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Romancing Rachel Uchitel - Coming to TV

4/22/2010 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0422_rachel_uchitel_EX_TMZ_04There's a story out there that Tiger Woods' Mistress #1 -- Rachel Uchitel -- is hitting a Vegas dance studio so she can be on the next installment of "Dancing with the Stars" ... but TMZ has learned Rachel has become far more entrepreneurial and is pitching her very own reality show.

Sources tell TMZ Rachel, along with two producers and an agent, have gone to 4 different cable networks, pitching a show called "Romancing Rachel."  We're told the premise is that Rachel has a hard time meeting guys, given what's been going on with her.  The pitch -- watch Rachel try to find true love ... with single guys.

We're told Rachel was in L.A. earlier this month and pitched the show -- along with her producing entourage -- to E!, VH1, Oxygen and Lifetime.  We're told Lifetime and E! have passed, but VH1 and Oxygen are still in play.

As for Rachel's entourage -- one of the producers is Scott Jeffress, who produced "Jersey Shore," "The Bachelor" and a bunch of other shows.

As for "DWTS" ... we're told Rachel isn't taking dance lessons to get on the show.  She just wants a new hobby.



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I'd watch "Rachel Go Away."

1590 days ago


This is just wrong, people need to boycott shows like these and tell networks we have dignity and morals and above all are intelligent enough not to reward brainless whores with fame.

1590 days ago


People watch the kardashain clan so they'll probably watch her too ...You don't have to have any talent to get a show on the E channel ..Kendra ,Kim K and the list of long of stupid people that channel will let on ..I surprised they didnt jump all over it

1590 days ago


You'd better tell her to go back to the pervert horndog now he's available.
Tiger and this whore deserve each other. Two ugly pigs with no integrity and values. Maybe a new reality show : Tiger and his slut.
She can go to hell along with the other whores. No one wants to see her nasty face anymore. She has no talent, no real beauty and no brains. Everything is fake with her.
Why do we reward this kind of useless bimbos ?
Really we live in a sad sad sad pathetic society !

1590 days ago

Christina G.    

She's about as popular with the general public as Jon Gosselin. The only way those two will get a show is if it's a reality show about what's it like to be so unpopular.

1590 days ago


So....this is what she has decided she wants to be rememebered for I take it?

I was a mistress to a pompus ass, I cashed in on that relationship claiming, I'm sure, just how distraught she was so the check was as big as she could get, and now she is delusional thinking she is going to be a 'star' out of all this?

Has it ever once entered any of these stuipd women brains, all of them, the Jesse's girls, all the Tiger girls, the reputation they have given themselves?

WHAT is the first thing YOU think about when someone says Monica Lewinski? Blow job on the President right? Bill Clinton? A GREAT President, but.....all I ever think of FIRST is, he was getting a nob job under the desk.

Soooooo, there you have it.

1590 days ago

who dat    

Take your 10 Mil and go F off. She is a bad person. Always looking to capitalize on others pain. Mark my words, she is going to end up having a sad life.

1590 days ago


Is this yet another example proving that the United States is, indeed, the "land of opportunity"? When some historian finally writes about the end of civilisation as we knew it, I strongly suggest he/she will declare it began with the onset of reality television. Anyone no matter how untalented, now matter how devoid of moral character, etc. could find fame and fortune on reality t.v. All supported by the you the viewers. Thanks a freking lot!

1590 days ago


I'm not too sure Elin could live the life she is living without Tiger. After all is said Tiger is coming around. He's lucky he employed a smart tactic, which worked out for him, check out the story

1590 days ago


How hard is it to romance a skank?

She can't be romanced, she is a prostitute, those wh**** never fall in Love.

1590 days ago


All we want from you is your list of clients- put a show on with that, I'll watch, otherwise, we don't care about you;

You sold yourself already- too used.....

1590 days ago


Oh god..those stupid glasses, and injected lips. What a contrived sl*t. She slept for money, and she doesn't think she is a whore?

1590 days ago


Nah, the only way I wood watch it is if it was called: "Romancing Rachel's Rear End".

Come on people, home wrecking ho or not, there's no denying that she's got one fine ass on her!

1590 days ago


I would rather watch weed grow from my sidewalk than watch this nasty collogen, silicone, and who knows what/who else has been injected in her skanky ass.

1590 days ago


I also don't think Porno's are considered reality shows? Oh yeah that's right these Wh**** think it is reality! silly, grouchy ol' me, keep forgetting these bimbo's are braindead!

1590 days ago
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