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Bret Michaels -- 'Setback' in Recovery Process

4/27/2010 7:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_brett_michaels_BN_TMZ_03Bret Michaels' reps confirm that the rocker suffered a "setback" in his recovery from a brain hemorrhage -- and he may now be at risk for seizures.

According to Bret's people -- test results show Bret is experiencing hyponatremia, a side effect from the subarachnoid hemorrhage which is caused by a lack of sodium in the body. The condition can often lead to seizures.

But despite the setback, doctors are still hopeful Bret will gradually improve, "as the blood surrounding the brain dissolves and is reabsorbed into his system, which can be a very painful recovery and take several weeks to months."

Bret's reps also report that the rocker "remains under 24-hour observation in the ICU and is in positive spirits. He is responding well to tests and treatments."

Bret was first hospitalized for the hemorrhage last Thursday night after complaining of a massive headache.


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Ok...what part of not every pt responds the same to any given situation, or disorder, do you NOT understand? How can I make it any more clear to you?
As a matter of fact, I graduated from NS with honors and 2nd year students were coming to me for suggestions about situations with their patients, when I was only 2nd quarter of 1st year during clinical rotations. They were getting ready to graduate in 3 mths! So, umm.....yeah.
I would like you to show me any where in my 1st post to you, where I attacked you? All I was suggesting was to not compartmentalize all pts into 1 prognosis. Because believe it or not, the outcomes are NOT always the same with every TBI involving the same area of the brain.
There's obviously no talking to you unless you are made to feel right about *everything* you say, even if your wrong. As long as everyone agrees with you and everything you say, all is well.
Whatever. G'night Doc.

1648 days ago


way way funny, no of course not all situations are the same, but in this particular described stroke. there is disability in every sense of the word. how much of course that all is the same, but disability is a given. and other such physical disorders. or of course the other outcome of this is death, a proven fact nurse. i could care less who agrees with me or not. i do not make facts happen, they are facts no matter what. yes night so called fake nurse. from the professionals at the most highly respected hospital in the country, please do not put your application in. we really wish we knew your name so as to warn everyone. good god. bret hope you have the best possible recovery, to your family, for the children to see their father alive even with disability will prove to outweight any other choice. best wishes. i know what you are going through. do not take this man away from his children, if it is your choice. with much love from my family to yours. As for this so called nurse, twilightmom, there isnt a person in the world that wouldnt agree, i am looking at life, what is it you dont understand. secretary is your path, i doubt you are even that. brets family, take care, it is going to be a long road, you will make it through this.

1648 days ago


RN...a SIMPLE education? Do you know how many people can't handle NS? Between the stress of the lecture and testing...anything below an 80 was failing. (Fyi: and 80 in all other subjects other than nsg, was a low B. ?) Combine that with clinical rotations as well as outside projects within the community we were required to do-we lost half of our class the 1st semester.
But just believe what you want. You're going to anyway.
So..don't keep us in suspense any longer. Lol. What is your profession?
Sumo wrestler? Is that how you go about releasing the tension that you still have left over after attacking others who dare defy your way of thinking on a gossip site? Eh..w/e

Anothemancy...ur right. Its all about the person here. That was cute. And ommmm to u too! Lol

1648 days ago

sandy crazy. lets just say, as I said, RN, a simple education that requires only lets say what others do not want to do. such as a gofer in a way. no need to say what prof., the most highly respect hosp in the country says it all. thanks so much for silliness tonight, i needed a laugh. i believe what i want, ha, thank goodness i do, or so many people would be where you misinformed nurses have doomed those. nitey nitey. enough laughs for tonight. BRET SWEET MAN, BEST WISHES, AND FAMILY YOU WILL KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT WITH THE REAL INFO YOU HAVE FROM THE REAL PROFESSIONALS. MUCH LOVE

1648 days ago


I agree with sandy, not twilight nurse. You sound like the meanest nurse ever! I commend the woman who helped get her husband back to health. I would trust you any day over twilightmom.

I hope Bret can recover. He's kinda adorable.

1648 days ago


Moppie...moppie...really. ??
You know nothing about my bedside manner. I am an excellent, and highly compassionate nurse. My pts and their families all love me. And I help to save life and to restore quality of life after something like this happens to some one. Don't base your opinion on words you read on a gossip site.
Sandy-just repeating "the most prestigious hosp in the country" (or however it was worded) means nothing.
So...RN's are nothing but gofers? Hmm...I'm sure the RN's who brought the Medrol to help reduce the swelling and ICP on your husbands brain, or pain meds later when he had been stabilized and working on regain his QOL....I'm sure they would greatly appreciate that. That's downright degrading to them.
And if you had some type of profession at this "best hospital in the country", you would know how absolutely ridiculous a statement like that is.

1648 days ago


I feel bad for him and his family , they been going threw allot of things lately. I keep him and his family in my payers. Get well soon. God blass

1648 days ago


`You guys are arguing when you know absolutely nothing about the true situation! Why bother? It is very true that no two patients are alike though. As I mentioned in another post, my mother and sister both had brain bleeds. My mother ended up in the hospital for FOUR years, two of which were in a semi vegetative state. However, in the ER right after her bleed, she spoke to me on the phone and knew everything that had happened and I had no idea what was in store. She was fine after surgery - eating, talking, walking, just a little goofy. Then a second bleed occurred and it was all downhill from there.
`My sister, on the other hand, had a seizure and passed out and was completely unaware of anything until after they went in to stop the bleeding. Both of them had strokes during procedures. My sister's was mild, my mother's put her into a months long coma.
`There are simply no two patients alike. We have been fed a bunch of vague, strange, and seemingly completely false information about Bret's condition. Everyone on the net from journalists to fans to his own father is speculating. If you read the commentary from Bret's band's drummer, Pete, he says they cannot give the public the real info out of respect for the kids and the family. Also, his official website and facebook page both are telling people the reports we are reading are FALSE. What the REAL story is, I have no idea. Nor does anyone here (unless a family member is reading). All we can do is to pray that Bret will come out of this and that he won't live in a vegetative state because I think we all know that would be the last thing he would want considering how active he is. I pray he recovers enough to make strides. And that's all anyone can do right now.

1648 days ago


i want to say this because i know this is all we have when it is said and done. Jesus Christ. There is a heaven and there is a hell. I am praying for Brett to come to faith that God loves him and he did not die and Brett needs to know that the Lord is watching over his condition. Christ is with him and i pray for Brett that he sences his Holy presents around him at this frightening time. There is truley a one God and a Heaven and i am praying for Brett to come through and turn his life to Jesus the king of all kings and the lord of lords who knows everything Brett needs and knows how Brett feels after all we are all Gods children. LOVE IN CHRIST...BE WeLL! BRETT!

1648 days ago


"I know that everyone is waiting for some OFFICIAL news, however we just cant give any right now. This is a time for family, a time for healing and a time for love. It is out of respect first and foremost for his precious daughters, their mother and his immediate family that none of us say anything. The press has a way of taking information and doing what they want with it. At a critical time, we who care deepest for him, refuse to offer any information that can be delivered incorrectly. Imagine if your children or parents read something even slightly not true about you or your health on the internet. Its not fun.

Pete Evick
Friend and guitarist for BMB" on his official website

* I misspoke when I said he was the drummer in the post aboveabove.

1648 days ago


Lady N-
Thxs for the back up there. Lol. I was never specifically speaking of the case at hand--I was speaking in general. I've seen so many times where the prognosis to be very grim and out of nowhere, the pt went from circling the drain to being discharged with minimal to absolutely NO residuals.
Our bodies are remarkable machines, esp our brains. Truly amazing.

1648 days ago



You are so right. My mother was given hours to live then days then...well...she had last rights more than anyone possibly could imagine but she pulled through for years. On the other hand, my father whose lungs started to bleed, was said to be suffering a common setback from his recovery from aspiration pneumonia. He was doing great even when the bleeding occurred. He died three hours later.

There is just no telling what will happen. Two people can present with exact symptoms and one could walk away completely unscathed and the other could end up in a vegetative state or dead. There are too many variables to compare anyone's experience with another's. We just have to wait and hope.

1648 days ago


No! Let them go at it. Twi is right. My father is caring for my step mom daily, somewhat similar situation. Step mom is a know it all, but not really, know what I mean...

1648 days ago


....I am so NOT "star stuck." AT ALL! BRETT MICHAELS has been NOTHING but a "GENTLEMAN" since the day he appeared with "Poison" yada yada....Brett is nothing BUT respectful with his relationship with Pamela Anderson, from the past (none of the the public's business, by the way)......this whole situation is hitting my heart BAD....

BRETT Will Recover out of ICU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1648 days ago


He is in my prayers! I hope he comes out of this. And to Santa, If you dont care why is your punk ass reading and commenting on the article!! Pathetic loser!!!

1648 days ago
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