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Charlie Sheen, Incontinent? It Depends

4/23/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen doesn't appear worried about his future on "Two and a Half Men" -- he does, however, seem deeply concerned about bladder issues.

A week after Charlie boy unveiled his bald head, he was spotted in a Los Angeles area CVS last night  -- pining over adult underwear and flipping through a tabloid magazine with him on the cover.

He bought some aspirin and a pack of razor blades. The adult diapers remained on the shelf. 

Interesting ....


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Taking a step on the really dark side here; Maybe he's going to take a lot of aspirin to thin his blood, cut his wrist and doesn't want to leave an embarrassing mess behind, besides the blood of course. I write really bad, no one will publish novels so it's easy for me to come up with this, but art imitates life so you never know.

1612 days ago


Thats hilarious, he does have a sense of humor :) Too bad he beats chicks, cause that makes him a pig forever.

1612 days ago


Oh please TMZ! He doesn't have an Incontinence problem. Knowing Charlie it's just some freaky sex thing! I mean come on, the shaved head, the adult diapers, throw in a few escorts and you see where this is all going, right!?

Charlie rocks! He lives his life how he wants and he's true to himself, and he doesn't seem to have a care about what others think about it. In Germany they have a saying that goes something like "It's not until your reputation is ruined that your truly free to live life as you wish". Charlie is truly fortunate in that regard!

1612 days ago


Interesting? Not really. When he was caught with that woman and the media said his attire and the whole thing was a prank, he's taking that ball and running with it. These shots are obviously a set-up and he is hoping the world will think, "Yes, that Charlie Sheen, the prankster!" Not the PHILANDERER he Probably is.

1612 days ago


He's playing around with the paps. He's an actor and he loves attention, good or bad. It keeps his name out there. And he shaved his head most likely for the same reason Britney did.

1612 days ago

Miltown Girl    

This guy is not 'funny' ... he was obviously high on these pictures. Yes - he was 'playing with the paps' but someone in their right mind wouldn't do that at this moment in time.

He's the father of four small children - we give guys like this a pass and say he's funny or 'just posing' for the camera because he's famous. He needs to get some help and get a grip on reality.

He has so much potential as an actor - both serious & comedic. He's wrapped up in a lifestyle that will, unfortunately, only lead him in a downward spiral... again.

I can only hope that his youngest children get the support and guidance they need from SOMEONE because his current wife and he are obviously not able to provide it. It's really sad, actually.

1612 days ago


C'mon y'all....don't make fun of people who can't "hold their water."

1612 days ago



1612 days ago


Way way way too 'Britney Spears' if you ask me. This is all a publicity stunt to take the focus off the legal issues he is having with his wife.

1612 days ago


haha, Charlie should p!ss on the paps and tell em it is raining. Some of them would believe it, the tabs would run with it.

1612 days ago


Charlie looks like a moron!

1612 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

He is totally messing with the paps - go Charlie!

1612 days ago


Charlie, you wouldn't need the adult diapers if you would lay off the stool softeners. They don't make you that high anyway.

1612 days ago


He sure looks like a wierdo. He probably shaved his head to avoid getting drug-tested what with his bad temper and all.

Oh, and Charlie quit posting about what a great guy you are, you loser. You're not fooling anyone. You're a has been that never was.

1612 days ago


He clearly enjoys hamming it up for the paparazzi.

1612 days ago
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