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Kate Gosselin's 8 Kids -- Cleared for Spin-Off

4/25/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's new TLC show "Kate Plus 8" is all systems go -- because the local Department of Labor says the kiddies have been cleared to continue their careers as reality TV stars.

A rep for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor and Industry tells TMZ the correct paperwork for the show was submitted and approved ... and said, "The proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for 'Kate Plus 8.'"

But according to the rep, nothing has been submitted for Kate's other TLC spin-off "Twist of Kate" -- which could mean the kiddies may not be joining Kate on that one.

That's probably a good thing ... because 5-year-olds shouldn't have to work two jobs.


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Thank you PeggyPA for clearing the air... HAHAHAHAHA

I have touched a nerve on your part.... so I am assuming I have told SOME truth to the story behind the FAKE FAKE FAKE Kate and Jon...

I have been in the entertainment industry... I have been on a "Reality" television show... I know what goes on behind the scenes... I know how the REAL story can be taken to make it more marketable. Maybe Kate isn't to blame but maybe we should swing our focus on the whole Entertainment industry especially TLC. This is why I mandate a boycott of Kate Plus Eight... Not entirely because I HATE Kate but because the whole ethics of the show and what it stands for should be boycotted.

I do watch The Duggers only because they are NOT famewhores because that would be AGAINST everything that they stand for. They are religious people who are insanely in love and you can SO tell... they have values and morals that they allow their children to develop. I am not for or against their religious choices but I do believe its betters for the children to have TWO parents that support each other instead of making the other one feel like a piece of poop just because the one parent did not do it the way the other parent wanted it too...

AND... the whole thing about Jon... I just want to say... HE IS LOOKING FOR AN ABOVE AVERAGE JOB HMMM LIKE ANOTHER TELEVISION SHOW!!!! IN ORDER TO PAY FOR CHILD SUPPORT!!! He cannot have a regular 9 - 5 job anymore because what 9 - 5 job can give Jon $22,000 a month... I'd say none!!! It's absurd the court system some days... when the disposition happened, I believe Jon was still under contract with TLC, so the judge awarded accordingly. It is really hard to overturn or appeal a child support decision once it is made.

C'mon ppl... See this family for what it really is... what Kate's PR firm wants is for her to seem like an average working mother and its BULL****!!! Kate's PR firm needs to realize that its a slap in the face for her to compare herself to other single working mothers!!! A ****ING SLAP IN THE FACE!!! this is what I mean by FAKE!!!
If Kate wants to turn around and make herself more personable (hence more MARKETABLE) she needs to shift the focus of her making the rounds to make "money" and get it back to her showcasing herself as a mother with 8 children. She needs to STOP writing books on parenting and how she does it and her stupid ****ing life (we honestly do not care that she CHOSE to keep all 8 children, she wasn't FORCED)... she needs to STEP OUTTA THE SPOTLIGHT for like 6 months, focus on her children and THEN come back with her shows. I understand that she has no control over when the filming will take place and when it's aired (unless she is gonna be producing) but hire a good lawyer and re-do the contract.

Once you make it in the spotlight from gossip (the whole divorce) and your entire fame success is depended upon what mistakes you are gonna do... you need to be mature and responsible for the 8 little children that have no say and just say "NO"... no to television talk shows, no to book signings and no to reality television show. It's really easy to do but I know once you get caught up in all the sparkles and all the "YES" ppl around you, it's really hard to leave. But I'd respect her A LOT more if she took at least 6 months off from doing ANYTHING to do with marketing or publications.

AND I am also a Nurse.. in Canada... but still... yes its a demanding job that has crazy hours but there are lots of various jobs Nurses can do outside of the hospital. I would love to see her volunteering over in Africa with her kids like Angelina does. I love to see her just being a normal mother... And there are Nurses out there that do have 8 children and are sane. She doesn't have to be on TV in order to make money... especially now that she has a bit of a savings...

Argh... I love/hate this... :)

1604 days ago


ADR-#153-WOW! Please, take a deep breath and get a grip on yourself. It may be the stress of being a nurse plus being in the entertainment industry including being on a reality show. You are WAY too invested in trying to run someone else's life.

I don't know Kate Gosselin. I don't know if I'd like her or not if I did. The impression I get is that, like most of us, she's trying to do the best she can with the cards that life has dealt her. I do find the level of invective and misogynisms in many of the attacks on her to be troubling.

1604 days ago


someone BAN this woman off TV! we get it, she likes the media attention. someone tell her that her 15 minutes of fame has long expired!

lets start a petition to never see her on TV again...

1604 days ago


To: PeggyPA
The part of your comment that says she dealing with the best that life has dealt her doesn't make any sense b/c she didn't get pregnant by accident, she got pregnant on purpose. She kept getting more and more invitro and yes people always hope that one take but that was a different story with her.
She choose to get those kids. Jon was happy with the two. But she wanted more and more , when you decide you want a million kids either natural, invitro or adopt it's then your responsibity to care for them.
She wasn't some naive girl who got with some random guy and got 6 kids at once she was a grown ass woman that had twins but as she said on tv she missed taking care of a baby when the twins started to get older and out of pampers and that's why she wanted 1 more, but with invitro sometimes you get multiples.
Oooooh poor Kate she didn't know what she was doing.

And she's trying to do the best she can, oh give me a break they made millions off that show, i believe it was 10 million. You trying to tell me after taxes 10 million can't take care of those kids. Shoot that's some bull. Oh she wants to take her kids here and there, well if you keep wanting to take them everywhere obviously your money in the bank is going to go down.
Now if there was no reality show, the 2 of them would have to work like everyone else.
I went to school with kids who they parents had 8, 9 10 kids and they parents was making between 25,000 to 30,000 and it wasn't the end of the world.
I don't know why everyone is acting like she is the victim at the end of the yr she takes home more than a million.
Some of you act like the kids need to take 25 trips a yr to make them happy.

1604 days ago


And meanwhile, Jon sits on his butt, doing lou

How you know Jon isn't doing anything, who the hell was the one looking after them for all those yrs, oh now b/c we see her with them in the airport back and forth everyone thinks she's super mom.
First of all i never got why she never give those kids a bath, it was always Jon giving all 8 of them a bath while she was in the house and then him taking them to sleep. From like pamper yrs to when they started walkin it was him and she be right there in the house.
It's like how the little people at companies does all the work and the CEO's get the bonuses. Just cause she goes on alll the talk show and lows her voice, bring down some tears and say i do all this for my kids, everything is for kids. blah blah blah

1604 days ago


To Beans

I see that you know nothing about Mix people the kids look like their father b/c their father genes were stronger.
Barach is 1/2 white does he look mostly white to you.
Wenworth Miller from Prison Break is part Black does he look black to you.
Amerie the singer is 1/2 Korean does she look mostly Korean to you.
Rihanna is black and indian does she look fully indian to you.
Mix people look like a mixture of whatever there parents or grandparents are, some mix kids within the same family take more of one parents genes or one side of the family genes than the other side.

1604 days ago


these kids never look happy. but then again with a self-absorbed mother and a hard-partying loser father, they never had a chance anyways.

1604 days ago


Thank you for your comment, i just read it. You right, people are either stupid or very forgetful. Just look at the old shows, since birth it was him taking care of those 8 kids.
Listen if any of yous going to comment on Kate first i advice you to go back and watch all the seasons before you go judging Jon, and seee why he is so pissed off at all this.
And for the person who said, the were coming off some flight or whatever, go back and watch previous epidsodes and see them got off flight before and they would smile at the cameras sometimes and be playing while walking.

1604 days ago


TMZ is so slow in posting, don't think I'll post again. Anyways, good luck Kate and the 8 little ones. Can't wait for the new show!!!

1604 days ago


The name under the tag barg,are you a wannabe Dr.Phil??your the one that sound angry b/c your nothing and just a wanna be.Kate Gosselin is a NARCISSIST just like SUSAN SMITH & ANDREA YATES the CPS needs to watch the NARCISSIST KATE GOSSELIN.barg are u a NARCISSIST? you need a PSYCHOLOGIST just like your frien Kate Gosselin..

1604 days ago


Kate has 2, the nanny has 5, and there is poor little Collin all alone. Looks like mommy has broken their once vibrant little spirits. Nice...

1604 days ago


Liz at #161-We mustn't have watched the same shows. He gave the kids a bath, when he had an outside job, because it gave him a chance to be with the kids after being at work all day. She did other things around the house while he gave the kids a bath. She was the primary caregiver the rest of the time, especially when he was at work, except when she was working at her weekend jobs. It isn't necessary to trash or ignore all of Kate's hard work in order to acknowledge Jon's. Also, Jon did participate in having more kids so whether he originally favored having more or not, he's also responsible for their being here.

I don't know where you got your figures but they appear to be pure fantasy. You obviously resent Kate a great deal because she and Jon chose a path that provided for more than barely scraping by for their family. As for your assumptions, you might ask the Kienasts, the first set of surviving set of quintuplets conceived using fertility drugs, how easy it is. Their father committed suicide when the kids where 14 because of the financial pressures on the family.

Hate her if that's what you need to do, but don't attack others just because they don't share in your obsession.

1604 days ago


Yes,The NARCISSIST KATE have broken the children vibrant spirit ,but thanks god there help for them if they need it when they are adults..I hope she don't break their spirit like BAM! SUSAN SMITH & ANDREA YATES...

1604 days ago


Some of you truly need a reality check. As in "Reality TV." Do you think "Jon & Kate + Eight" was some kind of do***entary??? Reality TV shows are scripted, as in "do this, say that, look thus and such a way while you're saying it." They only survive if there is drama, drama, drama. That's the only reason anyone tunes in. Think about it. Your opionions of Jon and Kate are based on reality TV garbage!

1604 days ago


#168, The blonde in the photo with the 5 kids is Kate's 'bff' Jamie Cole Ayers. For those wondering where bodyguard Steve is, he's out of frame. He was there. There was a video of this on various shows. Funny how video cameras happened to be at BWI Airport so early in the morning, that particular morning, too, AND Katie actually spoke quite a bit. Quite the rarity that was, given how she 'hates the paparazzi'. Must have been contracted by TLC is all I can figure. Imagine that.

1604 days ago
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