is full of it that she sleeps on the floor with a mattress ... "Hahaha also, just an fyi, i sleep in a bed, it's a comforpedic & it's fantastical!! so that is ah-really ah-rude to say i have no furniture."

- "My friend doesn't drive 100mph!! my dad is the one who drove into a telephone pole!!!! hello! i'm not up ALL NIGHT!!! stop lying!"

- "The police had NO probable cause breaking and entering into my home which is the only place i find privacy ... this is MY personal space."


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All this ******* Lohan wants is more attention. Thanks Harvey for giving him the attention he craves. So much for TMZ being more reliable and fact based than Perez Hilton.

1643 days ago


Lindsay, just hang in there. u are young good actress maybe too much fun lol but I hope u know what to do with ur dad. I mean watch out he can do something. its kinda your wake up call and get restraining order against him. U can do it. good luck

1643 days ago


All this interview did was turn Lindsay into a tweeting monster. Holy crap seriously she's looking as nuts as her father says she is.

1643 days ago


The first handful of comments has to be Michael's creepy girlfriend? I hope Lindsey gets a lawyer, and gets rid of this guy he is awkward.

1643 days ago


Considering the fact that Lindsay is going on a twitter rant right now, I'd imagine that she's not in agreement with this interview.

1643 days ago


I do think that Michael Lohan is motivated by money. He wants to become her conservator so that he can be in control of her money. Britney's father was working as a cook before he became B's conservator, which shows that he's not the type of person who would try to exploit Britney for her money. Michael Lohan has financial difficulties and no job - he wants to secure an income for himself by becoming Lindsey's conservator. Aside from that, he is always manic-y, and may not even be such a great influence on Lindsey herself. And most importantly, let's not forget an individual's right to freedom, incl. the freedom to live the type of life they can or want to. Therapy-Nazis like Dr. Drew are sick themselves, not to mention motivated by a hunger for fame. NO REAL and ethical physician would ever run his mouth publically about a case he is not even informed about or involved in. He cannot sterilize the world, and make everyone live by his "clean" rules. The only avenue medicine has is to SERVE and hopefully gain a patient's trust and thereby a way to help them. BUT it is completely UNETHICAL to attempt to FORCE himself onto Lindsay as her "savior" ie fame hungry quack and to speak about her in public. It is and must remain every person's RIGHT TO REFUSE TREATMENT and then be LEFT ALONE by those quack doctors.

1643 days ago


Harvey & Michael look like brothers

1643 days ago


That entire family needs a protective order against that crazy loon. How sad for them.

1643 days ago


I wonder how long before she's dead? I figure it was a certainty before, but now that her "dad" has stirred her all up, once again, I figure she will get herself all tanked up and doped up and she'll be the next "poor hollywood legend" to die even sooner.

1643 days ago


Lindsay is up all night - or almost all night - every night. Proof of this is the pics of her drunk and falling all over the place at 4:30 a.m.

1643 days ago


you can not blame the parent when a child is a drug addict, no matter what the case.

Lindsey has a serious drug addiction. You can not force an addict to do anything, especially get help. Let her spend her money, she has hardly any left. When she hits bottom, then she will seek help and not until then.

Michael should know this - as a recovering addict himself.

1643 days ago


YES!! THAT'S how it's done! Michael Lohan is THE MAN!!!

1643 days ago


She'll be found by her "friends" one day, dead and bloated on her mattress. Folks will say "what a tragedy, she was such a good actress", and "she was turning her life around", and "the good die young" ---

The truth is that she is a self-absorbed drug addict from a dysfunctional family who threw her life away. All by herself. The only one to blame is Lindsey herself.

What people will be saying is "she did this to herself" and "those hollyweird wanna-be actresses are such losers" and "good riddance!"

Sad but true. Most of America has absolutely no sympathy for jerks like her and her parents. In a world where the economy and war are two legitimate concerns, she ranks below the bottom in terms of value.

Either she augers in or gets straight, the sooner the better.

1643 days ago


I guess I'm old-fashioned compared to most of the people leaving comments here but Ali should be in school. She should finish high school. I don't get the point of having a 16 year old not attending school and just partying with her older sister all day and night. Lindsay isn't working. No one seems interested in hiring her. What's Ali going to do when it's time to earn a living and she doesn't even have a high school degree?

1643 days ago


I get the distinct feeling this schmuck's bucking for a conservatorship to get his chunk of a pie, just like Jamie did with Britney. Does this idiot even have a REAL JOB???? Who on Earth does he think airing everyone's dirty laundry is going to benefit?

1643 days ago
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